Cloud ERP For Logistics


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LogixERP is an ERP specifically designed for logistic companies. ERP provide all modules for managing operation, accounts, sales, invoicing, tracking, reports.

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Cloud ERP For Logistics

  1. 1. LogixERP– Logistics On Cloud Possibilities With LogixERP Rachna Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. LogixERP is CLOUD Ready Cloud Computing is marked as the future technology which organizations will be using for managing their businesses. LogixERP is Cloud ready product. Computer Weekly ats%20up%20in%20the%20enterprise_ahughes
  3. 3. LogixERP is Future Ready…. HTML5 is a latest technology which ensure that products compliant to its specifications are accessible on all existing and future hardwares – Mobile, Tablets, PC, Laptops, Watches, etc. LogixERP is a HTML5 app; hence its device agnostic.
  4. 4. LogixERP is Future Ready…. LogixERP Runs on World’s Most Secure OS - LINUX Linux is been ranked as World’s Most Secure & Scalable OS. • 8 out of 10 financial trades are powered by Linux • 9 out of 10 world’s super computers runs on Linux • GOOGLE, Facebook, Twitter runs on Linux
  5. 5. LogixERP is Always New Month Number of Feature released Jul,13 26 Aug,13 24 Sep,13 28 Oct,13 20 Nov,13 25 Dec,13 22 LogixERP update every week. New features are released in ERP every week. You can rest sure that ERP is always ready to meet all your existing & future business requirements.
  6. 6. LogixERP Runs on Amazon Cloud Amazon Cloud is ranked as the World’s Most Secure & Used Cloud Platform. LogixERP , is designed for Amazon Cloud. Companies already on Amazon
  7. 7. Possibilities With LogixERP
  8. 8. Use ERP While You Are On Move Use different Android based Mobile Application to work on ERP while you are Out Of Office. With Mobile Apps you are able to – Book Consignment – Delivery Consignment – Send Offload/Onload details from Airport/Railway – Add Vehicle Daily Movement – Share MIS Reports
  9. 9. Dashboard for your Customer Create Dashboard for your customers where they can track and view all their consignment. LogixERP support creation of custom dashboards.
  10. 10. Mobile App For Customer Give Mobile application to your customer for searching consignment, tracking vehicle & giving pickup requests.
  11. 11. Integrate with your customer ERP Directly link ERP with your customer ERP. You can now share pickup, consignment, invoice details with your customer ERP, SAP. LogixERP LogixERP Connector For Other ERP
  12. 12. Send SMS/EMAIL ERP can auto-send SMS or EMAIL on various events • • • • Consignment Booking & Delivery Vehicle Movement Invoice Payment Send SMS to customer while vehicle is about to reach their office for pickup or delivery • Email to customer for previous day Delivery Report
  13. 13. Thank You!! For further details, contact