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ml"Stepping towards your success" September Symposium was held at Grand Hyatt Doha. A great line-up of speakers and strategic partners who truly inspired the audience. WLC Qatar was set-up to "Develop, Nurture and Promote the emerging talent of Qatari women in line with family and cultural values and Qatar's vision 2030". Thank you to Maha Al-Essa of 974Design for providing the design and print from Day one and all our strategic partners for their participation.

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WLC Qatar September Symposium

  2. 2. WOMEN LEADING CHANGE QATAR Grand Hyatt Doha September 23 , 2012 Doha, Qatar
  3. 3. Welcome to you all, Today is a great milestone for Women Leading Change Qatar as we enter into a new phase of growth as a dynamic network alongside the development of our nation. Over the holy month of Ramadan I watched with pride as Bahiya Mansour flew the flag of Qatar at the opening ceremony for London 2012 Olympics. I would also like to pay tribute to Noor Hussain al-Malki and Nada Arakji and Aya Majdi for their participation in leading change for Arab women in sport. I believe that leadership comes in many forms and women possess unique skills that can influence global change. Today you will hear from active leaders of change with local and international speakers taking time out of their day to inspire and motivate you. I would like to personally thank all of our distinguished speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to be here today. You will also hear about the launch of our 3by3 leadership plan to impact three key targets over the next three years in line with the National Development Strategy 2011 – 2016. This is our commitment to you as future leaders of our country. We are exploring international partnerships and collaborations in order to provide you with the best opportunity to lead in your field of expertise. Whether this be in fashion, arts, culture, sport or business the 3by3 leadership plan is an amazing opportunity to be the best leader you can be. My wish for all of you today is that you walk away with three things:Buthaina Al-Ansari 1) Inspiration to take that next step towards your own success no matter how big or small 2) Practical tools to use in your everyday life to help you make better decisionsAmbassadors Note 3) New connections to grow and promote your talent, business, products and services Thank you all for supporting WLC Qatar and remember that “everything is possible”.
  4. 4. Grand Hyatt Doha is positioned not as a hotel but as a lifestyle destination in the city, and we always like to offer our support to the community and assist in the growth of the country. Getting involved in this socially responsible project is key for us to show our support to the women of Qatar, and we are proud to be working with Buthaina Al Ansari on this initiativeGarry FriendGeneral Manager of Grand Hyatt DohaHost Sponsor
  6. 6. 974Design is a design agency located in Qatar, established in 2010, by 3 Qatari women Maha Al Essa, Al Anoud Al Henzab & Aysha Fakhroo. We are passionate about encouraging creativity by offering a wide range of services. Our philosophy is to keep focus on delivering what our clients need. We are driven by a passion for creating Left: Aysha Fakhroo innovative designs suited for all kinds of business and Right: Maha Al Essa Photographer: Al Anoud Al Henzab personal requirements. We are committed to providing the Qatari market a new approach of design.About 974DesignDesign Partner
  7. 7. About WLC Qatar About the LogoWomen Leading Change Qatar is a platform from which In this Concept the graphical element looks like thewe will Develop, Nurture and Promote the emerging letter “W” , representing the word “Women”. Looking at ittalent of Qatari Women in line with family and cultural differently you can also see an illustration of a tulip.values and Qatar’s Vision 2030. In collaboration withinternational best practice and expertise we start to When a tulip comes in a red tone it means, “believebuild a diverse cultural society that work together in me” we have chosen these tones of colors because weboth business and society. Projects and initiatives will believe in women leading change.grow from this platform that build a roadmap towardsQatar’s vision to be a knowledge-base economy in all We have also chosen this symbol to represent womenareas of human, social, environmental and economic all over the world because tulips can grow from Europedevelopment. Join Women Leading Change Qatar on to Asia.the 29th April and be part of this journey of positivechange.
  8. 8. 12:15 pm Buffet Lunch Interview Pods set-up for attendees to share their experience for the day 01:00 pm Keynote Speech Khalid Al Mohannadi Social Entrepreneur & Visionary Symposium Schedule 01:15 pm Keynote Speech Vanessa Vallely International Motivational Speaker 01:30 pm Keynote Speech Nasser Al-Naama (ALWANE) ALWANE soft launch presentation – Key initiatives Q&A session – Legalising Home Businesses08:00 am Registration Open Interview Pods set-up for attendees to share their experience for the day 02:15 pm Keynote Speech Maryam Al-Subaiey Founder of U-Change09:15 am Welcome from Master of Ceremonies 02:45 pm COFFEE / TEA/ REFRESHMENTS Interview Pods set-up for attendees to share their experience for the day09:20 am Welcome from Buthaina Al-Ansari WLC Qatar 03:00 pm Qatar Women’s Sports Comittee spokeperson address09:30 am Opening Keynote Speech Dr. Amal Al Malki 03:15 pm Fatma Al-Dosari to interview and introduce Qatar’s Qatar Foundation Female Olympic Athletes Panel discussion about the role of Arab Women in Sport09:45 am Keynote Speech Shareefa Fadhel Q&A session with audience Co-Founder & MD of Roudah Center 04:00 pm All attendees to complete feedback forms10:00 am Keynote Speech Khalifa Saleh Al-Haroon I Love Qatar 04:15 pm Closing Keynote Speech Rachel Petero WLC QATAR10:15 am Introducing SPRINGBOARD QATAR – Hissa Al Suwaidi 04:30 pm CLOSE Award winning leadership development workshop “Its al from within”
  9. 9. Speakers Intinerary
  10. 10. Dr Amal Al-Malki Shareefa FadhelAuthor, QF Achiever, Executive Director of the Co-Founder and MD of Roudha Center forTranslation and Interpreting Institute Entrepreneurship and InnovationDr. Amal Mohammed Al-Malki is an Assistant Teaching Shareefa Fadhel is an enthusiastic and dedicated professionalProfessor in Carnegie Mellon University and the Executive with passion towards Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and SMEDirector of the Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII), a businesses, as well as having extensive telecom experience inmember of Hamad bin Khalifa University- Qatar Foundation. She sales, marketing management and customer care acquired fromis the only Qatari faculty in the Education City and one of the a diverse and rewarding career.Qatar Foundation’s achievers. She teaches courses in writingcomposition, postcolonial literature, theories of translation, and Shareefa holds an MBA in Management & Marketing StrategiesIslamic Feminism. and a Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.Her research interests include the negotiation of identitybetween east and west, media representations of Arab women She is a motivational leader who is adept at managing,and postcolonial literature. She has published articles in motivating and developing successful and productive teams tonumerous journals in the United States and UK. Her edited ensure full delivery of company objectives.book “The Writer’s Craft: Teaching Creative Writing in Qatar”has been published as a part of Doha the Arab City of Culture She also acts as a consultant for women in the retail sectorof 2010. Her authored book “Arab Women in Arab News: Old and has initiated the Johara Initiative in Vodafone Qatar to helpStereotypes and New Media” (2012) is published by Bloomsbury women obtain skills to become entrepreneurs, through sellingQatar Foundation and Bloomsbury Academic, UK. Vodafone products from home to their surrounding network.Al-Malki holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from theUniversity of London where she also earned a master’s degreein English-Arabic Applied Linguistics and Translation.
  11. 11. Khalifa Saleh Al-Haroon Maryam Al-SubaieyEntrepreneur, Head of Interactive & Innovation Founder of U-Change for Qatari Youth, EntrepreneurVodafone Qatar, Founder ILoveQatar and WriterKhalifa Saleh Al Haroon is a Law graduate turned Maryam Al-Subaiey is a Qatari writer and entrepreneur.Investment Banker turned Online specialist. He is She graduated with MSc in Development Studies fromcurrently with Vodafone Qatar as Head of Interactive & SOAS University and is currently running her ownInnovation, recently shifting over from Head of Online production company. She published her first collectionand his focus in Social Media. He is also the founder of of Children’s books during Doha book fair 2011. HerH.U.G. and winner of Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. essay “Qatarization- implementation challenges” wonWell known for creating iLoveQatar (ILQ) and turning first prize in the Brooking Centre essay competitionthe website into a brand that people trust. He helps to 2010. Maryam is the founder of UChange Qatari youthsupport start-ups and promotes the importance of deep initiative, which supports local talents. Through herpartnerships between companies. initiative she works on several local projects which promote the culture of creativity and developmentiLoveQatar.net was an initiative started with the simple among the youth.goal of making Qatar a better place with everything thatthe company does. It evolved into becoming a platform Maryam has been an active leader of change fromthat gave people a voice as well as bridging the gap an early age and travels extensively with her work. Abetween the different cultures in Qatar. One of the strong public speaker and mentor for ALWANE Qatar’sthings that makes ILQ unique is the fact that they spend chapter of Active Leaders for Women’s Advancementprofit generated to support the community that helped in the Near East. Her passion and drive to make athem grow as well as charitable causes. difference continues to motivate and inspire many.Some other projects that he is working on includesIdentity Qatar, a joint venture partnership with PJ Media,founded by famous UK Entrepreneur Peter Jones fromDragons Den; and ILQ Radio.
