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Connectivism Presentation



A deck showing how a new learning theory, connectivism, impacts the traditional marketing model.

A deck showing how a new learning theory, connectivism, impacts the traditional marketing model.



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Connectivism Presentation Connectivism Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation The Culture of Connectivism Rad Tollett Connections Planner GSD&M/Idea City Rad.Tollett@IdeaCity.com 1/25/07
  • In the beginning there was… Eddie Mahon • A.K.A. Eddie Money • Sagittarius • Works for a venture capital firm • Keeps in touch with high school friends religiously • Not aware that Gene Simmons is about to come and pitch his new television network, No Good TV, in hopes that Eddie Money will fund it 2
  • Holy crap! Gene Simmons is in my office! 3
  • 1:35 CST Gene Simmons is in my office right now. He is hitting on the secretary while pitching his new TV station. No tongue sighting yet… 4
  • 1:35 CST Gene Simmons is in my office right now. He is hitting on the secretary while pitching his new TV station. No tongue sighting yet… 1:36 CST Ed, you know I’m a long-time Kiss fan. I’m counting on you to handle this properly…the kidnapping I mean. 1:37 CST I’m coming over, but first I’m headed to Party Barn to get some face 5 paint and metallic shoulder pads.
  • Time passed. Gene pitched to Eddie. Eddie’s friends (me) remained on pins and needles.
  • 2:05 CST Still in the board room. Here are three of the gems thrown out so far during Gene’s IPO pitch for No Good TV: 1. He just compared the content of his new network to “banging a hot chick.” 2. The secretaries are hiding under their desks because he has asked all of them if they have any sexual tension he can help relieve. 3. Best quote of the meeting so far: “I have been here for 15 F-ing minutes and you guys haven’t asked a G*dd*mn question about F-ing amazing content.” We were too busy trying to figure out how he was going to make money. 7
  • 2:10 CST I’m speechless. 2:08 CST Ed. You have the The world must know coolest job in the world. about this event. 8
  • 2:15 CST – 2:25 CST Social Network Website Blog Social Network Social Network Social Network Social Network MySpace 9
  • 10
  • Hundreds of people “learned” about No Good TV through the most unorthodox of methods. This was evidence of a new classroom.
  • Industrial Learning Theories • Behaviorism – The brain is an empty vessel – External behaviors outweigh method of knowledge acquisition – Teacher’s goal is to measure behavior • Cognitivism – The brain is like a computer – Long-term memory = hard drive – Short-term memory = RAM – Teacher’s goal is to measure storage capacity • Constructivism – Each brain is unique and each student complex in needs – Knowledge is created through personal experiences – Teacher’s goal is to facilitate experience 12
  • Industrial Learning Theories • The central tenant of all three theories is that learning occurs inside the person. – Behaviorism – the student behaves – Cognitivism – the student stores – Constructivism – the student builds personal identity • Knowledge is a matter of linear distillation. – Teacher → Student 13
  • 14
  • No Coincidence 15
  • Theories on How We Learn Behaviorism Cognitivism Constructivism Connectivism 16
  • A Fourth Theory: Connectivism • We are learning outside ourselves/as a group. – Digital experience is redefining humanity’s sense of reality • Students/customers include technology and connection- making activities into the learning model. • Other’s experiences become the surrogate for knowledge. • People don’t necessarily use a linear model to learn. • Chaos is a new reality for knowledge workers. 17
  • Connectivism and Chaos • Chaos, as a science, is the recognition that everything is connected to everything. • Chaos is the breakdown of predictability, evidenced in complicated arrangements that initially defy order. • Meaning already exists. You just have to find it. • Educator (business) and student (customer) must work together to recognize patterns that seem to be hidden. – Chaos impacts education models – Chaos impacts employment/working environment – Chaos impact marketing/purchasing environment 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • Connectivism’s Impact on Advertising • Mass Class = Industrial Learning Models – Linear learning needs a teacher – Strategy begins with awareness and ends with loyalty – Traditional measurements: recall, perception, behavior, interruption – Interactive = Banner Ads • Custom Class = Connectivism – Navigating chaos requires a partner – Strategy begins with chaos and ends with meaning – New measurements: meaning, interaction, assistance vs. interruption – Interactive = Interactive – Co-creation is paramount 21