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Dj software for aspiring, newbie and professional DJ.

Dj software for aspiring, newbie and professional DJ.



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    Dj programs ppt Dj programs ppt Presentation Transcript

    • DJ PROGRAMS for PCThe Best Free DJ Software to download for PC and Mac
    • GenuinelyFree to download DJ SOFTWARE
    • Virtual DJ• The latest state-of-the-art software in music mixing for DJs.• Very easy to use and with a very smooth learning curve, it includes all the professional features a real DJ needs.
    • Ultramixer• Enables you to mix digital music in various formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC or CDs in real time• The best choice for experts and advanced users who already know the world of digital Mixing
    • • Skins optimized for very small or very large screens, e.g. larger Waveforms• AGC (Automatic Gain Control)• Improved Import for archives from iTunes and BPM Studio• Hi-fi DSP realtime effects
    • MIXXX• 100 % Free and supports around 30 external midi DJ controllers• Has a great waveform display, BPM matching, a nice and intuitive interface and also the feature that guesses how trustworthy is the detected BPM• Gives you the option to configure the sound quality and the latency.
    • • Can also be used as a desktop media player when coupled with Prokyon3• It supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wave and Aiff.• Has the ability to play music backwards• Is designed for semi-professional and beginner users
    • KRAMIXER• One of the fastest sound engines available today.• also incorporates DirectX 8.1 for its fast sound processing capabilities and extra features• Manual and Automatic BPM Counters
    • • Manual and Automatic BPM Counters • Support for MP3, Wav and Ogg File FormatsCounters • 8 Built-In Sound Effects including Echo, Flange, Reverb and Compressor • High Speed Sound Engine With 2 Modes of Operation
    • • Variable Frequency Range (from +/-1% to +/-49%) • ID3-V1 Tag Compatible • Turntable-Like Braking Functions • Manual looping with multiple loop points per channel. • Options For Headphone Cueing (mono with monitor of left channel and master on right)
    • DJ Software with Free Trial
    • Zulu DJ Software• Was provided by NCH Software, a business audio software company that was established in 1993• User-friendly, simple and straightforward interface• Compatible with most, if not all, audio formats, including wav, mp3 and wma.
    • • Has the ability to cross fade between tracks • Preview tracks via headphones• Automatic beat detection• Real-time pitch and tempo control and keyboard hot keys• Built-in, drag-and-drop feature to move music anywhere within the program and can preview tracks before they play them
    • PCDJ• Offered by a company called Digital 1 Media, Inc• Meant for professional DJs to greatly improve their level of control
    • • Beat Per Minute (BPM) quantization sync ability via a right click on your mouse.• iTunes tags are supported.• Powerful audio engine and master tempo quality.• Daylight skin and “accurate MP3 time” options.• “Mix Now” – A quick and seamless play and cross fade button.• Supports external hardware, such as American Audio DP-2, DJ Tech IMIX and EKS Otus.
    • Mixvibes Cross DJ• A revolutionary system that allowed DJs to scratch and mix digital files with vinyl records and CDs time coded to blend seamlessly with any ASIO soundcard.
    • • A revolutionary system that allowed DJs to scratch and mix digital files with vinyl records and CDs time coded to blend seamlessly with any ASIO soundcard.• Designed with a simple interface and media management• Good for amateur DJ who wants to look and sound like a professional
    • Gemini DJ Groove Mixing Software • Produced by GCI Technologies Corp.• An excellent product not only for amateur and professional independent DJs, but also for entertainment centers like night clubs, bars and restaurants, radio stations and dancing schools
    • • Reverse audio playback. • Automatically calculates the Beats Per Minute (BPM).• Reverb, delay, phaser and flanger.• Ability to simulate vinyl record scratching.• Beat marking and overhead waveform display with zoom feature.
    • DJ Mixer PRO• Was created, engineered and developed by a little faction of computer programmers who also happened to be DJs.• Its amateur DJ mixing software includes a display feature showing beats, zoom, and cue and loops markers, and one-click synchronization and beat-matching.
    • • Interactive display in waveform of its vinyl simulation elements, such as scratching, braking and spinning, fine tuning cue points and reverse playing. • A pair of decks independent from one another that each provide playback. • Precision control over playback, position, speed (also called pitch), pause and pitch bend. • Loop resizing, snap to beat, and seamless beat-aware looping.
    • DJTraktor PRO• The most intuitive DJ Software program available, integrating advanced controls and tools into a simple, user-friendly interface
    • • Can integrate advanced effects and options into a simple, user- friendly format• Simple and comprehensive importing and exporting• With full support for multiple MIDI controllers, HIDs and advanced MIDI assignments• Features automatic gain control, high quality, independent tempo and key correction
    • For more information about the DJ Software, please visit. al-and-free-dj-software/