Nine Holiday Ideas for Retail Stores


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This presentation offers nine strategies for retail stores to be more profitable and make their customers happier during the busy holiday season.

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Nine Holiday Ideas for Retail Stores

  1. 1. Nine Holiday Ideas for Retail Stores A well thought-out holiday marketing plan will help you boost sales
  2. 2. Gift Cards Gift cards encourage sales today and even more later when people start using the cards.  Give existing clients a gift card to use towards future purchases.  Offer bonuses for each gift card purchased  Offer a free $20 gift card to or other online store with the purchase of $200 or more from you - essentially giving your customers a 10% discount.  Hold a contest and offer a gift card as the prize.
  3. 3. Shopping Events  Create exclusive invitation-only events with prices not open to the public.  Offer private after-hours events such as a ‘snack ‘n shop’ to your most loyal customers.  Joint venture with other businesses for a one-stop-shopping event.  Events can be online too. Hold webinars, Twitter or Facebook events, and more online  Hold a drawing at the end of the event for those who attended. Give away a few products, coupons or gift cards.
  4. 4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday  People live and breathe for these two shopping days.  To encourage sales, offer unbeatable one-day-only prices. People expect a huge bargain and when you deliver, it’s a win-win for you and the customer.  Start promoting early to build excitement.  Post an advertisement in your local newspaper, email those on your mailing list, tweet about it and add it to other social media sites.
  5. 5. Surprise Giveaways  Surprise your customers by giving them something they didn't expect at checkout.  Give them a choice at checkout to add another product for a super special price based on what they are buying  Offer free companion products to items they are already buying  Give them a chance to enter to win even more free merchandise. Collect their name and email address so they can be added to your mailing list for future promotions.
  6. 6. Creative Windows  Make your displays and windows stand out  Dress up any product pictures by simply adding a wreath frame, some digital snow, or a Santa hat  While websites don’t have windows, you can display special offers in prominent places.  Don’t forget your mailing list! HTML newsletter templates come with great areas to display items.
  7. 7. Coupon Sales  Give out coupons to use only during the holidays or only on certain days  Create coupons that are good for a limited time only  Encourage the use of the coupons sooner rather than later  Double the discount. For customers who bring in a friend, offer to double their coupon – both people must buy to get the extra savings.  Offer big-savings coupons for the first 5 people who buy.
  8. 8. Free Gift Wrapping  Personal touches will have customers coming to you instead of big-chain stores – especially during the holidays.  Gift wrapping takes time and talent that many customers simply don’t have. Offer free wrapping and they’re sure to become repeat customers.  Offering free gift wrapping and even shipping will encourage people to purchase more from you.  Set up a designated wrapping area so it doesn’t restrict the shopping and checkout flow.
  9. 9. Gifts to Charity  Give a percentage of profits to your favorite charity during the holiday season.  Create a goal and keep an ongoing tally of how close you are to reaching that goal.  Get the press involved. One good press coverage can create thousands of dollars in extra donations.  Donate every penny you said you would to the charity. Whether you consider it a tax write off or not, keep your receipt.  Thank those who shopped and/or donated to your fund raising event.
  10. 10. Loyalty Program When done properly, loyalty programs keep customers coming back.  Collect names and contact details from everyone who buys from you.  Send customer appreciation notes or gifts to those who have purchased from you before.  Loyal customer incentives are great for boosting holiday sales.  Offer repeat customers a free upgrade with the purchase of a particular product or service.
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