Business Research Report RWT1 - WGU October 2013
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Business Research Report RWT1 - WGU October 2013



PowerPoint presentation taken from a 3-part submission to the Business Research and Writing class (RWT1) via Western Governors University (October 2013).

PowerPoint presentation taken from a 3-part submission to the Business Research and Writing class (RWT1) via Western Governors University (October 2013).



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Business Research Report RWT1 - WGU October 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Use of Social Media to Improve Company G Marketing Channels Business Research Report October 28, 2013 Presented by: Rachel L. Miller Partner and Head of Marketing
  • 2. Research Findings - LinkedIn • LinkedIn ranks alongside Facebook in terms of popularity with B2B marketers (Stelzner, 2013, p. 28) • LinkedIn is responsible for nearly two-thirds of all visits to corporate websites that originate from social media sites (Rayson, 2013) • LinkedIn’s potential is highly regarded by the finance departments of many businesses as they see LinkedIn as a valuable (and free) marketing tool (Elad, 2011)
  • 3. Recommendations - LinkedIn • It is recommended that Company G creates a LinkedIn corporate account and has a LinkedIn page made available to the public. • The page can be moderated by one individual and all information to be displayed on the page must be approved by the CEO before going live. • As familiarity and comfort of having a LinkedIn page increases, the CEO could consider allowing the page moderator to take absolute control of the page. • Visits to our LinkedIn page and to our company website can be counted and numbers can be reported and reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • 4. Justification - LinkedIn • Five years ago in 2008, membership in LinkedIn stood at 33 million – in 2013, it has exploded to 225 million members (LinkedIn, 2013). • When a company or an individual wants to find information on a company, they start with LinkedIn. • Word of mouth and generational contacts are marketing tactics that do not prove as strong by themselves as they would when combined with the marketing power of LinkedIn.
  • 5. Research Findings – Mobile Website Optimization • 56% of all adult Americans now own a smartphone (Rogowsky, 2013) • Two years ago, that figure was 35% (Rogowsky, 2013) • Mobile-based visits to corporate websites grew 24% from two years ago (Investis, 2013) • 63% of adult cell phone owners use their phones to go online (Eleventy Marketing Group, 2013) • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience (Eleventy Marketing Group, 2013)
  • 6. Recommendations – Mobile Website Optimization • It is recommended that the Company G website be immediately optimized for mobile devices. • A meeting should be arranged with the IT department to determine if we have the ability and resources to complete this upgrade in-house. • If the ability and resources are not available, an outside firm that can perform the upgrade should be engaged. • This engagement can occur on a contract basis until the upgrade has been successfully completed and in-house employees have received the necessary training.
  • 7. Justification - Mobile Website Optimization • The company website ran by Company G is in dire need of an upgrade, especially to become mobile optimized. • Our current and potential clients are all using smartphones of some type. • The Company G mobile website must be as easy to access and navigate as the desktop version. • Our company website is our voice in our clients’ offices, but our mobile website is our voice everywhere else.
  • 8. Research Findings – Corporate Blogging • Corporate blogs encourages interaction, comments and feedback from clients and customers (Watts, 2013) • 82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis reported positive ROI for overall inbound marketing efforts (Hubspot, 2013) • B2B marketers who use blogs are able to generate 67% more leads (Hood, 2013) • 81% of US consumers trust advice and information found on a blog (Hood, 2013)
  • 9. Recommendations – Corporate Blogging • It is recommended that Company G offer a corporate blog via the company website. • The blog should consist of entries made by Company G industry experts and made on a regular basis. • Two or three posts per month would be manageable and enough to keep the blog fresh and relevant. • A schedule can be put together with the input of department managers of who submits a blog post and submitted deadlines. • Blog posts would need approval by the CEO before going live.
  • 10. Justification - Corporate Blogging • The start of a corporate blog would allow Company G to extend its online reach and impact. • Corporate blogging can allow Company G to improve client lead and conversion numbers, thereby increasing company revenue. • Company G can prove itself as an industry leader by sharing valuable content via the corporate blog with current and potential clients. • 81% of US consumers trust advice and information found on a blog (Hood, 2013)
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