ANZxPMF Music Angel Program:“Immersion in Music for Children”       A Community Music Project For The Year 2012-2014      ...
Music Angel Program has been a core                 In 2012, we are excited to introduce aOverview           initiative of...
Program            Details for Year 2012                                         The main service targets will be primary ...
Items                                    Expense(hk$)        Income(hk$)                  Children Recorder Lessons       ...
Tentative Schedule  1       2      3       4      5       6      7       8      9      10     11      12           Train-t...
Future                                                                                              Opportunities forProgr...
Marketing                                                Press conference: One will be held to kick-off the ANZxPMF Music ...
Appendix IMusic Foundation   About PMA    PMA Music Foundation (PMF) was founded in 2003 and registered as a charitable   ...
Appendix II Past Milestone Events   Highlights ofYear                                 Event                               ...
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Sample Business Proposal


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Sample Business Proposal

  1. 1. ANZxPMF Music Angel Program:“Immersion in Music for Children” A Community Music Project For The Year 2012-2014 Proposal to ANZ Hong Kong August 2011
  2. 2. Music Angel Program has been a core In 2012, we are excited to introduce aOverview initiative of PMA Music Foundation (PMF) brand new model for MAP, targeting since 2003 . The program is driven by one primary school students from of PMF’s missions: To touch lives through underprivileged families in Hong Kong. music sharing, and to bring hope and care Under this program, children will be able to those in need. to learn, appreciate and share music through a wide range of initiatives, PMF has a proven track record in including a volunteer-lead recorder organizing music events with children, and training series, educational music talks for children. In the past, we successfully and a treble choir choral training. The lined up professional musicians such as proposed program has a one-year Ms. Nancy Tseng Loo (Pianist) and Ms. timeframe but can be extended to run for Michelle Kim (Pianist) to collaborate with three years in order to further capitalize our program. As of today, we have already on the results and achievements from the cooperated with over 20 social first year. organizations including the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong and Hong We feel that the proposed program aligned Chi Association, sharing the power of perfectly with ANZ’s approach to corporate music with thousands of children. We responsibility and service target, and strongly believe music experiences bring would be thrilled to establish a partnership positive influences to our next generation with your company. across different aspects, from communication skills all the way to their spiritual enhancement.
  3. 3. Program Details for Year 2012 The main service targets will be primary school students from underprivileged families in Hong Kong. The program has 3 facets, namely “Music Learning”, “Music Appreciation” and “Music Sharing ”.Music Learning (Children Recorder Lessons): Music Appreciation: Music Sharing:A Volunteer Program with ANZ Staff 2 Music Talks Sponsored by ANZ ANZ Music Angel Choir Description: Description: Description: (1) Train-the-trainer Recorder Workshops 2 music appreciation talks (each 90-120 min) (1) ANZ Music Angel Choir (MAC) Volunteers from ANZ will be trained to give targeted to children (and their families) from An event-based children’s choir will be set up recorder (牧童笛) lessons through 4 weekly underprivileged background will be organized featuring choral training (singing techniques and sessions, each 60 minutes in length with 6 to 8 during the year. simple dance moves) given by highly regarded participants. music educators (e.g. Prof. Yang Li, Beijing) and The talks will be hosted by an experienced a 5-days summer music camp. (2) Children Recorder Lessons narrator and carried out in a format that 200 Primary school students will receive appeal to children (e.g. with drama elements). (2) ANZ Concert of Hope music lessons on the recorder from ANZ They can cover different topics such as an MAC will perform with Lee Hee Ah(喜芽), a four fingered pianist from Korea, in a charity volunteers. Each student will be given a free overview of a composer or an introduction to concert. A part of the tickets will be sponsored recorder and a score book, which will be an instrument. Live ensemble or solo to underprivileged children and their families to custom-made/ arranged to match the level instrument playing will also be a core element attend the concert. and interest of participants. of the talks. Objectives: Objectives: Objectives:  Expose participating children to good quality  Provide an opportunity for underprivileged  Bring music education to those who choral training in a choir setting, which not children to have a hands-on experience with a otherwise would not have such opportunities. only dedicates to excellence, but also simple instrument (which is easy to We believe music appreciation should not be encourages the love for one another, and learn, affordable and has a rich history in the privilege only to those who can afford it. realization of their dreams. music) .  Though the story of Hee Ah, inspire a wider  Create a platform for ANZ volunteers to give audience the message of positive back to the community with a fun and thinking, encourage them to dream big meaningful music sharing experience. regardless of their background and circumstances.
