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Journey to careers 2012
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Journey to careers 2012

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  • 1. Rachel Lesage 4th hour December 4, 2012
  • 2. Louisiana State University 3048 W. Lakeshore Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808 (225) 578-3202
  • 3. History LSU was founded by the Louisiana General Assembly in 1853 and was located near Pineville, La.The first school semester began on January 2, 1860. LSU was one of the only 30 universities nationwide designated as a land grant, sea grant and space grant institution. Since 1860 the university has been moved four times to its present location.
  • 4. Tuition and Fees• Undergraduates • Graduates(fulltime) 12-15 hours (fulltime) 15-19 hourstuition:$2,590-$2,600 Tuition:$2,900-3,200Fee:$494.70 Fee:$500.70(part time) 1-11hours (part time) 1-8 hoursTuition-$500-$1,900 Tuition:$500-$2,100Fee- $30-$20 Fee:$20-$60Note: The LSU Board of Supervisors may modify tuition and/or feesat any time without advance notice.
  • 5. Degrees Offered• Bachelor degrees are offered in 72 major fields• master degrees are offered in 76 major fields• doctoral degrees are offered in 54 major fields
  • 6. Major Program• Veterinarians need a Doctor Veterinary of Medicine degree.• Studying for this degree requires the biological and physical sciences
  • 7. Curriculum of Major Program• Total hours=133• 66 semester hours plus 20 hours of elective courses• Six years of a college education this includes 2 years of pre- veterinary coursework and four years of professional DVM program
  • 8. Other Information• Indian mounds are located near the north west corner of the campus• Shaquille O’Neal: 4 time NBA Champion, 3 time NBA finals MVP completed his degree in 2001• LSU’s mascot, Mike vi, is a live Bengal- Siberian tiger mix that lives in a 15,000 sq. ft. habitat across tiger stadium• In 1934 Chellis Mike Chambers, William G. Hickey Higginbotham, and an LSU law student raised $750 and purchased a two hundred pound one year old tiger from Little Rock zoo.
  • 9. Why I want to go….• I want to go to LSU because it’s a great school and it has the major I want to go in. Also because it’s close to home.
  • 10. References• http://www.lsu.edu/• http://www1.vetmed.lsu.edu//SV M/index.html
  • 11. Pictures