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  1. 1. savannah college of art and design Spring/Summer 2008 Volume 1, Number 1 1
  2. 2. Contents savannah college of art and design Spring/Summer 2008 Volume 1, Number 1 features Editor Jennifer Long Spring/Summer 2008 Editorial Director Beth Concepción (M.A., 2000; M.F.A., 2002) Contributing Writers Monique Bos Beth Concepción (M.A., 2000; M.F.A., 2002) 5 Q&A with Bob Nardelli: Leading by Design Emily Green ABOUT THE COVER Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli talks about the importance of design in large Ally Hughes (B.F.A., 1999; M.F.A., 2000) Erin Wiser, Louisville, Ky., B.F.A. student in fibers, Seth Michalak corporations and his role as chair of the SCAD-Atlanta Board of Visitors. Untitled, woodcut, 2007. Wiser received accolades Virginia Rolling (M.F.A. candidate) recently at the International Contemporary Amanda Tower 8 Take Note: The M.F.A. is the New M.B.A. Furniture Fair. To read more about the project, turn to the Accolades section on page 30. Bestselling author Daniel Pink explains why the future is so bright Creative Director David Duran (B.F.A., 1998) for right-brain thinkers. Graphic Designer 19 Scholarly Pursuits Leslie Geer (B.F.A., 1992) SCAD students develop their skills through the help of scholarships. Photographers Freddie Bennett (B.F.A., 2002) Dennis Burnett (B.F.A., 2006) Ben Dashwood (B.F.A., 2002) Wayne C. Moore (B.F.A., 1991) Charlie Ribbens Dane Sponberg (B.F.A., 2006) Photography Coordinator John McKinnon (B.F.A., 1995) Photo Archivist Jennylyn Pawelski Dean of Communications Bruce Chong Senior Vice President for Admission and Communications Pamela Rhame How to reach SCAD | WORKS Story ideas or address changes may be sent in any of the following ways: call 912.525.5225; e-mail; mail SCAD | WORKS, Savannah College of Art and Design, P.O. Box 3146, Savannah, GA 31402-3146 USA; fax 912.525.5226. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length, style or clarity. >8 SCAD | WORKS is published by the Savannah College of Art and Design, P.O. Box 3146, Savannah, GA 31402-3146 USA. Contents ©2008 Savannah College of Art and Design, all rights reserved. LG18221 About the college Named one of Kaplan’s “25 cutting-edge schools with an eye toward the future,” the Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with locations in Atlanta and Savannah, Ga., and in Lacoste, France. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs also are offered online through SCAD-eLearning. The college offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Architecture, Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Urban Design degrees. For more information about the college, visit, e-mail, call 800.869.7223 or 912.525.5100 in Savannah, or call a ce nt er fo r liter at ur e 877.722.3285 or 404.253.2700 in Atlanta. and a rts to o pen 2 0 0 8 >5 For more information, call 404.253.3100 or visit > 19
  3. 3. Contents LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT departments Spring/Summer 2008 profiles > 11 Fierce Competitor SCAD alumna and fashion designer Carmen Webber becomes Project Runway star. Dear Friends 13 Next Stop, The Big Apple Audrey Davis wins the Film Society of Lincoln Center trailer competition. Adam Kuehl 15 She’s Got Game SCAD works. That short, simple sentence says it all. But what does it mean? For one, it’s the Presidential fellowship allows professor Brenda Brathwaite name of this new publication. The name represents what you’ll find in every issue: work created to help parents make informed decisions on video game by SCAD students, professors, alumni. You’ll also find their stories: stories about what drives purchases for their children. them to create that work, stories about process and vision, and stories about what happens when their imaginations become real. And you’ll find stories about donors, corporate partners 17 A Taste of South America > 11 and supporters of SCAD. We have a high purpose, and it takes the work of many to achieve it. Graduate student Virginia Rolling recounts her experience on That name—— SCAD|Works—— says something, not just about the people of SCAD, but about the the SCAD off-campus program to Argentina and Peru. college itself. This institution has an audacious mission, but when it all began in 1978, it was in the works µ an untested, untried concept. That pioneering concept consisted of four purposes, brought > 17 together in a creative way: to provide students with beautiful and functional places for living 22 Blueprint for the Future and learning; to ground them in the classical fine art traditions; to equip them with unrivaled SCAD students gain valuable career experience through JCB partnership. technology; and to prepare those talented students for the professional world. Thirty years later, this mission is being lived out every day by faculty and staff who are tirelessly committed 24 Visiting Artists to their work. Frank Gehry, Carrie Mae Weems and Steve Locke are three recent visiting artists > 15 who have met with SCAD students. Starting this fall, SCAD will begin celebrating its 30th anniversary. I hope you’ll continue to make history with us. Because there’s no doubt about it: SCAD works. news + events 26 A Blue Ribbon Day Paula S. Wallace > 26 SCAD dedicates the Ronald C. Waranch Equestrian Center. President 26 Touched by Tinseltown SCAD’s 2007 Savannah Film Festival marked a decade of celebrating cinema. 27 Spring Sports SCAD spring athletics programs compete for conference, regional and national championships. 28 In the Green 2008 Scholarship Gala benefits SCAD students and the environment. 30 The Sound of Music New SCAD sound design studio features industry-standard capabilities. 30 Accolades
