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Social Media 101
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Social Media 101


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For UCDA Design Summit ( …

For UCDA Design Summit (
You've likely heard about Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, flickr, and more--but how can an institution actually leverage these tools to help with their integrated marketing efforts? We'll go through the basics of their use, show some examples of universities using the various tools, and talk about how you can tie them in to your existing efforts and strategies.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media 101 Rachel Reuben Rachel Reuben Consulting, LLC Director of Web Communication & Strategic Projects - SUNY New Paltz
  • 2. Social Media in Plain English
  • 3. Social Media in Higher Ed Marketing Customer service Relationship building Connect with alumni, prospective students, current students (donor relations, recruitment, retention)
  • 4. Social Media Basics Strategy first - then tools Learn the tools by using them personally first Do research to learn which tools your audience is tuned into Not a bullhorn “Free” marketing research
  • 5. Focus: Purpose Why are you establishing a social media presence? define specific measurable goals
  • 6. Focus: Objectives/Goals What do you plan to achieve with this social medium? Inform? Encourage dialogue? Share information? What kind of info? How will this differ from your primary Web site? Questions from Social Media Brief by Queen’s University
  • 7. Focus: Target Audience Who will be reading & commenting on your social media? Who are you trying to engage?
  • 8. Focus: Target Audience What tools do they likely use?
  • 9. Focus: Execution & Maintenance who will establish your presence? who will be the administrator? who will maintain it? how often will it be updated? how will you make connection to other outposts & your Web site? how will you promote it?
  • 10. Some of the tools Facebook flickr LinkedIn private social communities YouTube blogs Twitter ustream
  • 11. Facebook 101 difference between Fan Pages & groups creative, engaging status updates use 'message all fans' sparingly social targeted ads
  • 12. Facebook Examples in Higher Ed
  • 13. Facebook Examples in Higher Ed
  • 14. Facebook Examples in Higher Ed
  • 15. Tool Tip don't link FB & Twitter status updates some tools automate posting across platforms  the good & the bad
  • 16. Promote your presence set up vanity url for FB fan page promote in appropriate places (signage in your reception area, some ads) logo usage guidelines include mentions/links on your Web site &/or blog include in e-mail newsletters
  • 17. LinkedIn 101 primarily for personal networking resume, recommendations answers introductions groups: jobs, discussions, news
  • 18. LinkedIn Examples in Higher Ed
  • 19. YouTube 101 Videos Channels Ratings, comments Playlists Embed on other sites
  • 20. YouTube Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 21. YouTube Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 22. Twitter 101 “A service for friends, family & co-workers to communicate & stay connected through the exchange of ” brief (140 character) messages. One-to-many Tools: Cell/smart phones, Web browser, applications
  • 23. Twitter 101 Lingo: tweet DM @username hashtag followers lists reply (@) / mention RT
  • 24. Why use Twitter in Higher Ed? Personal & professional networking Conferences (#ucda) Resources Listserv replacement College Sharing news Listening Connect with students, prospects, alumni
  • 25. Twitter Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 26. flickr 101 image & video hosting site - photo gallery social features: commenting, notes, people tag embed in blogs & Web sites organize: sets, collections, tags, title, description, geotagging group pool
  • 27. flickr Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 28. Private Social Communities 101 Similar to Facebook Features Tools: Ning SocialEngine ELGG
  • 29. Private Social Communities Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 30. Private Social Communities Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 31. Private Social Communities Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 32. Blogs 101 “A type of Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse- chronological order.”
  • 33. Blogs 101 Author Posts Comments
  • 34. Blog Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 35. Blog Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 36. Blog Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 37. ustream 101 Live (and on demand) video streaming Comment Live integration with Twitter & Facebook Embed
  • 38. ustream Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 39. ustream Ex’s in Higher Ed
  • 40. QUESTIONS? Rachel Reuben