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Title Town Gator Club

  1. 1. Title Town Gator ClubEvent Dec. 5, 2010, at the President’s HouseProject By:Adam BorensteinBailey McDanielJoshua ConyersKara KingLeslee HighsmithRachel Raddatz
  2. 2. Event Size______________________________________________________________________________The University of Florida Alumni Association Executive Board of Directors has about 50members, most of whom will be at the event answering questions regarding the Gator Clubmembership packages. The board of directors will also have information tables set up at thefront entrance of the house, where individuals will have the chance to look through theinformation and ask questions they may have throughout the afternoon. Florida Cicerones, whoare the official student ambassadors at UF are considered the link between the past, presentand future Gators, will also be at the event. These ambassadors represent the University atvarious functions throughout the year and are required to attend the UFAA on Dec. 5 at thePresident’s House. The four Florida Cicerones in attendance will greet the future members,operate the informational table and handle all the money at the event.Virginia Horton, the Associate Director of Club Relations and Young Alumni & AffiliateGroups, has been of great help regarding the negotiation of a lower price for the President’sHouse and contacting other board members. Although our original plan was to send outsemiformal invitations to all the alumni members on the Association’s list serve, we decidedthat to be more time efficient and financially conservative to send an invitation through e-mailto all the members directly. Our group then came to the conclusion that word-of-mouth couldbe the most beneficiary means of communication. Since most people check their e-mail at leastonce a day, the individuals receiving the invites will more than likely to share this event withtheir friends and family members.We are expecting about 200 to 300 people will decide to attend the event and since thePresident’s House can hold a maximum of 300 people, capacity will not be a problem. With the
  3. 3. UFAA Board of Directors, Florida Cicerones and attendees we expect about 250 guests. Wecannot predict how many will come the event at the same time because it is an “open house”where guests are allowed to come and go. Due to this, our group decided that name tags willbe helpful. We concluded that many people will be interested in attending this event to find outmore information about the club and meet other Gator alumni in the area, which will result in ameet and greet setting. At 2:30 p.m., the men’s basketball team has an away game atAmerican University. It makes sense to have a viewing party as well. Changing this event to beboth a meet and greet as well as a viewing party, gives it a more diverse atmosphere catering topeople with all different interests.The event’s primary purpose is to be the first organized alumni gathering promoting thevery first gator club developed by the UFAA in Gainesville. There are numerous gator clubsacross the United States from Miami all the way to San Diego. The memberships to these clubsare outstanding, giving all Gator fans the chance to come together and root for the team. Forexample, “The Atlanta Gator Club is a 3,000+ member organization of alumni, parents andfriends of the University of Florida, bound together for the purpose of assisting the universityand the Alumni Association achieve its goals and objectives” (The Atlanta Gator Club). Thereare many people all over the nation that are involved with gator clubs, such as the AtlantaGator Club, and their memberships and generosities have positively influenced the GatorNation for many years, and this membership is growing larger every year.
