Adobe DMS Breakout Session: 7 Things That Keep Marketers Up at Night


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As the role of marketing becomes a critical determinate of a business’s success or failure, delivering results via digital marketing, social media, content, campaigns, and website experiences is a prime requirement. With the focus on the marketing results and not the IT infrastructure of marketing, digital marketers face challenges with speed to market, brand insurance, maximizing the digital spend to increase leads and conversion, and predicting the performance of their digital properties. The Rackspace CMO and an Adobe Marketing executive discuss the issues keeping digital marketers up at night and what to do about them.

This session addresses:

Cutting through the hype of the digital marketing mix— social media, content, campaigns, SEO, and big data
Vanity versus reality metrics for marketers
How and why the cloud matters to today’s marketing professional
This session is for digital marketers and marketing executives.

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  • Point: Expectations of Digital Marketers are all over the map. Great opportunity to highlight the tangible, quantifiable impact that Marketers can make on the business. Q: What keeps you up at night most?CMO’s As Bridge Builders Why CIOs need to get to know their CMOs
  • Point: Marketing is part Science/Art + a gut feeling. Don’t need to be 100% exact like a quarterly financial report. Q: What does your relationship look like with Rackspace’s CIO.
  • Point: Marketers need access to a lot of data from various sources (internal & external) to look for patterns. Accessibility to time-sensitive data-points is challenging as marketers react to current market conditions.CMOs are going to have to need some serious analytics and [need to] partner with the CIO to get access to that data.CIOs need to find a way to collect data from both external and internal channels to provide the business with the data sets that it needs.
  • Point: Evolution of new social media channels – What is the value of a customer “Like”ing something, are these translating into $$?Q: How do you use social media?
  • Point: Ubiquitous internet access, rise of mobile, easier access. How do we insure a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. What is the right mix for success… it depends. Q: Where are you investing in technology as a marketer?
  • Q: Does Rackspace have any specific examples of your CMO & CIO partner on projects?
  • Q: Is the cloud as big as it’s being made out to be? Why should the marketing professional care about it?  Q: What is Fanatical Support? Clever marketing slogan or something real? How much does it matter, your competitors seem to be focusing on automation?Q: How does Rackspace make the AEM experience better?
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