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Conrad Quilty-Harper newsrw presentation
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Conrad Quilty-Harper newsrw presentation


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Data and visualisationtools for journalists @Coneee Interactive News Editor, Telegraph
  • 2. Problems, not solutions-Andrew Leimdorfer, BBC News Specials teamYES: "Can we show people where the bestschools are?"NO: "I need a map for my story about schools"
  • 3. What you needStoriesTimeDevelopers (front and back-end)DesignersServers and ADMIN RIGHTS!
  • 4. Key design principlesInfographics vs visualisationDual navigation (maps and tables)User testing (people asked non-leading Qs)Font hierarchyAnnotation layer
  • 5. Sources for data (most are free)ONSParliamentSourcesFOI/transparency releasesScraping
  • 6. Getting the dataRight click -> Save asSafari multiple downloadOutWit hubPHP scrapers (ScraperWiki)MySQL to merge multiple spreadsheets
  • 7. Getting the data rightExcel stat pack (Analysis ToolPak)Google RefineMySQLTextWranglerCartographica/Colorbrewer
  • 8. Excel stat packAverages (Mean/Median)CountsQuartilesMax/MinStandard deviation
  • 9. Most used functionsSort/FilterPivot tables/AggregationText to columnsRegex searchSQL COUNT()
  • 10. Presenting the dataGoogle chart tools/Fusion TablesIllustratorRaphael.jsHighCharts.js/Datatables.jsGephi
  • 11. Tools for journalistsHotspot toolCharts generatorTables generatorInteractive maps generatorLocator maps generator
  • 12. Tools for journalists cont.Before/after image generatorBulk FOI requests toolDocument annotation toolTwitter embed tool
  • 13. One stop
  • 14. One stop shop cont.Tour de France graphic has "annotation layer"
  • 15. One stop shop cont.Tour de France graphic has "annotation layer"... which journalists can easily access
  • 16. Tools: Graphs
  • 17. Tools: Graphs-Non-coders can create graphics easily-250/month created without the use of my team
  • 18. Tools: Tables
  • 19. Tools: Tables-300 created last month by non-coders
  • 20. Tools: Location maps
  • 21. Tools: Hotspot
  • 22. Tools: Interactive maps
  • 23. Tools: Documents
  • 24. Tools: Tweets-1,000/month. Permanent record as storestweet text in HTML (not Twitter API)
  • 25. Tools: Before/after
  • 26. More advanced "bespoke" workRequires from several hours to several weeksUp to 10 people on a projectMultiple disciplinesExpensive dataSpecialist knowledge
  • 27. Example one: School league tables
  • 28. Example one: School league tables
  • 29. Example one: School league tables
  • 30. Example one: School league tablesData downloaded, cleaned with Google RefineMySQL SET used to merge spreadsheetsGeocoded using Google Maps APIUploaded to Google Fusion tablesVisualised/built using Raphael, Javascript
  • 31. Example two: Assad emails
  • 32. Example two: Assad emails
  • 33. Example two: Assad emailsThousands of emails downloaded and readAdded to GephiExported to PDFDesigned in IllustratorMade interactive in our Hotspot tool
  • 34. Example three: Repossessions
  • 35. Example three: Repossessions
  • 36. Example three: RepossessionsAsked PR for the spreadsheetHad spreadsheet, but also had Fusion font hierarchy, ColorBrewer,annotation layer
  • 37. Thanks for listening @ConeeeInteractive News Editor,