  4. 4. Risk Management Plan______________________________________________________________________________After conducting extensive research we felt it is necessary to devise a risk managementplan. From looking at the floor plan, building plan, location, logistics, security precautions andlegal and regulatory laws relevant to this event, it is imperative to protect the venue and UFAAfrom any possible issues that can occur. Using some past events as an example helped ourevaluations and understanding of what needs to be attended to. Being proactive and lookingfor the best interest of everyone is why we developed such an extensive plan.We looked at the President’s House website and discovered we are not required to have UPDsupervise this event. In an effort to be prepared, proactive, prepared and educated aboutanything that can occur, we will staff two UFPD officers to serve as staff and first respondents.Some emergencies that can occur include: power outage, fire, bad weather,disturbances, choking or allergic reaction from the food and intoxicated guests. Below, we willprovide further, specific detail of the recommended protocol in handling each of the possibleemergencies if they do happen to occur during the event. Power Outage- In case of an area-wide electrical power outage, the two UPD officers will bethe first respondents and work as crowd control, contact the appropriate Florida Power andLight dispatch and communicate with the other UFAA staff to keep everyone calm and quietduring the outage. The house’s back-up generator should start working as soon as one minuteafter the initial outage. If it doesn’t turn on, we will begin escorting guests out of the house andto the backyard area to ensure their safety. The UPD officers should be equipped with aflashlight as part of their uniform. Four emergency flashlights will be available in the bottom
  5. 5. cabinet of the president’s kitchen with an additional four flash lights available behind theoutside bar on the bottom shelf. UPD and UFAA staff on site will work as crowd control untilpower is restored. They will listen to the fire and electrical departments for when it is OK toresume the event and let guests back into the house. Fire- In case of a fire, UPD will officers will contact the fire department and direct the guests tothe nearest exit. Exits are either the front door or back door, and in extreme emergency theguests can be directed to exit through the kitchen exit or the northwest side exit. UPD andUFAA staff will serve as crowd control until the fire department arrives. Bad Weather- If severe storms and lightning is occurring before the event, we will have the UPDensure that all of the guests stay inside the house until it is safe. Safety will be determinedwhen notification from the local Emergency Alert System is received and gives permission toallow guests to resume the festivities and go outside. Safety of our guest is top priority. Disturbances- If any of the guests informs a staff member they are being or feel threatened by,immediately contact the nearest UPD officer who will then attend to the matter and resolve it.Be as calm and as non-confrontational as possible. Guest Choking on Food- If a guest appears to be choking from food the staff member shouldclear the area where the individual is choking and contact the nearest UPD officer. If anindividual who has his valid CPR-AED First Aid Certification Card, then he is allowed to assist thevictim while EMTs are on the way. DO NOT allow an individual who is not certified in CPR-AEDFirst Aid to assist the victim who is choking under ANY circumstance. Intoxicated Guests- If any guest or attendee is acting intoxicated or is disturbing other guests,contact the nearest UPD officer. The officer will remove the disorderly individual from the
  6. 6. premises. If any UFAA staff member is confronted by an intoxicated guest, be as calm and non-confrontational as possible until the UPD officer arrives.
  7. 7. Cost of Rentals______________________________________________________________________________President’s House: $775PA system: $300Decorations: N/A because the venue will already be decoratedRental rate for President’s House:5 to 50 guests: $50051 to 100 guests: $775101 to 150 guests: $1,000151 to 200 guests: $1,200201 to 300 guests: $1,400Other Venue Estimated CostMeeting room in a hotel:Tables (included in cost of room)Chairs (included in cost of room)Table clothes: $75-$100PA system & visual Equipment: $350Podium: $75-$100Stage: $150Lightening: $75-$100Microphone: $50-$75Dance floor: $150-$200Decorations: $150-$200The difference in the two locations is the amount of space both locations can hold. ThePresident’s House can only hold 300 people, where a meeting room in a hotel canaccommodate 500 to 600 people, or even more if needed. Some of the equipment that we willneed to rent can only be rented through companies used by the President’s House for allevents. If our event were to be elsewhere, like a hotel, some things it can provide for anadditional charge include a dance floor, special lighting, a microphone, stages, podium and PAsystem.
  8. 8. Venue Confirmation and Related Expenses_____________________________________________________________________________The venue we will use for our event is President’s House. The house is in a centrallocation and brings a level of prestige to the event that no other Gator Club can obtain.Although the president of the university no longer lives in the house, it can be rented for eventssuch as ours by university departments, colleges and divisions for university-sponsoredfunctions only. We have been granted an exception to host the event there because it is hostedthrough the University of Florida Alumni Association.Another perk that we are receiving is the waiving of the rental fee. The normal cost torent the house is $775, but we will be able to rent it for free. This includes the set-up and cleanup by the catering staff. The date that we decided on is Dec. 5, since it will be a holiday themedparty and is the day after the SEC championship game. It is also during an away men’sbasketball game. We are planning on using this date to our advantage in a few ways.The first is that the house will be decorated with holiday themed décor for this date,saving us the cost of decoration. Another benefit to the Dec. 5 date is that the Gators men’sbasketball game can be shown on TVs provided by the catering company, giving the guests areason to stay for the entire event. The catering company will also provide extra tables andchairs if necessary, depending on the amount of RSVPs.There are certain guidelines that need to be followed when renting this venue. OneUFAA requirement states if there is a party of 50 or more, Florida Cicerones must be present togreet and sign-in each guest. Each group project member knows at least one Cicerone, makingthis guideline easy to meet since we must coordinate efforts to have them at the event.