  4. 4. l e a d i n g by d esi g n Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli talks about the importance of design in large corporations and his role as chair of the SCAD-Atlanta Board of Visitors. with Bob Nardelli by Jennifer Long Bob Nardelli knows business. He has served as CEO of Fortune 500 companies such as Chrysler LLC and The Home Depot, and this year BusinessWeek named Nardelli one of the top 25 “People to Watch in 2008,” listed with other notables like Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Nardelli became chairman and CEO of Chrysler in 2007, and previously served Rachel Holland as chairman, president and CEO of The Home Depot from 2000-07. In the 1990s, Nardelli held a number of leadership positions at GE, including president 4 5
  5. 5. and CEO of GE Power Systems and senior I’m a real believer in sweat equity; this degree program is innovative and provides for freedom, authenticity and the capability to vice president of General Electric. He also led was an institution that could use the business architecture students with a rigorous go anywhere, and it is critical that these values Case Corp. Construction Equipment’s global acumen and strategic direction that someone background in advanced theory and design. are reflected in the vehicle styling. business. with experience could provide. I’m committed Chrysler design is rich with innovation— Nardelli also knows the importance of to SCAD’s core objectives and providing from the world’s first minivan in 1984 to the S|W: Do you agree with the statement that advancing art and design education. As chair the college with the logistical, strategic most awarded car in automotive history: the M.F.A. is the new M.B.A.? of the SCAD-Atlanta Board of Visitors, he and executive direction they need to keep the sophisticated and stylish Chrysler 300c. N: The new economy has brought an serves in an important role, leading this moving forward. Chrysler has developed a rich history of design increased need for creative talent. The M.F.A. board of community leaders in advocating innovation, and we plan to continue building is an excellent path for professionals who for and supporting SCAD, its students and on this heritage in the years to come. S|W: As chair of the SCAD-Atlanta Board work in creative fields and who can apply its mission. He’s also a proud SCAD parent; of Visitors, in what way are you leading the their training and skills to business. Successful his son, Tim, is enrolled in the college’s board to promote and support the college? S|W: A new group of SCAD students will organizations value diversity of thought, and sequential art program. be graduating this year. What kind of advice N: It is truly an honor to be part of this that’s why so many winning teams recognize The SCAD|Works staff recently sat down do you have for them as they embark on board and a blessing to have such a highly the value of both the M.B.A. and M.F.A. with Nardelli to find out why he enjoys their careers? energized and professional group of fellow working with the college and what kind of members. The Atlanta Board of Visitors N: They should understand that they’re in S|W: How do you see the role of art and design—— future he sees for art and design students. serves the college as an advocacy and support a unique—and valuable—position in the and the role of graduates who hold art/ organization, with a special focus on the current marketplace. Businesses are actively design degrees —— in large corporations like SCAD|Works: How did you first learn about growth and development of SCAD in Atlanta. seeking creative talent to enhance their GE, Home Depot and Chrysler? SCAD? Our focus is on relevant, actionable strategies creative and intellectual capital, which is N: There are many important roles for Nardelli: When my son Tim was a senior, to foster and sustain this objective. essential to stay competitive in the global creative talent in any company. At Chrysler, he was busy looking for a college, like any All of us on the board share a duty to market. These students are equipped with for example, design is one of the most other student. After visiting several schools, act as ambassadors and representatives of a great skill set from a top-notch institution important factors in creating a vehicle that we were fortunate to find this diamond in SCAD, providing a connection and positive that can be applied to a variety of arenas and customers will aspire to own. Creative talent Savannah called SCAD. I was impressed interface with the community. Our goal is to industries. also is needed in a wide array of other roles, with President Wallace, the faculty, staff and help advance SCAD to become a more visible At the same time, they should keep in from designing advertising and marketing Congratulations to the SCAD equestrian students—especially those who served as and valued part of the Atlanta cultural and mind that the marketplace changes fast. Their materials to laying out Web sites and team on capturing the 2008 ANRC National ambassadors and tour guides. In fact, one of business community. We are actively pursuing ability to continuously learn, adapt and be developing corporate and brand symbols. In Collegiate Championship. Beginning Fall Tim’s closest friends and roommates is one closer relationships with local businesses, open to new ideas will be important and will other companies, there are equally diverse 2008, an equestrian studies minor will be of the students who gave us a tour on our creative agencies, cultural institutions and enhance their value as they move ahead in and rewarding opportunities for creative and offered at SCAD. first day. our network of alumni to develop a cohesive, their careers. design talent. collaborative approach to SCAD’s growth. S|W: What inspired you to take a leadership S|W: Chrysler is regarded as being at the role at the college? S|W: What do you see as the strongest forefront of American car design. From your qualities of SCAD? What distinguishes it N: SCAD serves an integral role in developing perspective as CEO, how important is good from other art colleges? the creative talent pool that will keep design in the success of an automobile? N: With Atlanta’s industry, commerce, size Atlanta-area businesses competitive in the N: Design is a key differentiator in the and projected growth, the opportunities for new economy. As a former Atlanta resident, automobile business—inside and out. A great SCAD-Atlanta are endless. New relationships I remain personally interested in seeing the exterior design helps bring customers into a already have been forged with advertising region prosper and diversify its talent pool, showroom, while a vehicle’s interior design agencies, nonprofit organizations and various which is precisely what SCAD excels at. must meet customer desires for comfort, style companies to offer internship and career Companies are increasingly drawn and functionality. possibilities for current and future students to prospective employees with creative For Chrysler, design provides both a strong and alumni. SCAD is a distinctive university. backgrounds who understand design and tie to our heritage and the key to creating a The international faculty and student body can apply this knowledge to their operations. competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The come from all 50 states and more than 80 SCAD has a proven history of developing power, performance and excitement Dodge countries. Accredited degree programs also creative, talented professionals in a variety of is known for began with the Hemi-powered are offered through SCAD-eLearning, which areas. The more involved I became, the more muscle cars of the 1960s, but you can see it allows distance learning for those interested positive feedback I received from the business just as alive today in our new 2008 Dodge in creative professions. The unique, five- community regarding the SCAD graduates Challenger. year professional Master of Architecture they had hired. The Jeep brand is known around the world 6 7
  6. 6. book, Free Agent Nation, that Pink started I’ll walk into a place like this [the National In his bestselling books, Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink states following the outsourcing aspect of A Whole Building Museum] now and see light and that creativity and aesthetics are becoming New Mind. He also noticed that a number of shadow. Five years ago I never would have increasingly valued and in-demand commodities his contacts had a more artistic approach to seen that. I look for negative space now. Five in the business world. their lives. years ago, I didn’t know what negative space “In writing about business, some of the was. Never heard of it. I now have a great smartest, most interesting people I met had sense of awareness. It is like another switch a background in fine arts,” he said. “And was turned on.” Daniel Pink walks into the these are people not in the so-called creative P i n k ’s n e x t p r o j e c t b l e n d s b o t h National Building Museum in industry. These are people like management hemispheres of the brain, offering practical consultants.” So Pink’s premise is that there advice in a nontraditional format. His new Washington, D.C., dressed in will be an increasing market for those who book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: traffic in aesthetics as opposed to knowledge. The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need, is a a suit and tie. “I’m dressed As he puts it, “The M.F.A. is the new M.B.A.” 160-page graphic novel. It is the first business This, of course, is second nature for book in manga for a Western audience. The like a grown-up,” he said. anyone connected with the Savannah College book, which came out in April, is a result of a “I don’t usually dress like of Art and Design. After all, the college’s family trip to Japan where he noticed a huge mission is “to prepare talented students nonfiction aspect of the manga genre, geared a grown-up.” He says a for professional careers,” and what Pink is toward adults. saying is that there is going to be more of After all, style and creativity are the casual style is more suited those art and design careers in the future. currency. His advice to students? He suggests “What is going on is profoundly important, they can be secure in the fact that pursuing art to his writing career than deeply interesting and validates the mission is “not going to be a lifetime pass to a canvas- of a place like SCAD,” he said. strewn garret somewhere eating ramen,” he the suit he sports on this Pink cites overwhelming evidence in said. “Do this sort of thing because you day, but he dressed for an support of his thesis. “If you look at what is enjoy doing it and because it is part of who happening in the economy, if you look at the you are.” A creative career will follow. important meeting. disappearance of left-brain work overseas, if you look at the capacity of computers and Editor's note: Pink will be the keynote speaker Pink has a full schedule nowadays, thanks to software to do certain kinds of left-brain at SCAD’s Art, Design, and the Cultural Ben Dashwood his bestselling book, A Whole New Mind: Why tasks, if you look at the growing demand Moment: A Symposium for Art and Design Right-brainers Will Rule the Future. Once the for design and emotion and aesthetics Graduate School Deans in Savannah March chief speechwriter for former Vice President Al and meaning, analytically, it is not even a 5–7, 2009. For more information, visit www. Gore, Pink is now somewhat of a prophet for close call. The scales are tilting,” he said. creative types because of that book. The book “A lot of the things that people learn at points to three reasons why we are moving an art and design college equip them with the into a world of right-brain-directed thinking: source of abilities that are hard to outsource, Take note: In his new book, The Adventures of Johnny abundance, Asia and automation. hard to automate, and are increasingly in Bunko, Daniel Pink offers career advice in the “Today, the defining feature of social, demand,” said Pink. “If you couple that form of a graphic novel. “ What is going on is profoundly important, economic and cultural life in much of the with the fact that people go to an art college world is abundance,” he wrote. Because of because they are interested in something, deeply interesting and validates the The this left-brain-generated material abundance, because they love something—painting mission of a place like SCAD. ” — Daniel Pink we now place a higher premium on right-brain or sculpting or photographing is a part of concepts such as “beauty, spirituality, emotion.” who they are—you are talking about some As for Asia, that is where many American ferociously motivated people.” “knowledge worker” jobs are headed, thanks Pink himself was motivated to exercise to outsourcing. Finally, machines have been his right brain while he was working on his proving all along that they can do the work is the new book, taking a drawing course for example. of many humans—and do it faster and more “Taking the drawing course was, for instance, efficiently at a lower cost. really interesting,” he said. “That course It was during his research for his first literally changed the way I see the world. by Beth E. Concepción 8 9
  7. 7. PROFILES Fierce Competitor by Amanda Tower Week after week on the reality show Project Runway, which pits fashion designers against each other in a series of crazy challenges, supermodel and host Heidi Klum declares, “In the world of fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” On the show, nothing could be more true. As designers struggle to deal with finicky Co urt models, unusual materials, long hours, budget esy NB constraints and the judges’ unrelenting stares, CU they know that one of them will be eliminated niv ers at the end of each episode for having the least al appealing design. In turn, the designers gain important publicity and attention for their work as the show’s millions of fans turn them into household names. Competition on the show’s fourth season is fierce, and the majority of the contestants are industry veterans with unique talents in fashion design. From thousands of hopefuls who auditioned for the Bravo show, only 16 designers were chosen based on portfolios, interviews and garment samples from their collections. SCAD alumna Carmen Webber gave other fashion designers a run for their money on this season of Savannah College of Art and Design the hit reality show Project Runway. alumna Carmen Webber (B.F.A., illustration, 1994) was one of those 16 chosen. A native of Charlotte, N.C., Webber began her education at SCAD as an architecture her own ready-to-wear collection at La Couple lines, perfecting her own version of urban major, but changed to illustration and also Jazz Club in 1996. street fashion cum Parisian style, which she took many fashion classes before graduating In 2000, Webber moved to New York calls “street couture.” cum laude. The 37-year-old is no stranger City, and the following year launched the After graduating from SCAD, Webber to the business of fashion. She is president Sistahs of Harlem line with Carmia Marshall, interned in Paris for Christophe Lemaire, now and chief designer of her own line, Sistahs of a film and television wardrobe stylist. Sistahs head designer for Lacoste. While in Paris she Harlem, which she co-founded in 2001, and of Harlem has developed a large following also worked as a sales associate at one of also has worked for numerous well-known among celebrity clients, including Alicia Paco Rabanne’s first boutiques and debuted 10 11
