WD Partners CI Capabilities


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Short presentation detailing background, client experience and "Top 10 Things We Know to be True" - various types of qual and quant research with examples for each.

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WD Partners CI Capabilities

  1. 1. wd partners
  2. 2. vitals [sub-head] 40+ years of innovation 8 offices worldwide main points multi-unit specialists 300+ associates secondary points nationally licensed & registered collaborative teams third level points single point of contact brand. operations. build.
  3. 3. focus [sub-head] consumer insights & strategies design & brand main points operations engineering foodservice engineering WD Partners is a global secondary points architecture & engineering development services brand, operations, and build firm— third level points construction administration fabrication & implementation specialists in multi-unit retail. sustainable design
  4. 4. clients big box specialty retail grocery restaurant c-store cpg
  5. 5. clients [sub-head] main points secondary points third level points
  6. 6. integrated solutions
  7. 7. brand 65 people researchers statisticians brand strategists environment designers industrial designers graphic designers architects 3D designers materials specialists LEED accredited sustainability consulting
  8. 8. HIGHLIGHT: brand consumer insights customer experience inform creative gain shopper insights support brand & product development speed to informed design
  9. 9. operations 30 people industrial engineers foodservice engineers prototype engineering retrofit engineering labor management systems operations review management complement stock room management complete operational mock-up
  10. 10. HIGHLIGHT: operations improve unit economics maximize resource efficiency expand capacity increase throughput inform the design improve labor/equipment/facility utilization increase customer loyalty
  11. 11. build 200 people architects MEP engineers structural engineers civil engineers planners permitters landscape architects surveyers fabricators LEED accredited sustainability consulting
  12. 12. HIGHLIGHT: build fabrication & implementation flexible fabrication platform craftsman level of workmanship leader in sustainable design sustainable fabrication methods scalable production operations
  13. 13. consumer insights at
  14. 14. expertise A n, M d Bosto an bus, OH lum ms in Co g, brand tea n advertisi tive and • in grounds gn, qualita a back si lting, de earch, and dat full service market research • consu tive res a capabilities quantit s analysi utilize innovative qualitative and quantitative techniques customer experience know- how for retailers and restaurants Rachel Magni professional focus group Director, moderation Consumer Insights advanced analytics and modeling competencies P 781.291.2913 E rachel.magni@wdpartners.com
  15. 15. 10 things we know to be true
  16. 16. ideation session generate big ideas examines category, competition, brand, and consumer dynamics harvest, and concept the freshest thinking 1. The path to innovation is getting the best heads in the room.
  17. 17. creative Design Tonality Map validation Imaginative Plain Uniquely associated to Uniquely associated Cool study Plain, Simple Design 2 with Existing Contemporary, Imaginative Contemporary Old Fashioned, Rustic Design 2 Simple Modern generate confidence Bright Rustic Current Old Fashioned New Conservative Fresh Fresh, Inviting Progressive Progressive Existing evalute the appeal, Cheerful Up to Date tonality, brand fit, brand imagery, and preference Country Friendly Attractive Casual Familiar Design 1A Red Traditional Design1B Green Homey Stable Comfortable understand the nuances, Warm Country, Traditional Colorful attitudes, and usage of your brand Uniquely associated with Shared between Existing Design 1A Red and and Design 1A Red and Design 1B Green Design 1B Green Attractive, Comfortable, Warm Familiar, Stable 2. If you create it, they will come...but only if you nail it.
  18. 18. awareness, B ran d S alien ce B rand E ste em (F avorability R atin gs) attitude & • QSR F is view e d m o re fa vo rab ly th a n “lo w er e nd ” Q S R ’s, b u t no t a s fa vo ra b ly a s its fast casu a l com p e titors. usage 10 General Brand Impressions Base: Aware of [restaurant] study 8 7.7 8 7.6 7.5 7.2 6.9 6.9 6.8 6.8 68% 6.5 6.4 % Favorable (8-10) 6.3 Avg Rating (1-10) 6.2 62% measure 60% 58% 6 48% 42% 42% 41% 41% 37% 4 34% 33% uncover brand strengths 32% and opportunities 2 0 0% I E F J L A B C D G H K M R R R R R R R R R R R R QS R QS QS QS QS QS QS QS QS QS QS QS QS Q .3 (O n line ) B ase d o n a n yth ing yo u m a y h a ve e xp e rien ced , se en o r h e a rd , ple ase ra te h ow p o sitive o r n eg a tive you r feelin gs a re to w a rd e a ch o f th e fo llo w in g qu ick se rvice restau ra n ts… 3. It’s the people you don’t see that complete the picture.