  9. 9. Parking for the event will be in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center parking lot, very close tothe President’s House.The last guideline refers to the maximum capacity for events held at this location, whichis 300 people. Time and date restraints are another factor to whether the venue can besecured for events.
  10. 10. Necessary Purchases_____________________________________________________________________________President’s House: $775Chairs and Tables (Included)Caterer (Food/drink): Amount unknown -- Cacciatore Catering; Contact: Dean CacciatoreUtensilsPlates/NapkinsCupsSet up/Clean upTable ClothsChair covers (possibly)Invitations: Completed by UFAA via e-mailEntertainment or Speakers: UFAA board of directorsTV: $200Name tags: $25All of the above things are necessary when planning an event of any sort becauseeverything is needed to make the event a success. The caterer approved by the venue must beused for events. For meetings of fewer than 10 people, food may be brought in from analternate source upon prior written approval. Catered events will be set up and cleaned up bythe caterer, with cost will included in the service fee.For our event, décor will not be purchased because the President’s House will bedecorated already in a holiday theme. If this would not have been the case then décor must beapproved in advance and in writing by the Presidents Office. No confetti, glitter, rice/bird seedor similar items may be used at the Presidents House unless approved in advanced by thePresidents Office. Candles may be used only if it is contained in a glass enclosure such as aglobe or hurricane lamp and candles may not be taller than the enclosure. Banners, postersand/or flyers may not be hung or attached to walls in any interior space. Banners may be hung
  11. 11. on the exterior of the Presidents House with prior written permission from the PresidentsOffice. Live entertainment must be approved in writing by the Presidents Office prior to thestart of the event. In accordance with UF Policy, after 10 p.m., no live bands using a PA systemmay perform outside.Invitations being sent to attendees must be approved by the President’s Office prior tosending them out.Invitation Guidelines for all events:The President’s Office asks that no one use the presidents or his wifes name on the invitationunless they have agreed to co-host the event.If they have agreed to co-host, the following titles may be used: J. Bernard Machen, President President J. Bernard Machen President J. Bernard Machen and Mrs. Chris Machen Bernie and Chris Machen Mrs. Chris Machen Chris MachenWe are allowed to listthe location as one of the following: University of Florida Presidents House Presidents House on campus Presidents House at the University of Florida Please do not use the word "The" when referring to Presidents House
  12. 12. Internal/External Staff and Security Expenses_____________________________________________________________________________After researching the expenses and staff needed to run this event, we have developed abudget. We thought of where funds need to go. Costs include paying the catering companyfor their services, the UFAA staff, President’s House staff and the University Police Departmentofficers. According to the President’s House regulations and guidelines, we are not required tohave UFPD supervise our event. In an effort to be prepared to handle a possible emergency, wehave decided to hire one UFPD officer to supervise the event. We have decided not to servealcohol. If we had decided to serve alcohol, extra precautions and permits would be required.The Presidents House will determine if security is required for other events. From moreresearch on the President’s House website, we found that security will be provided by UPD andarranged by the hosting organization. All charges will be paid directly to UPD as determined byUPD, with a three-hour minimum. Prior to the event, the hosting organization will check withUPD to determine if an event at the OConnell Center will coincide with their event at thePresidents House. There is a men’s basketball game the same day as our event, but fortunatelyis away. UPD will be used to monitor VIP parking in the circular drive and direct all other gueststo the OConnell Center, or alternative parking as required.
