Y7 Music Rap Module Detailed Overview
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Y7 Music Rap Module Detailed Overview






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Y7 Music Rap Module Detailed Overview Y7 Music Rap Module Detailed Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Music Key aspect of SOW Overview of learning History and culture 1970s New York , African-American street culture of the time Influences of Jamaican culture (Reggae - scratching and toasting) Hip Hop Culture – DJ-ing, MC-ing, beat-boxing, Development and mainstream popularity (MTV, cross-over/fusion: broadening of genres utilized as breakbeats/samples) Citizenship: lyrics pertaining to personal and/or social responsibility, racism, equal rights (dependant on issues raised by class, etc. - issues pertaining to negative citizenship raised within Gangsta rap: violence, sexism, etc) Listening Hip Hop - Breakbeats: identifying samples and how they are sequenced to create a backing track DJ-ing: How percussive sounds are created through scratching and how different samples/tracks can be mixed in Rap - MC-ing: How rappers perform their lyrics in metre, using rhythm and rhyme, variations in dynamics and pitch, manipulate vocal timbre   Beat-boxing: mimicking of drum machine sounds/patterns Listening to the pulse – timing Listening for sound patterns - lyrics
  • Composing 1 Individual work: lyric writing – intro-raps Minimum of 4 lines (max 8) per person Each line - between 10 and 14 syllables long Each line must fit to 2 bars/8beats of preset rhythm Rhyming couplets Lyric subject: introduction to self/MC persona 2 Ensemble work: Hip Hop composition – citizenship-raps Lyrics should be the equivalent of a 16 line verse per person plus a chorus (only structure in which piece may incorporate lyrical repetition) on a citizenship related theme: bullying, supportive friendship, environmental issues, social responsibility, etc. Potential 2 or 4 bar breakbeat/sample to be identified from genre other than Hip Hop/Rap and which has not already been utilized in this way: e.g. the bass line from White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, first couple of lines of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, etc Notation of breakbeat/sample – graphic/staff Work out how to play sample on keyboard, choosing appropriate timbre/tone Select appropriate rhythm/tempo Cooperative and supportive ensemble work Extension: development of melodic chorus and/or use of more than one breakbeat to differentiate between sections
  • Assessing   1 Whole class performance of intro-raps Single keyboard with rhythm going: students practise in small groups getting words in time, aiming to flow smoothly from one person to next Whole class performance: accuracy of rhythm and metre (movement can aid metric accuracy), developing a confident manner and self-assurance   2 Ensemble performances of citizenship-raps Positive understanding of chosen citizenship issue(s) demonstrated Students engaged in communicating and persuading Effective use of timbre/tone, dynamics, rhythm, texture, structure/form Metric and rhythmic accuracy Utilization of pitch – intonation, riff, melody Effective ensemble skills Effective development of piece for performance: balancing volumes, positioning, choreography/movement, expression, etc