  19. 19. optimization Category 1 Purchase Interest study analyze Interest Incremental Interest Item Cumulative Interest (% Definitely Will Order) (Variety Potential) (Total Users) determine what appeals to 18% Food Item 1 18% 18% largest set of consumers 22% Food Item 2 16% 4% Food Item 3 16% 3% 25% Food Item 4 12% 2% 26% Food Item 5 13% 1% 27% Current Reach = 27% 4. Variety is about more than stuff; it’s about the “right stuff.”
  20. 20. Everyday Essentials segmentation study 25% of Suit/Sport Coat category customers 21% of client’s customers (82 Index) customer picture KEY STATS 34% visited client in past year with median spending of $750. Category Spending - $1,250 (median) Client share of segment spending- 12% who are your customers OVERVIEW Not particularly clothes-involved Wife or significant other buys most of his clothes. how do your customers use DEMOGRAPHICS Lowest income (mean $76K) your brand Least educated (59% have college degree) where else do your customers go customer focus recommendation Sept. 25, 2008 1 5. “One size fits all” is a losing proposition for attracting customers.
  21. 21. ethnography customer experience exploratory session with consumer examine consumer decision-making in the field recommend elemental modifications optimize customer perceptions 6. Diving into the customer journey brings deep insights to the surface.
  22. 22. positioning study insights words, messages, images, feelings, beliefs, and values identifies problems, disconnects, barriers, and opportunities for the brand customer motivation 7. A competitive advantage takes powerful brand positioning.
  23. 23. brand valuation study diagnose examines brand awareness, perceptions, loyalty, esteem, and performance ratings combines statistical data and qualitative causal assumptions 8. Smart investments demand capital, risk, and the best due diligence.
  24. 24. tracking study progress report measures visit frequency, brand consideration, and use occasions provides guidance in all business initiatives 9. A trend line is more impactful than a single data point.
  25. 25. employee satisfaction survey feedback training, relationships, growth potential, performance ratings, and company/brand values increase employee satisfaction and retention 10. Employees can make you great...if they’re happy.
  26. 26. Expertise in retail innovation why WD Partners is at the forefront of breakthrough innovation for multi- unit retailers, restaurants and grocery stores. Our work with some consumer of the biggest names in these industries and our dedication to staying “ahead of the curve,” allows us to present a fresh approach insights to achieving your goals. from WD? Customized, full-service approach Our Consumer Insights experts work closely with you and your team to develop an intelligence program that tackles your specific needs. Our experience with qualitative and quantitative methodologies enables us to craft the right solutions to produce actionable results. Cost effective, streamlined intelligence We start by auditing all existing, primary in-house research and assessing opportunities for additional consumer intelligence. We pride ourselves in working smartly and efficiently, delivering the results you need while avoiding any duplication of efforts.
  27. 27. Participatory and inclusive process why Reading research reports or watching presentations is not the most effective way to learn. We immerse our teams in direct consumer observation of consumers, and developing solutions. This full- [sub-head] engagement approach creates a shared understanding that speeds insights the decision-making process. from WD? main points Brand-driven design If your plans call for store development, our Consumer Insights experts will work with an integrated WD Partners team of design- secondary points ers, architects, and engineers to capture and accurately translate this intelligence into compelling, brand-right consumer third level points environments. Partnering for long-term success Our client relationships are long-term investments. We want to become a strategic partner for your business, offering you actionable intelligence and ensuring your continued success through a strong commitment and single point of contact.
  28. 28. thank you
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