  13. 13. Utilities and Necessary Permitting______________________________________________________________________________Most of the utilities will be covered in the cost to rent the facility. Within the rentalagreement, the president’s house will provide the electricity, air conditioning and the sewageutilities. Power, electricity and water are the utilities that will likely be used most for our event,and even those are covered in the waived rental fee. It is possible that our UFAA speakers willneed some sort of AV equipment, such as a microphone or speaker system. In that case, we willcontact the catering company and rent what is necessary. The only other utilities that weimagine can be crucial for our inside/outside open house is air conditioning and/or heatbecause the event is taking place in December. The event will be taking place during thedaytime so it should not be unbearably cold.We will not need any permits, such as digging or for alcohol, because the contract withthe venue handles those. The only case where we would need a digging permit, one used tohave the power to drive stakes into the ground, is in the scenario that the president’s housewasn’t already equipped with tents in the backyard. Since events take place almost every week,the tents will already be up and the stakes will already have been approved and have necessarypermits.Another permit that will not be required at this event is one for serving alcoholicbeverages. This permit is not needed for a few reasons, such as responsibility of the catererwhen serving alcoholic drinks. Since the caterer is already accepted by the venue, the liabilityand permitting will fall on them. Also, our event will be taking place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. andwe do not find it necessary to serve alcoholic beverages at this time. In the guidelines for thepresident’s house, it states alcohol cannot be served before 5 p.m. on weekends.
  14. 14. Marketing and Media Relations______________________________________________________________________________For our event, we plan to market to the about 21,000 individuals on the list serve. Weplan to send an e-mail invitation to everyone, invite them and also encourage them to invitetheir friends. Since UF is in Gainesville, we may choose to expand and invite some students orfaculty and staff members.Because the event will be Dec. 5, the party is a holiday celebration and will be decoratedaccordingly. Our group will be able to market the event as a Gator basketball viewing party,with the holiday theme.Possible marketing plans will can implement include: e-mailing the UFAA list serve, e-mailing the SAA list serve and sending formal invitations to high-end campus officials invitingthem and a guest. Some of the high-end members may include Bernie Machen, Urban Meyer,the student government president, deans of the colleges and other sports head coaches.An idea we have considered is to distribute flyers in promotion of the event. A possibleflyer is with the statue of Albert in the background and information written on top of the photo.The information will include location, time, date and who is hosting.For media relations, we can write an article and pitch it to the Independent FloridaAlligator or The Gainesville Sun for publication, speak to media outlets such as WUFT-TV andthe Gainesville Television Network and compose a media release. The media release may bedistributed to different networks after the event has already been spoken about as a follow up.Another wise decision may be to ask a reporter or reporting student to cover the event,a way to promote the coming Gator Club and provide positive publicity for the UFAA. Inpitching the story to a reporting student, it may help more students understand the benefits of
  15. 15. becoming involved with the Student Alumni Association through the college years and joiningthe UFAA upon college graduation.The news article would state the purpose, benefits and reason for the new club. Themedia release would include most of the same information, but would have one source for aninterview instead of the three for the news article.
  16. 16. Food, Beverages and Serving Methods______________________________________________________________________________All the food and beverages offered at the event will be catered by Cacciatore CateringCompany, the President’s House specified catering company. Cacciatore Catering Company willalso be providing servers as part of the fee for using their company. It would be easier to useoutside donators and resources for the simple food and drinks, but in booking any type of eventat the President’s House the renter is required to use Cacciatore Catering Company for allneeds. At this holiday-themed event, holiday drinks and deserts will be served.Considering the event will be from around 2 p.m. until about 5 p.m., we can assume thateveryone has already eaten lunch and most people will eat dinner after leaving the venue. Fordrinks, there will be Pepsi products. This will include Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Mountain Dew andSierra Mist. Apple cider will be offered as the holiday refreshment. Since servers come with thecatering company fees, having a small bar set up outside and two servers serving the drinkswould make the process run much smoother. Having commonly requested drinks preparedahead of time will decrease the guests wait for drinks and allow more time for the guest tomeet one another, while also learning more about the gator club.For food, we decided to provide a variety of different desserts. These desserts includeholiday designed cookies, apple pie, pecan pie, red velvet cake, vanilla cake, chocolate coveredpretzels and warm chocolate fudge brownies. The servers will also be available to assist guestswith retrieving their food. The desserts will be on a long table in the common area, beforestepping outside of the house. Since the event is inside and outside, all platters will have coversprovided by Cacciatore Catering Company.
