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'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford
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'Walkie Talkie' in Dartford


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How local people are being paid to spread the word about local issues and collect information in order to make their areas even better.

How local people are being paid to spread the word about local issues and collect information in order to make their areas even better.

Published in: Sports, Health & Medicine
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  • In the next few minutes I would like to explain the work of the Trust and how we may be able to help you with developing and designing and managing any projects that you would like to undertake. Welcome to Groundwork Kent & Medway Groundwork has been working in North Kent since 1990 and extended its area of operation to the whole of Kent in 2007 when the two existing trusts (Groundwork Kent Thames-side and Groundwork Medway Swale) merged to become Groundwork Kent & Medway. Whilst we will continue to focus on the Thames Gateway we will be increasing the amount of work we do throughout the county and, through our trading company, even further afield. Groundwork Kent & Medway is a local charity which works in partnership to bring about environmental, economic and community regeneration to address local needs, to help create a place where we want to work, live and stay. From small community projects to major regeneration programmes, Groundwork Kent & Medway uses the environment as a means of engaging and motivating local people to improve their quality of life. Long term knowledge of the area, coupled with professionally skilled, enthusiastic and committed staff ensure effective delivery of sustainable high quality projects. Groundwork recognises that people, places and prosperity are inextricably linked. It aims to develop and deliver programmes, creating opportunities for people to take local action, creating better, safer and healthier neighbourhoods and helping businesses and individuals fulfil their potential. Groundwork believes that the heart of a sustainable community is the active participation and involvement of all those who live and work in that neighbourhood. Each year we deliver a programme of improvements worth £2 million, with our projects ranging in value from £500 to £3,000,000. We have included lots of information about projects and how we work in this website and hope you will browse though it from time to time and find it useful. You will also find links to other parts of the national Federation of Groundwork Trusts. If you have ideas that you would like to discuss please get in touch with us.
  • Out of this 3 “committees” of local people are taking forward projects – “Snow Patrol” “Jubiliee Celebrations” and “Christmas at Meadowside”
  • Transcript

    • 1. Big Local Good Practice in Action… Walkie Talkies ™ GROUNDWORK KENT & MEDWAY
    • 2. Walkie Talkies ™ “ Walkie Talkies ™ Began in 2005 in Swanscombe Kent. A simple idea that works! Local people walking and talking to residents about things that matter to them.
    • 3. Why we think it works
      • It’s truly local
      • People trust their Walkie Talkies ™
      • It is independent and seen to be independent
      • It has good mechanisms to let information flow in both directions
      • Sustainable
      • Provides good value for money
      • Inclusive
    • 4. Who is a Walkie Talkie ™
      • Local people
      Local networks
    • 5. Swanscombe and Greenhithe From this…. To this ….
    • 6. How to do it…
      • Community development work
      • Local networks
      • Local people
      • Local partnerships
      • Training
      • Links to other Walkie Talkies ™ to share best practice and learning
    • 7. What makes it work
      • The Quality of the project is only as good as our Contacts and the People we employ
      • Walkie Talkies are recruited directly from the local community
      • Have good local knowledge and social networks
      • Are passionate about making a positive difference in their town
      At Windmill Community Allotments
    • 8. How we connect
      • Word of mouth
      • Via social hubs used by ordinary people
      • In school playgrounds, cafes, allotments, hairdressers, community centres, sheltered housing, coffee mornings, shopping centres, major local events, on the streets… anywhere people go
      • Providing accurate, useful and impartial information
    • 9. The Tivoli Centre
      • The group were delighted to be asked their opinions about their town
      Working closely with the Seafront Design Team
    • 10. What a Walkie Talkie™ does..
      • Training to empower individuals to act as community advocates / get factual information from briefing sessions
      • Working day – the team go where and when they are needed (regular routes)
      • Feedback – via local steering groups / community forums
      • Uniform – wear a distinctive uniform with logo, easily identified, builds trust
    • 11. Walkie Talkies and Big Local
      • Walkie Talkies were already working on Tree Estate when Big Local was announced.
      • Relationship with local people and agencies already established.
      • Trust was already there
    • 12. What we have been doing..
      • Garden Party for Older Residents
      • Community Fun Days
      • Allotment Open days
      • Coffee mornings at the Community Centre
      • Regular visits to local groups, schools, children's centre, shops
      • Face to face conversations
      • Attended summer fetes at local school and park.
    • 13. Cont…
      • Working with our Youth Officer to engage the Young People.
      • Looking at recruiting Young people to be Walkie Talkies.
      • Regular meetings with Princes Community Forum.
      • Door to door consultations on Big Local
      • Always ready to listen
    • 14. What we found…
      • From 270 direct responses through face to face consultation and questionnaires
      • Priorities identified by the community:
      • Youth; community activities; activities to engage young children and teenagers.
      • Community Safety; more police on the beat; cctv; tackle ASB; speeding cars/motorcycles; youths loitering.
      • Health and Wellbeing; exercise classes; job advice; life skills training
      • Environment; More planting to brighten area; better maintenance of alleyways/green areas; tidy up gardens /properties; better / more frequent bus service
      • Community “Hubs”; renovate Tree CC and develop a community centre for Phoenix
      • Groundwork Kent & Medway
      • 48 Canterbury Street
      • Gillingham ME7 5UN
      • 01634 855166
      • [email_address]