  8. 8. profiles > < profiles “Project Runway has raised the awareness of the general public about fashion and its creative process.” — Doris Treptow Next Stop, The Big Apple Keys, Eve and Erykah Badu, and has become Barber. Many of the designers had never encouraged the participation of the audience an international brand. The ready-to- created men’s clothing before and, as a result, on discussing fashion issues.” wear garments are inspired by a variety of the runway was filled with poorly constructed, Webber may not have advanced to the by Emily Green finals on Project Runway, but she is equally influences, including music, powerful women, unfinished garments. The absence of a shirt art, politics and world cultures, and the on Webber’s model was the deciding factor in busy with multiple projects aside from the seasonal collections have themes such as her elimination. Sistahs of Harlem line. A third fashion book on Undergraduate broadcast design and “Project Runway portrays the fashion repurposing sweatshirts, titled Fashion Sweat, “Rasta Street Funk Punk,” “Powerful Women motion graphics student Audrey Davis was in Action,” “Afro-Cuban,” and “Les Femme du industry under a very glamorous light that will be released in 2009. She also is writing a 10 years old the last time she entered an Monde—High Society Women.” does not really reflect the reality and hard graphic novel and fulfilling spring orders for art competition. Now, a decade later, she is Webber and Marshall also co-wrote the work,” said Doris Treptow, SCAD fashion boutiques in Japan and New York. the grand-prize winner of the HBO-sponsored book T-Shirt Makeovers: 20 Transformations professor. “But the show has raised the V i e w We b b e r ’s d e s i g n s a t w w w. Film Society of Lincoln Center’s student trailer Dennis Burnett for Fabulous Fashions, which demonstrates awareness of the general public about fashion or purchase the competition. how to deconstruct T-shirts and turn and its creative process, and the show’s Web garments at The Edge boutique at 65 Bleecker Davis’ Editing Theories and Techniques something old into a fresh, funky fashion site, with message boards and blogs, has St. in New York. professor, Dominique Elliot, assigned the statement. They showcased their clothing line competition as the final project during spring SCAD broadcast design and motion graphics student Audrey Davis was the winner of the HBO- and demonstrated T-shirt transformations quarter 2007. “It presented a design challenge Ben Dashwood sponsored Film Society of Lincoln Center student trailer competition. during the 2007 SCAD Style week at SCAD- because of the remarkably large amount Atlanta. The duo also has published another of information that had to be conveyed in a do-it-yourself book, Denim Mania: 25 Ways to short amount of time,” Elliot said. “I thought elements and noted required information that first concept was all about the subway trains Transform Your Jeans, which shows ways to that it would be an interesting competition had to appear in the trailer, such as signature and stations, and moving people, but it was reinvent jeans to create various tops, bottoms for students because the clients were quite events, annual series, live events, assets and way too much,” said Davis. “I simplified it to and accessories. specific about the format and tone that the the Web site address. “The Lincoln Center a subway map, using it as a visual device to Webber’s first design challenge on Project project should adopt.” and HBO provided the required pictures and reveal the information that the Lincoln Center Runway resulted in a 1930s-reminiscent outfit Davis and her classmates had to create logos,” Davis said. “The difficult part was the had specified.” of wide-legged black trousers and a gold 60-second video trailers showcasing the Film technical execution of it all and trying to stay To create her trailer, Davis also enlisted blouse with short, puffed sleeves. Episode 2 Society’s 40-year reputation of screening within the guidelines.” her technical training from previous courses had her paired with 21-year-old design school cutting-edge films. Entries that made it past The finished animation features three at SCAD with the conceptual skills gained in grad Christian to construct his design for the initial round of judging were placed in the colored subway lines moving to different the Theories class. Using the subway map Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line for Steve top 10 and further judged by representatives stops against a crisp white background and as the main component in her piece, Davis and Barry’s stores. The retro ’80s outfit did from the Film Society, HBO and other set to an upbeat instrumental track. Davis placed Film Society-related “stops” on various not receive high marks from the judges, but competition sponsors. submitted the completed trailer and promptly lines —— including the Walter Reade Theater, was well constructed and carried the two on Since Davis wasn’t extremely familiar with forgot about it when summer arrived —— until a the New York Film Festival and Film Comment to the next challenge. the Lincoln Center, nor had she ever been letter came in the mail naming her as a finalist. magazine—— where subway station names In the third episode, the designers were to New York, her creative process began “I squealed and screamed,” said Davis. “I got would typically appear. asked to create a professional, conservative with extensive research about life in the Big another letter a week later saying I was the Davis created storyboards in Illustrator, outfit for former New York Giants running Apple. The city’s elaborate subway system, a grand-prize winner!” which were subject to classroom critiques and back and Today Show correspondent Tiki popular method of transportation for New “Audrey was meticulous in her creative used as references for creating the animation. Yorkers, repeatedly stuck out to Davis. “My strategy and incorporated all of the client's The Lincoln Center supplied specific design During the 2007 SCAD Style week, designers Carmen Webber (center) and Carmia Marshall spoke with SCAD students, faculty, staff and others about the versatility of the ubiquitous T-shirt and their book, T-shirt Makeovers. 12 13
