5 Strategies for More Effective B2B Social Networking


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Spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but not seeing any business results? These five tips will help you become a more effective B2B social networker.

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5 Strategies for More Effective B2B Social Networking

  1. 1. 5 Strategies for More Effective B2B Social NetworkingDr. Rachna Jainhttp://ProfitablePopularity.com
  2. 2. B2B Social Networking• Effective business social networking is a skill — one that is easy to begin with and gets better with practice.• As a business owner, one of your main concerns will always be how to improve your return on investment for time spent social networking.
  3. 3. 5 Tips to Become a BetterBusiness Social Networker
  4. 4. Strategy #1: Realize online networking is similar to real life networking• In real life networking, you make connections one person at a time. The same is true for online networking.• Don’t be seduced into thinking you can create meaningful relationships with a lot of people at once, simply by posting updates about what you do.
  5. 5. Strategy #2: Keep Your Desired Outcomes in Focus• If you will be using social networking to grow your business, it is wise to capture baseline data and keep track of your success along the way.• Only by measuring before and after will you know if social networking is helping you reach your goals. It is often easiest to select just one metric per campaign.
  6. 6. Strategy#3: Keep it Simple• If you are focusing on building relationships one at a time, you want this to be as simple as possible.• One way to keep this simple would be to focus on just one social network. Participate deeply in your chosen network, rather than sporadically across two or more.
  7. 7. Strategy #4: Focus on Giving First• One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise or the benefits of your business is by “showing, not telling.”• This means giving advice, sharing resources and pointing people to information that will educate and inform them.
  8. 8. Strategy #5: Cement Your Online Connection in Real Life Too• The best way to use social networking is as a means to create in-person connections.• Once you get to know someone better online, be sure to invite him or her to an event or meeting so you can meet in real life too. For instance, I try to meet up with one or two of my online connections each time I travel to a new city.• People like to do business with people they know and trust, so the goal is to meet in person to cement that “like and trust” factor.
  9. 9. The Ultimate Goal?• If you remember that the goal of social networking is to make real connections, and to improve the lives and experiences of those you connect with, you’ll be well on your way to more effective business social networking.
  10. 10. Liked these tips and want more? Please visit me athttp://ProfitablePopularity.com/blog