  4. 4. Items Expense(hk$) Income(hk$) Children Recorder Lessons Recorder (200 pieces) Song book (200 copies) Trainer’s fee (10 lessons x 2 trainers x 3hrs) Scores rearrangement fee Sub-total 92,000Budget Music Appreciation Talks Venue booking (biannual) Narrator & performer Materials preparation for Year 2012 Choral Music Learning Choral Music Training (6-month period) Sub-total 161,000 60,000 Music Scores 30,000 Music Camp Organization, $3,000 x 100ppl 300,000 Sub-total 390,000 Concert of Hope Artist’s fees 120,000 **150,000 (accommodation, interpretation, transportation, etc ) 200,000 Concert Production Sub-total 320,000 150,000 Marketing & Publicity Advertisement 170,000  MTR 4-sheet,  Mingpao, AM730, Metro Pop,  Apple Daily website Kick off Press Conference 60,000 Design and production of promotion materials 50,000 Sub-total 280,000 TOTAL 1,243,000 150,0000 NET TOTAL (1,093,000) ** Estimated income based on a 80% box office at the Concert Hall in Hong Kong Cultural Centre (2,019 seats)
  5. 5. Tentative Schedule 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Train-the-trainer Recorder Workshop Community Children Recorder Lessons Impact Breakdown Educational Music Talks Est. Events Remarks ANZ Music Angel Choir Size Children Recorder Lessons 800 200 children x 4 family members Music Camp and Concert of Hope Music Appreciation talks 600 300 audience x 2 talks Choir & Music Camp 120 Students + Volunteers* The schedule for ANZ Volunteer Program (in blue) is flexible and opened for adjustment Concert of Hope 4,000 2,000 audience x 2 concertsaccording to ANZ staff’s availability.
  6. 6. Future Opportunities forProgram Extension inYear 2013 2013 & 2014 The outlook is drafted with a focus of “integrating relationships with music”. We hope to extend MAP’s coverage to secondary school students, which allows collaboration across different age groups (eg. older children pairing up with younger ones in service and performance visits). Furthermore, music groups established in the first year will be empowered to represent MAP to connect with other service targets: Program Consolidation in •Recorder Band: the Children Recorder Lessons model could be further developed to Year 2014 establish an ANZ recorder band (or ensemble). Model reference: Taipei Youth Recorder Orchestra Under the theme of “Children Helping Children”, a charity concert, featuring the •Music Appreciation Talks: these talks could be held with increased frequency or collaboration of a professional musician expanded with new contents for instances, introduction of more contemporary (e.g. renowned cellist Wang Jian) with the musicians; and new format such as DVD viewing. ANZ Music Angel Choir or ANZ Recorder •Choral Music Learning & Sharing: Ensemble, could be held to raise funds for •Coaches: More coaches from overseas will be invited to upgrade the level of building music classrooms in China rural choral training. E.g. Vienna Boys Choir’s Coach; Ms. Val Whitlock, U.K. areas. National conductor. An Artistic Director could be engaged. •Regularized Choral Practices: ANZ Music Angel Choir continues its rehearsals These two music groups could also on a regular basis and members are subject to an annual re-audition to perform together with other NGO promote standard of the choir. The Choir will potentially become an children’s choir in on stage or during ambassador of MAP. Model reference: Venezuela Youth Orchestra service visits. Potential partners could be Little Life Warrior Choir (consists of •More Collaboration Opportunities: The 2013 ANZ Concert of Hope will feature the children cancer-patients/survivors in Hong ANZ Music Angel Choir, some chamber music ensemble groups from secondary Kong) or Watoto Children Choir (grouped schools and local musicians with underprivileged background (eg. Chi Ming from Hong Chi Association or Lee Hin, a blind pianist). by orphans from Uganda Africa).
