Nike Kickflip


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This is a concept developed at the VCU Brandcenter. Nike is not in any way affiliated with this product.

Concept, Strategy and Creative by:
Andrew Quay
Alex Sharkey
Shanna Scott
Rachel Mercer
Brandon Poole
Nick Maschmeyer

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  • Flip - makers of the world’s simplest shoot and share video camera\n\n
  • We have chosen to collaborate with Flip Video, and its parent company Cisco Systems. Flip video is a line of personal HD video recorders.\nFlip - makers of the world’s simplest shoot and share video camera\n\n
  • Shared Attributes: \nCisco and nike are both innovative technological leaders in their markets.\nFlip and Nike both emphasize individuality with customizable products for a variety of lifestyles.\n
  • Main Idea:\nNike Kickflip is a personal filming system that tracks a skaters location to help them easily film their tricks.\nThe supporting website,, will allow skaters to post, view, and rate other skaters videos. Location tagging options will allow skaters see where people are skating in their area and share new spots.\n
  • Nike Kickflip shoes will be embedded with RFID location trackers.\nNike kickflip camera will read and recognize the location of specific Nike Kickflip shoes\nNike Kickflip tripod will automatically turn to film the location of the Kickflip shoes\ will allow skaters to share and view videos of other local skaters\n\nSkaters can sync any pair of Kickflip shoes to any tripod/camera allowing for replacement of shoes or camera\n\nNike Kickflip camera will automatically code the GPS location into the video so skaters can easily tag the location of their videos.\n\nNike Kickflip tripod will automatically swivel to follow the location of the Kickflip shoes\n\ will allow skaters to share and view videos of other local skaters\ will automatically post GPS location of videos so skaters can compete with one another\n
  • Skate videos give skaters tangible evidence of their tricks.\n\nSkaters skate in a variety of locations: the Kickflip will be tough and mobile, and designed with skaters in mind\n\n
  • Skaters are pridomonently:\nBoys, 13-18\nSkate frequently (96% weekly, 58% daily)\nTechnologically aware (99% use the web, 92% play video games)\ndisposable income (skating is a $1 billion industry)\n
  • \nNike kickflip will be designed to enable skaters to build a community of like minded, local skaters to share information and encouragement.\n\nBuild Nike’s legitimact in the world of skateboarding by actively showing an understanding of the culture\n
  • \n
  • Nike Kickflips will be fully customizable online with multiple design and color options.\nNike Kickflips will also come in limited run, pro skater series. Pro Series will be designed by professional skaters.\n
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  • Professional skaters will tour local parks to demonstrate the Nike Kickflip system\nProfessionals will make videos with local skaters which will be uploaded to the website\n\n
  • Nike will also bring a mobile half pipe to locations that don’t have public skateparks or high visibility markets, like in Time Square or near the DC monuments\n
  • Skater can post, view, and rate other skaters’ videos on\n\nThe “Beat That” page will flag local skate spots viewable with mobile QR “tags”\n
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  • At’s “Beat That” page skaters can compete for best trick at a tagged location.\nPrintable QR code “Tags” left at locations will direct viewers to the skaters “Beat That” page\n
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  • Nike Kickflip

    1. 1. Nike KickFlip Nick Maschmeyer Rachel Mercer Yahkeema MoffittBrandon Poole Andrew Quay Shanna Scott Alex Sharkey
    2. 2. CollaborationCisco Systems:Technological leader in networkingequipmentFlip Video:The world’s simplest shoot and share camera
    3. 3. Nike KickFlipA synchronizedpersonal videorecording systemwith acorrespondingvirtual communitydevoted to sharingpersonalskateboardingvideos
    4. 4. RationaleVideo capture allows users to documenttheir successes and share theiraccomplishments with their friends andfellow skateboarders
    5. 5. TargetAmateur, but committed, young skateboarders
    6. 6. StrategyTo create a common platform to fosterconnection among local skateboarders byallowing them to document and share theirachievements
    7. 7. Video
    8. 8. Launch
    9. 9. Pro SkateTours
    10. 10. Mobile Half-pipe
    11. 11. Online
    12. 12. The CommonwealthSkaters will be able to find popular skatespots in their area and view videos thatother skaters have filmed there
    13. 13. Mobile Application
    14. 14. Questions?