  12. 12. Khalid Al-Mohannadi Vanessa VallelySocial Entrepreneur & Visionary, Co-founder / Business CEO of We Are The City, Global multi-award winner,development director of “Tetrahedriya” “The most connected woman in the city” of LondonA Qatari man born in the early 70’s. He inherited Qatar’s old Vanessa Vallely is a recognized expert in person-to-personculture and values and he lives the modernization of the present business networking, online branding and a sought afterworld. He is described as positive, friendly, dynamic, talented, motivational speaker. She is regarded as one of the most welloptimistic, passionate, innovator and visionary. Khalid is an networked women in London and is passionate about sharingengineer by profession; he worked for QP for 20 years. In her know-how & experiences with others.the past 17 years Khalid as an entrepreneur created differentbusinesses where they helped him to shape his future as In 2008, Vanessa started the networking site: www.a consultant. As a result of that passion and trade, he co- wearethecity.com, as a vehicle to help other City Womenfounded / business development director of “Tetrahedriya”; a connect. Today, WATC has become the Little Black Book formanagement consultancy company working on organization London’s female workforce. Its’ 10000+ members & 2 milliondevelopment using leadership, change management and culture visitors rely on WATC for information ranging from professionaltransformation tools. to personal; to connect with others or to access interests that are centric to working in the City. Vanessa has worked tirelessly to furthering the Diversity Agenda. To this end, Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF), recognized her achievements with the ‘2011 Women’s Champion Award’. In 2009, Vanessa co-founded the citywide diversity forum, The Networks of Networks (TNON). The TNON includes the Diversity from 40 FTSE firms. As testimony to the success of the knowledge she shares with others, Vanessa is on every watch list following top women in the City, such as: Financial News Top 100 Rising Star across Europe, Africa and EMEA, and the International Alliance for Women’s Top 100 who are making a notable difference.
  13. 13. Nasser Al-Naama Hissa Al SuwaidiEntrepreneur, ALWANE Project Lead, PR Guru and Springboard Qatar Consultant, Emotional IntelligenceVCU Student Practitioner, Life CoachNasser will be one of the first graduates of the Painting Hissa graduated with a Bachelor of English from Qatar& Printmaking program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Through her role at Q-Tel Hissa took theUniversity in Qatar. A volunteer in the community of opportunity to train with Springboard Qatar in BahrainDoha he is involved in a myriad of activities. Highlights and from here has excelled in all areas of training andinclude the Best Buddies International chapter in Doha development. Working as a Springboard consultantwhere he was chosen to represent Qatar at the Best (Women Empowerment Program) Hissa works withBuddies International Leadership conference held in women to develop their own personal leadership style.America. Nasser has also acted as a representative ofQatar on stage during the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, As a Qatari woman Hissa completes her experience asand produced a documentary program through a an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Life Coachleading production company in London. He is a through her own business and will deliver her awardfounding member of the Board of Directors for Qatar winning program “It’s all from within” at our SeptemberAnimal Welfare Society (QAWS) a non-profit animal Symposium.shelter established in 2003. Nasser believes that aperson must be the change they seek and he tirelesslyworks to inspire others. He believes that his activisminspires and motivates the many people he encountersevery day.Quote: “Change will not happen magically, you mustcontinue to change until you reach your destination.Remember to enjoy and learn in this journey, as this iswhat matters more than anything else.”
  14. 14. Thank you all for participating and being leaders of positive change for women all over the world. Being here in Qatar has opened my heart and my mind and I truly believe “everything is possible”. As women you have inspired me to keep doing what I love “leading global change”.   WLC Qatar is here to collaborate and work with you to be the best you can be. As leaders, entrepreneurs, students and mothers we all have a part to play in delivering the vision for Qatar. It is your time to find your place in society and become the best at what you do.   Plans are in place for a number of collaboration events for the rest of 2012 with our next Symposium planned for Sunday 13th January 2013. Please connect WLC Qatar with your friends and organisation so they can be involved in our 3by3 leadership plan and long-term strategic partners of this dynamic network.Rachel PeteroWLC Qatar FounderClosing keynote Speech
  15. 15. For sponsorship, partnership, press or speaker queries contact: Rachel Petero GENVIVA - Founder and CEO PO Box 30747, West Bay Doha, Qatar Mobile: +974 556 08450 Email: rachel@gen-viva.com www.gen-viva.com Brochure Design by www.974design.com