  9. 9. profiles > < profiles “Audrey’s concept was clear, organized and playful all at once.” Dane Sponberg — Dominique Elliot She’s Got Game recommendations in her trailer,” said Elliot. by Monique Bos “Her concept was clear, organized and playful all at once.” Brenda Brathwaite didn’t set out to become Davis and her parents flew to New York, an expert on sex in video games. But during courtesy of the Film Society and HBO; she met her tenure as lead designer on Playboy: The with staff at HBO Films, accepted her $5,000 Mansion, she realized the industry needed prize and attended the premiere of her trailer ways to discuss and assess adult content (professionally remastered by HBO Films) at the in games. So she stepped into the breach, New York Film Festival Oct. 6, which screened offering roundtables, launching an Internet before Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for discussion group, and ultimately, writing a Old Men. Her trailer will be played before all book on the topic. Film Society screenings through 2009. Now, a Presidential Fellowship for Faculty Originally from Atlanta, Ga., Davis came Development from the Savannah College of to SCAD to study film and graphic design, but Art and Design —— where Brathwaite has taught found broadcast design and motion graphics With the help of a SCAD Presidential Fellowship for Faculty Development, interactive design and interactive design and game development to be a better fit. “When I was introduced to game development professor Brenda Brathwaite created a presentation for parents addressing adult since 2006 and was promoted to chair of the the motion graphics major, I realized that it content in video games. department in 2008—— has enabled her to encompassed all I wanted to do,” said Davis. Games: What’s Appropriate?” at the annual Brathwaite opposes censorship, yet parlay her expertise into an exhibition and “I’m one of those people who watches the Game Developers Conference, providing a emphasizes the fact that not all content is PowerPoint presentation for parents. Super Bowl for the commercials and can't be forum for game developers on all sides of the appropriate for all audiences. “People have Brathwaite, the mother of three children late to movies because I'll miss the opening issue to discuss their views and experiences. a right to make what they want, provided u n d e r a g e 1 0, co m b i n es h e r i n d u st r y credits.” She discovered that industry professionals had they are responsible about it,” she said. If a knowledge with a recognition of the questions Davis has one more year at SCAD, but confronted a variety of challenges in regard to game has adult content, the designer “has a parents face as they decide which games are said the Film Society competition will be the adult content and were eager to discuss their responsibility to make sure that kids don’t get and aren’t appropriate for their children. “golden egg” on her résumé. experiences. “After that roundtable, I sort of their hands on it. But they do have a right to The PowerPoint, “What You Don’t Know To view Davis’ trailer, visit www.scad. became the go-to person,” she said. “I talked make it,” she explained. About Video Games,” provides parents edu/broadcast-design-and-motion-graphics/ about something that no one else had talked That focus on responsibility informs her with information about the Entertainment audrey-davis.cfm. about and I wanted to explore the topic in an PowerPoint, which aims to demystify game Software Ratings Board, which rates each academic way.” ratings and content, and equip parents with game similarly to how the Motion Picture Brathwaite subsequently founded and the knowledge to make informed decisions Association of America rates films, and what chaired the International Game Developers about what games they allow their children the various rating levels mean. Association’s Sex Special Interest Group (www. to play. Brathwaite’s research into sexuality She also wrote a book, Sex in Parents and game designers aren’t the in games stemmed from her work as lead Video Games (Charles Rivers Media, 2006), only ones Brathwaite has targeted with designer on Playboy: The Mansion from information about responsible choices. She and has continued to speak on the topic at 2002-04. She discovered that no one was has brought her expertise in sexual content, numerous conferences, including the annual talking much about sexuality in video games, as well as her sense of humor, to her work on GDC event, where she has been an invited yet it seemed like an important issue. So in a game being produced by the University of presenter in 2006, 2007 and 2008. 2005, she held a roundtable, “Sexuality in 14 15