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  1. 1. Names and Mastheads
  2. 2. Types of names  Acronym: NME , BMG , BMA , CCM, XXL , Q , HM  Phrase: Top of the Pops, Smash hits, The big takeover ,Under the Radar , Sound on Sound, Rolling Stone  Connotative: Vibe, Kerrang, Bass, Edge, Blitz , Clash ,Rhythm  Compound : Indie-Pendent,Indie-Vidual
  3. 3. Mastheads
  4. 4.  Acronym: The acronym 'NME' is a  shortened version of ‘New Musical Express’,which the magazine claims to give to it readers. The name has been shortened to make it more memorable and to fit better on to a front cover rather than a long-winded phrase. Even though the audience may not know what the acronym stands for it still will be very catchy and make the magazine very recognisable. Masthead: The masthead 'NME' uses bright red font against a white and black outline makes the masthead dominant amongst a busy front cover as it is one of the first things to catch the eye. Also using complimentary colours makes the masthead recognisable The font is very simple and bold portraying power and targeting a mature audience. The use of the white outline the sharp font and emphases the masthead to the audience.
  5. 5.  Phrase Phrase: Masthead:  The masthead, 'Top of the The phrase 'Top of the Pops' is used to clearly Pops' is always white however identity to the audience with every issue the what genre the magazine is. background colour Also the use of the noun changes,e.g. blue seen in this 'Top' implies that it is the edition however has also been best pop magazine out seen to be other bright and there encouraging readers bold colours such as to purchase the magazine. orange,yellow and pink. The The phrase uses rhyme so font used is bold and swirly to it is easily remembered and emphasis the young target catchy,this highlights how audience. Also the use of the the magazine is targeted to stars around the phrase grabs young people as it appears the readers attention to be fun and cheesy. especially girls as is very fun and childlike.
  6. 6.  Masthead Connotative:  The masthead 'Kerrang' The connotative word 'Kerrang' was created from the uses complimentary yet onomatopoeic idea that when simple colours of black and you strum a guitar, the sound white. The blacks shows it makes is 'Kerrang' .The use connotations of death and danger relating to the violent of this is very unique and image rock genre has and creative and will therefore using white font makes it make it stand out amongst clearly stand out to the other music magazine as is audience. The font and not often used. The connotative word 'Keerang' exclamatory mark used is also seen as quite violent is quite harsh and highlights and distorted as it relates to the violent smashing up of instruments often seen in rock a quite a grungy look rock bands have. music.
  7. 7. Phrase:  The phrase ‘Vibe’ links in  with the association of up to date and trendy music which portrays the genre of the music being R&B/Hip Hop. This highlights there target audience of young people and they are up to date with everything trendy and new in music. This phrase also suggests that there will be good ‘vibes’ to the music listed in the magazine and this will attract the audience to read the magazine. Masthead: The masthead 'Vibe' uses a similar house style to ‘NME’&'Q' as they only use simple colours such as white black and red to maintain a professional standard,and to ensure that it doesn’t look too complex or tacky. The connotations of both red and black show danger,violence or power which is the typical stereotype of R&B/Rap music. The font also used is very simple yet serious which highlights the magazines formal and trusted information.
  8. 8. Conclusion...  Overall, from analysing names and mastheads it has been made clear that the name of your magazine is a very important factor on whether it will be memorable or not. Overall, acronyms and connotations do this very well and they make the reader relate to the magazine more also most often used in R&B magazines. This is due to connotations being associated with music or trendy words relating to a young audience and the use of acronyms makes a phrase much more catchy and recognisable I don't think compounds or a phrase would work as well with my music magazine as they aren't as common or recognisable In addition,I decided to also analyse 'Vibe' as it fitted the same genre of my music magazine. From looking at a variety of R&B/Hip Hop music magazine it was highlighted that many of them featured Black&White and red in their Mastheads with strong bold font. This was shown very effective as it indicates a lot of power and aggression commonly seen in this genre of music.