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Fruit That Floats
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  • 1. Floating fruit By Emily, Mary, and Charlotte
  • 2. First of all… Week 1
    • Lemons: We filled a container with water then placed the unpeeled lemon in it.
    • It floated.
    • Why…?
    • A Lemons skin contains air bubbles that help the lemon to float. When the skin is peeled, the lemon sinks as you can see here.
  • 3. Lemon in water
  • 4. Lemons in Salt Week 2
    • We placed half a lemon in a jar of water with salt.
    • A few days later we discovered that the lemon was surrounded in mini bubbles.
    • Approximately a week later, it was mouldy and slightly softer than usual.
  • 5. Half lemon in Vinegar (watered down)
  • 6. Peeled lemon
    • Why does a peeled lemon sink?
    • Because there are air bubbles in the skin as you should know.
    • Did you know…no, you probably didn’t.
    • That you can peel a lemon and leave a small amount of skin on it and it would still float.
  • 7. Peeled lemon in water
  • 8. For the tomato
    • We put a ordinary tomato in water and salt
    • And note that the tomato was not munted it was totally perfect.
    • After around two weeks of it in the jar its well as you can see munted
  • 9. Tomato in Salty water
  • 10. Thank You
      • Thank you for watching our slide show.
      • We hope you enjoyed it.
      • We are extremely sorry that we couldn’t find the information to prove why it turned out the way it did.
      • We searched time and time again – on the internet, in books, and we even got Mrs Campion to give us a hand; but still nothing!
      • So sorry for that slip-up.