  7. 7. Marketing Press conference: One will be held to kick-off the ANZxPMF Music Angel Program. Plan Printed publicity materials: PMF will arrange poster & flyer for display & distribution at appropriate channels. Media liaison & Advertisement: PMF will place advertisements/advertorial on newspaper, magazine and 4-sheets advertisement at MTR, tram, bus or tram stations, star ferry or tunnel as appropriate to ensure good media coverage of the program activities and concert. Electronic media: Latest news of the program will be published on the websites of PMF and MYO. Facebook and Youtube will also be utilized to extend the publicity coverage on the internet. BenefitsCorporate Publicity: the name & logo of ANZ will appear in all publicity related to the programover a prolonged period of up to 3 years. These could include advertisement, press release andother press coverage.Corporate Image: the program provides a simple way for ANZ to connect directly with thecommunity, which will positively enhance ANZ’s corporate image.Staff Morale: ANZ staff has the opportunities to participate in the program, either as a volunteer to ANZor an event audience. For those who value the importance of the social responsibility role carriedout by a company, their sense of belonging to the company will be strengthened. Contact Information Mr. Ignatius Ho Founder and Chairman , PMFCustomer Relationship: exclusive VIP seats for Concert of Hope (and other events if applicable) will Phone: +852 2521 7673be made available to ANZ’s customers and partners. This would be a good opportunity to Email: ignay.ho@gmail.comreinforce the existing relationship and share ANZ’s values with others. Ms. Noel Leung Project Officer Phone: +852 2152 3235 Email: PMA Music Foundation Fax: +852 2521 6928 Website: Address: 6/F, Hecny Tower, 9 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  8. 8. Appendix IMusic Foundation About PMA PMA Music Foundation (PMF) was founded in 2003 and registered as a charitable organization. PMF organizes events via music that serve 4 core values: “Music to Heal, Music to Serve, Music to Inspire, Music to Enjoy.” Through the “Music Angel Program”, PMF arranges performance visits to touch lives through music sharing, bringing hope and care to the needy ones. As at today, PMF has visited more than 20 social organizations to serve children of blind, autism, mentally & physically handicapped, cancer & illiterates. Renowned pianists, Michelle Kim and Colleen Lee also joined our Foundation and became the Music Angel Ambassador. In 2008-2010, PMF invited life warrior Nick Vujicic from Australia, who was born without limbs, to visit Hong Kong to share his story in concerts and public talks. In 2010, PMF has collaborated with African charity organization Watoto Child Care Ministries in Project Watoto 2010 that included two charity concerts and a house- building tour to Watoto Village, Uganda Africa.
  9. 9. Appendix II Past Milestone Events Highlights ofYear Event Direct Beneficiary2011 Four-Fingered Pianist Lee Hee-Ah x MYO Concert Watoto Concert of Hope Watoto Child Care Ministries2010 Africa Adventure @ Watoto Village: House building & Music serving Charlie Chaplin “City Lights” with Live Orchestra Watoto Village in Uganda, Africa Concert of “Hope” by Nick Vujicic and Friends PMF Music Angel Program "Children Helping Children" :Lu Siqing & MYO Charity Concert Blessed Children Choir, China2009 “Together We Shine” Charity Concert Hong Chi Association Lu Siqing‧Michelle Kim‧MYO: Ode to China Concert in celebration of the 60th National Day of China Concert of “Power” by Nick Vujicic and Friends PMF Music Angel Program Music Angel Program visit Hong Chi Winifred Mary Cheung Morning hope School2008 Music Angel Program visit Tuen Mun Hospital Fund-raising Music Marathon Concert Sichuan’s Relief “Peco Chui & Little Friends” Concert of Dream From 0 Alliance “August Rush” Charity Premiere PMF Music Angel Program "Russian Night" Charity Concert Music Angel Program visit: Singapore Music & the Nature Tour St. Joseph’s Home, Singapore2007 “When Music Angels meet with Little Life Warriors" Charity Concert The Lady Pao Childrens Cancer Centre “Praises of Life” Charity Concert “Peter and the Wolf” Charity Concert The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong Colleen Lee x MYO Charity Concert PMF Music Angel Program2006 The Mozart Experience Charity Concert The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong