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Offre revendeurs UC

  2. 2. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMAbout New Edge TechnologiesProviding business customers with enhanced communicationcapabilities, added mobility and improved data security .TheBusinessNeedGo ToMarketProposedSolution
  3. 3. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMCompanies that have mid to large sized business customers whoneed a hosted cloud-based Unified Communication option to:• Coordinate their voice, email, instant message and othercommunication channels, and• Provide single device access to all communicationsAll within the your companies communications network andwithout requiring major investments in new infrastructure.The Business Need…About New Edge Technologies
  4. 4. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMAbout New Edge Technologies
  5. 5. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOM About SIPCOM5• Unlimited Scalability with Cloud Infrastructure• Geo-Redundant Data Centers• Locations in North America• 99.99% guaranteed uptime• Secure Infrastructure• Real-time MonitoringSingaporeTokyoMiamiGeo-RedundancyLas VegasAmsterdamMaroc
  6. 6. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOM• Unified Communication• Provide all unified communication capabilities (IM, Presence,VoIP, Conferencing, Share screen, whiteboard, ppt or poll)• Videoconferencing full HD 1080p multiparty• Mobility and access from anywhere• Integration• Lync 2013 easily integrates with Exchange and SharePointThe Proposed Design…Microsoft Lync 2013
  7. 7. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOM• Mobility• Mailboxes can be accessed anywhere from Outlook, OWA,ActiveSync, IMAP/POP clients, 3rd party clients utilizing EWS• Policies can be created to manage Mobile Devices access todata.• Exchange 2013 makes OWA available offline• Integration• Exchange 2013 easily integrates with Lync and SharePointThe Proposed Design…Microsoft Exchange 2013
  8. 8. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMHigh Availability• Bob is homed on FE1 (primary)• There are 3 copies of this user’s data:1 primary (FE1), 2 backups (replicasin FE2, FE3)• User is signed in to primary• User’s activities, data are replicatedPool Back-endFE1FE2 FE3• Primary goes down• User re-signs to one of the backups• Replicated data is available on FE2.UserBobMicrosoft Exchange and Lync 2013
  9. 9. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMAnti virus.Windows Server built in protections.Secure By Design10 years of GeniSys engineering experience.Secure connections and end points, encrypted media.Strong identity, authentication & authorization.Connection and message throttling, and protocol validation.PubliccloudsRemoteusersDMZPSTNFederatedbusinessesAuthentication &isolation throughEdgeIM filterSecure anywhereaccessOAuth2 server-tp-serverEdgeserversLync server poolMessagethrottlingMandatorysessionvalidationWeb access and mobileLync endpointsSQL SQLSession security: TLSAudio/Video: SRTPCaller always authenticatedIM content filterClient version checkSession security: HTTPSAudio/Video: SRTPCaller always authenticatedIM content filterClient version checkFPOPSTN GWOAuth2 Server-to-servertrustExchange &SharePoint ADActivedirectoryMicrosoft Exchange and Lync 2013
  10. 10. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMNew : Easy Site RecoveryEnterprisegradeUCresiliency.Serviceresiliency,acrosspools anddatacenters,fullUCServicesFastrecoveryacrosspoolsanddatacenters.Poolsloaded50%,usersfailtonewpool.FullyintegratedinITmanagementtools.LyncServerControlPanel,SystemCenteralarms,PowerShellSite2Shared Servers Shared ServersP1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10Site1Microsoft Exchange and Lync 2013
  11. 11. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMCustomer Support Overview• Help Desk Training for resellers :• Tier 1 Support• Basic application and/or hardware support• Help Desk Support for resellers :• Tier 2 Support• More complex support• Subject matter expertise on non standard applications• Tier 3 and Tier 4 Support Available• 24/7/365 Multilingual Operations• Industry Best Practices• Expert Staff Hiring and Development• Process Driven Support• Technological Investments• Reporting AnalyticsCustomer Support
  12. 12. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOMEmployeecalls toll-freeor XXXXextension for helpEmployeesends email toHelp deskEmployee submitson-line help formfromcustomer intranetLevel 1 analystobtainsall required infoLevel 1 analystconfirms config,checks KB,performs basictroubleshootingTicketResolvedatLevel 1Verify CustomersatisfactionClose ticket withresolution code/detailYesTicket is opened, Cat.Code determined andassigned to Level 1Level 1provides customerwith ticket # andestimated time to contactNoLevel 1/2 assignsticket to Level 2ResolverGroupResolveracknowledgesticket andtroubleshootsRightResolverGroup?NoLevel 2 Analystreproduces problemand assigns diagnosisLevel 2 Analystworks on resolution andregularly updates ticketwith current statusTicketResolvedatLevel 2YesNoYesKnowledge BaseSample Help Desk ProcessMetricsMetricsMetricsEmployee submitsrequest throughPortalSample Support WorkflowCustomer Support
  13. 13. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOM• Pre-Sales Support• Presales general enquiries (via call center/web/email)• Customer Installation Options• Managed provisioning• Assistance with Enterprise provisioning• Help Desk Support Post Installation• End User level 1-2, 3-4 support• Enterprise IT supportRoll-out SupportResellers Support
  14. 14. WHO ARE SIPCOM?About SIPCOM System IntegrationSystem Integration• Comprehensive SI Capabilities for anyCustomer Configuration• Portal• Contact Center• Telephony• Mobile Devices
  15. 15. About SIPCOM200 users platform25GB Mailbox• OWA• Mobility• 2 GB Storage• IM & Presence• VoIP• ConferencingOur Bundles for resellers• Platform integration• Technical & sales training about the platform• Training on support tier 1• Support tier 2, 3 and 4ProductsAccessoriesServices2 PlantronicsBlackwire2 PlantronicsLegend UCMicrosoftSurfaceIphone 52 IP PhoneAvaya 11001 Speaker Calisto 620Plantronics Bleutooth19 750,00 $• IM & Presence• VoIP• Conferencing• Telephony
  16. 16. About SIPCOMConditions for resellers• payment 100% in advance• This platform is valid for one year• Microsoft Licences - SPLA included for servers but notfor users• Resellers agreement• Additional users in the platform ( by 50 users)• 30% discount in the pricelist for Plantronics accessories
  17. 17. About SIPCOM Additional pricelist50 additional users/ 1 Year PriceExchange 504 $Lync 1 296 $Lync with telephony 2 700 $SharePoint 1008 $