Website And Online Fundraising


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Website And Online Fundraising

  2. 2. Website facts and figures<br /><ul><li>38% of an organization’s success in building large email files can be directly attributed to the amount of traffic to its website.</li></ul>Convio’s 2010 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study<br /><ul><li>49% of mid-level and major donors will always visit a nonprofit’s website before making a first-time gift on- or off-line.</li></ul>Convio’s 2009 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study<br />
  3. 3. Organizations that are successful online:<br /><ul><li>Drive traffic to their websites by optimizing search engine rankings
  4. 4. Use effective content and incentives to convert website visitors into registered users
  5. 5. Build large email files via online registration programs, list uploads, and viral campaigns
  6. 6. Communicate effectively through email
  7. 7. Generate a high response rate for online appealsby having an effective case for supporting the organization, segmenting and personalizing appeals, and testing elements of each email</li></li></ul><li>Our website plans:<br />Include the following elements in site redesign<br /><ul><li>An emotionally engaging image and statement on the home page
  8. 8. A tagline that instantly conveys who we are and what we do
  9. 9. Clear, intuitive navigation
  10. 10. A quick case on why we’re an organization visitors should support
  11. 11. Engagement opportunities
  12. 12. Email sign-up form in the same place on every page
  13. 13. A big, brightly colored donate button for people ready to give
  14. 14. Information on where donations go
  15. 15. “Current News” section
  16. 16. Links to social media</li></li></ul><li>Our website plans:<br />Monitor our web stats and improve SEO<br />Use Google Analytics to monitor our web stats<br /><ul><li>Where does traffic come from?
  17. 17. Which search terms bring visitors to the site?
  18. 18. Which pages are getting the most views?</li></ul>Improve search engine optimization (SEO)<br /><ul><li>Work on page titles, headings, and content, ensuring that our keywords are present throughout
  19. 19. Website Grader report</li></li></ul><li>Our website plans:<br />Update content and links<br />Delete out-of-date content<br />Check and update inbound links<br /><ul><li>Check who’s linking to us and request updates if needed
  20. 20. List who should be linking to us but isn’t, and follow up with a link request</li></li></ul><li>Our website plans:<br />Publicize our URL<br /><ul><li>Include our URL in all press releases and print collateral
  21. 21. Have staff and board members include the URL as part of their email signatures</li></li></ul><li>Online fundraising facts and figures<br /><ul><li>5% of U.S. giving happens online
  22. 22. $144.72 was the average online gift in 2009
  23. 23. 30% of online giving happens in December
  24. 24. Online donors switch channels (become offline donors); traditional donors do not
  25. 25. Online donors are younger and have higher incomes than traditional donors
  26. 26. Online donors are not as loyal as traditional donors</li></li></ul><li>Online percentage of total fundraising<br />EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMERS<br /><ul><li>Traditional direct mail focus
  27. 27. Mature online giving programs
  28. 28. Higher online gift volume
  29. 29. Lower average gift amounts
  30. 30. Lower online donor retention</li></ul>UNDER PERFORMERS<br /><ul><li>Traditional major gift focus
  31. 31. New to online giving programs
  32. 32. Lower online gift volume
  33. 33. Higher average gift amounts
  34. 34. Higher online donor retention</li></ul>AVERAGE PERFORMERS<br /><ul><li>Mix of fundraising channels
  35. 35. Online giving is bigger focus
  36. 36. Moderate online gift volume
  37. 37. Moderate average gift amounts
  38. 38. New donors are online donors</li></li></ul><li>Our online fundraising plans:<br />Redesign our donation page<br /><ul><li>Short donation form
  39. 39. No visual distractions
  40. 40. One clear call to action on the form: “Support Us”
  41. 41. A persuasive message directly above the call to action
  42. 42. Copy in a font that’s easy for people over 50 to read
  43. 43. Recurring gift option well-positioned
  44. 44. Automatic email receipts
  45. 45. Email sign up
  46. 46. Tell-a-friend option
  47. 47. Established trustworthiness
  48. 48. Web analytics on the form</li>