Is it love?


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Kayla's perfect match

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Is it love?

  1. 1. IS IT Rachel Whitaker Read 142 TAP
  2. 2. KAYLA…
  3. 3. KAYLA’S FACTS, INFERENCE, ASSUMPTIO N & SHARED VALUE Fact Kayla enjoys her work place.Inference She must like her co-workers.Assumption People who like their jobs enjoy their co-workers . Shared Work. Value
  4. 4. HABITS OF MIND Inquisitive Truth-Seeking Kayla has a strong Kayla carries strongintellectual curiosity. She is cogent integrity. She strives foralways wanting and willing to the best although she maylearn new materials and not end up on top. She is fullthings in general. She has this of knowledge andshrewdness about herself. judiciousness, when she is ambiguous of the material she asks very insightful questions.
  5. 5. VAGUENESS OR AMBIGUITYKayla is vague about why college is hard for her.This is vague because the reader istentative why college is hard for her.Kayla could name specific things about whycollege is hard for her. She could say the levelof her classes are higher so they are harder, orthe material in general is hard for her.
  6. 6. LANGUAGE COMMUNITYEmployed Hostess Loves co-workers Asks for shifts
  7. 7. EMOTIONAL APPEALS Kayla appeals to Kayla appeals to Just Plain Folk TraditionKayla is just plain folk, she Kayla mentioned “I grew upstated “I go to Disneyland a with a Catholic mother andlot since I have a pass”. a Mormon father”.A lot of people go to These religions are veryDisneyland to have fun and different, it would be very hardrelax. growing up switching back and forth and staying with what the religion asks of you.
  8. 8. DONOVAN’S FACT, INFERENCE, ASSUMPTION, & SHARED VALUE Goes to Disneyland often. He must have fun. InferenceAssumption People who go to Disneyland must have fun. Amusement Parks. Shared Value
  9. 9. LANGUAGE COMMUNITY SportsExercise Weights Machines
  10. 10. VAGUENESS OR AMBIGUITYDonovan is vague when talking about a great date.He is vague because he does not list specific thingshe wants to do on his date.One way he could change this would be giving anideal place he wants to go and things he would wantto do.
  11. 11. EMOTIONAL APPEALS Just Plain Folk Transfer“As far as looks go, the “everyone should betwo things that catch my passionate about at least oneeye are a womans eyes thing in their life”.and smile”.He doesn’t care about He is very prominent thatlooks he just wants a everyone should be like him andgenuine nice girl who have one passion in their life.will treat him good.
  12. 12. Both Kayla and Donovan want to grow intellectually asmuch as they can.They both go to Disneyland often.They both are outgoing and love spending time with theirfriends and family.Kayla and Donovan both are passionate about life and doeverything to the fullest.They are similar when it comes to religion and not going tochurch, but both are willing to.