  17. 17. The catering company will be providing many of the essentials needed for this event.Not only will food be their primary concern, but Dean Cacciatore, the owner of CacciatoreCatering Company assures us that any additional tables, chairs, cloths and necessities will beavailable for use. The will take place in the afternoon of Dec. 5. Most of the time, the end ofNovember to beginning of December has cool weather. It is appropriate to assume the foodand beverage station should be a comfortable temperature. With all the holiday decorations,along with the food and drinks, this event will be a once in a lifetime opportunity many willwant to come and experience.The Atlanta Gator Club - A University of Florida Alumni Association Group. 2008. Web. 27 Oct.2010. <http://www.atlgators.com/about/index.htm>.
  18. 18. Sponsorship and Donations______________________________________________________________________________We are not charging an entrance fee for our event. We have a budget of $1,000 fromthe UFAA with the rental fee of the President’s House being waived. For this reason, we do notfeel sponsorships are necessary because the estimated and expected cost is under $1,000.We will not be accepting donations because the UFAA will be trying to sign members upfor the gator club. Since price of joining the UFAA is very costly, prices ranging from $300 to$600 depending on when you join, we feel it more important for a table to be stationed formembership than to collect donations.
  19. 19. Budget______________________________________________________________________________As a starting budget, the University of Florida Alumni Association agreed to give ourgroup $1,000 to host the event. Most of that, $775, was going to be used to rent the UF’sPresident’s House, but the President’s House agreed to waive the rental fee for the UFAA. As aresult, $650 of our budget will now be used for food and beverages. In addition, we will spendapproximately $50 to rent a screen and projector or television so that the Gator men’sbasketball game can be shown at the event. Twenty dollars will go to creating and printingflyers to help advertise for the event and $30 will be used to buy nametags and markers.Because the event is for the UFAA, there are many advantages that we would not havehad otherwise. In the column titled ‘Estimated Cost’, approximate prices for items that wouldhave had to been purchased or rented if we weren’t working with the UFAA and/or if the eventwas hosted outside of Gainesville.
  20. 20. UFAA Event Budget SummaryEvent Date:Days Remaining:Total Budget $1,000Estimated Expenses $3,180Actual Expenses To-Date $750Available Budget $250Description Estimated Cost Actual Cost NotesVenue (Presidents House) $775.00 $0.00 UFAA was able to rent the venue for no feeSound System and Microphone Rent $150.00 $0.00 Included in venue rentalLighting $100.00 $0.00 Not needed for our eventOverhead Projector and Screen Ren $50.00 $50.00 Do not yet have a price quoteTable and Chair Rental $150.00 $0.00 Included in venue rentalTotal $1,225.00 $50.00Description Estimated Cost Actual Cost NotesFood $400.00 $450.00 *We do not yet have a quote from Cacciatore CateringBeverage $250.00 $200.00 *We do not yet have a quote from Cacciatore CateringPlates/Glasses/Untensils $0.00 $0.00 Included with catererTotal $650.00 $650.00Description Estimated Cost Actual Cost NotesInvitations $200.00 $0.00 Not needed for our eventEnvelopes and Stamps $40.00 $0.00 Not needed for our eventMedia Kit $50.00 $0.00 No cost to usAdvertising $150.00 $0.00 No cost to usPosters and Flyers $20.00 $20.00 Price for printing and paperSpecialty Linens Rental $75.00 $0.00 Not needed for our eventEvent Décor $100.00 $0.00 Included in venue rentalTotal $635.00 $20.00Description Estimated Cost Actual Cost NotesSecurity $240.00 $0.00 2 police officers for 3 hours at $40/hourName Tags and Markers $30.00 $30.00 Cost of itemsEmployee Payroll for Event $400.00 $0.00 5 employees for 4 hours at $20/hour (Estimate)Florida Cicerones $0.00 $0.00 Student organization required to be there by venueTotal $670.00 $30.00Food and BeverageEvent###################-469OtherCollateral Materials
  21. 21. Meet-and-Greet at the UF President’s House.The Title Town Gator Club cordially invites you to attend a holiday themed meet-and-greet at the University of FloridaPresident’s House. Come out and learn more about the new Title Town Gator Club and what the it has to offer. Enjoysnacks and drinks while the Gator men’s basketball team takes on American University.Parking is available at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center parking lot.Dec. 5, 2010 from 2 to 5 p.m.2151 W. University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32603Title Town Gator Club