Originality and Creativity 1


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My Originality and Creativity PowerPoint for my first campaign poster.

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Originality and Creativity 1

  1. 1. Originality and Creativity: campaign poster #1 Name: Rachel Man 11R
  2. 2. Explanation What has been done… To start off, I created an A3 sized canvas as this will ensure that everything will be clear when printed out in A3
  3. 3. Explanation What has been done… As mentioned previously, I wanted to keep the colour scheme of the poster warm, so I picked a dark maroon for the background colour of the poster as I felt like it suited with the colours of the Crossroads Foundation website as well The background colour I chose was #7b3c3c, a dark maroon red
  4. 4. Explanation What has been done… Firstly, I created a new layer and made a white strip at the bottom of the poster, where I later placed the Crossroads Foundation logo. The URL of their website was also included, in case people that see the poster want to find out more about the charity. I chose the colour white as I feel it works very well with the dark maroon, and as the background of the Crossroads logo was white as well they blended very well and did not clash, whereas it might have done otherwise if I used another colour. By placing the logo of the charity, this makes the client of the poster very clear to the audience By doing this, I have decided to incorporate this strip of white on to the next poster I will create in order to create a sense of unity.
  5. 5. Explanation What has been done… When doing research for posters, I came across several ones that utilised the idea of typography in various creative ideas. We decided to create a shape of a rice bowl with words – facts to do with hunger in Hong Kong. As our campaign is to collect tinned food, I thought it was very clear and relevant concept to make the words form the shape of a bowl. I chose to use the font Helvetica Neue in Light as it is simple, minimalist yet effective at the same time. The information revolve around food shortage specifically in Hong Kong, as I felt it reflected the fact that Crossroads is a local charity. In order to achieve a smooth curve, many text layers were used – additionally, a circular template was used to guide the words.
  6. 6. Explanation What has been done… To fully complete the design, I decided to add a pair of chopsticks, also made up of facts of hunger, though these weren’t focused on just Hong Kong. I did this because I felt that the rice bowl by itself would have been too plain, and that the chopsticks were a nice finishing touch as they are almost always seen together. As seen in the screenshots, these facts are of the worldwide topic of hunger, which allows the audience to realise that this is a massive problem across the world.
  7. 7. Explanation What has been done… Lastly, I added a small introductory paragraph to Crossroads with a combination of the fonts Futura and Helvetica Neue in Light. This was done as we believe giving the audience more background information to the charity will emphasise the importance of the cause. Futura was used for the word ‘crossroads’ as it is bolder and has bigger impact, while Helvetica Neue Light was used for the brief paragraph.
  8. 8. Final Product