Alumni Library Forum 2013 Cass Business School - Alumni Services: a review, plans and partnership opportunities


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Cass presentation by Nikki Kolyvani and Suzanne Griffiths at the Alumni Library Forum at Cass Business School 11th December 2013.

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  • AWF 2013:
    A headline event in London including 2 panel discussions, careers and master class sessions with academics
    28 satellite events abroad
    850 guests attended the forum in general including alumni, students and externals
  • These are industry, or topic specific groups led by alumni that also welcome students and externals.
    Two current proactive groups: CEN & TANC
  • Thank you Nikki.
    I am now going to talk about library services for Cass and City Alumni.
  • Current library services and access – I know many of you are interested in access, so I will be going into some details on how we enable walk in and online access
  • Alumni are given cards to access the buildings, which includes the library.
    Guest wifi access provided in library but alumni must have own devices.
  • Alumni must phone or drop by and book specific computers in our Financial Resources Zone for the alumni databases
    Alumni must show their alumni card to activate their reservation and be logged in to the computers by library staff.
    Although we have walk in access to Bloomberg and Eikon (Thomson Reuters), we have to police the alumni usage as much as we can. Alumni can use them for personal use and we encourage alumni to obtain the product certifications so they can add them to their resume. However, they cannot use them for any commercial use. If we are unsure about the use, I contact the supplier.
    With JSTOR, we had to provice the ip address of the computer where access is provided. Staff logon to the computer and then alumni click on the Jstor icon.
    We are currently setting up walk in access for Marketline and exploring on line access.
  • Login to service – the databases are available behind the login
    Terms and conditions
  • Both products pulled off the market in the last 6 months
    Many of the alumni products are business orientated, city alumni would like us to identify other databases appropriate for their alumni. Jacqui is working with subject librarians to identify the most sought after databases and then Tamsin will explore with the suppliers which databases are available.
  • We had our first meeting last month, where we shared information and came up with a list of action items of things to explore before our next meeting.
    We need to ensure the databases information is complete and we need to look at adding some information to our library website to highlight to current students what is available after they leave.
    I have recently met with corporate development and I will pass on a wish list for alumni databases!
  • Continued access to Cass Careers Online (CCO) our online career management system from Simplicity
  • There are many ways you can get help with your studies.
  • Alumni Library Forum 2013 Cass Business School - Alumni Services: a review, plans and partnership opportunities

    1. 1. Alumni Services: a review, plans and partnership opportunities Nikki Kolyvani Suzanne Griffiths Acting Head of Alumni Relations Electronic Resources Manager 11 December 2013
    2. 2. Cass Alumni Relations
    3. 3. The Alumni Community at Cass: a business network Cass has a network of over 39,000 alumni worldwide We aim to: • Foster a lifelong relationship between Sir John Cass Business School and its alumni for their mutual benefit • Encourage alumni to get involved in opportunities to assist current students and support the School.
    4. 4. This presentation will cover • International Alumni Network • Events and Reunions • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) • Continued Learning • Alumni Online Community • Additional Benefits • ARs Challenges & How you can help • Staying in Touch
    5. 5. International Alumni Network • Alumni in over 150 countries • Volunteers in close to 60 countries • Global reach • Main Alumni groups: Dubai, India, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA.
    6. 6. Events and Reunions • Engage with Cass alumni • Networking opportunities • Promote services from various stakeholders around the School • Offer continued learning and educational opportunities • Showcase the Cass brand.
    7. 7. Events and Reunions • • • • • • • • • • Class reunions Master classes Networking events Panel discussions Industry or topic specific guest speaker events Social events Graduation ceremonies Dinner events with the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporate events Student/alumni events
    8. 8. Events and Reunions • Our events calendar is international, encompassing all five continents • 2012/13: 136 international events, including the AWF 2013 • Third European gathering hosted by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou • Hosted and also helped facilitate events in – Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Dubai, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Italy • Additionally we host a variety of events in the UK and London including course-related reunions.
    9. 9. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) • Cass Entrepreneurs Network (CEN) – for those interested in launching and developing their business idea • The Actuarial Network at Cass (TANC) – for those interested in continuing professional and personal development in the actuarial professions
    10. 10. Continued Learning • Free electives for MBA and MSc alumni (terms and conditions apply) • Invitations to guest speaker events, lectures and panel discussions • A discount for the MBA programme for Cass and City alumni (terms and conditions apply). • Library services (covered by Suzanne)
    11. 11. Alumni Online Community • Available for all students and alumni to sign up to • Alumni manage the online profile and update their personal details • Alumni are kept up-to-date with events that are relevant to them • Alumni directory: search the directory to either look up old friends or network for business contacts by name, course, city, company or position.
    12. 12. Alumni Online Community Ask Alumni • An online mentoring tool with over 1,200 alumni volunteers • Cass alumni and students can search for and contact alumni by sector, company, location, course and year. Important information about student email accounts • From 2013: student email account is for life • For previous graduates: a lifelong ‘cassalumni’ email forwarding address can be set up on the alumni online community.
    13. 13. Additional Benefits – Discounts We offer a wide range of discounts through the Online Community which can be accessed once logged in. Examples include: • • • • The Economist, Newsweek The Wall Street Journal Europe Victoria & Albert Museum Real Deals, the European private equity and venture capital magazine • • Gourmet Society and many more.
    14. 14. Additional Benefits Alumni card •For continued access to Bunhill Row •Free of charge •This is used as continued identification after the student card expires. Wi-Fi •Available to all alumni Alumni Room •Access to a dedicated alumni workspace
    15. 15. Staying In Touch – Communications Currently students & alumni receive the following communications: •The Alumni News bi-monthly e-bulletin featuring the latest news from the University •The Events Newsletter – Our bi-monthly e-shot featuring international, national and alumni related upcoming events •Event invites are based upon address location – that’s why it’s important that alumni keep us updated with their contact details once they graduate.
    16. 16. Staying In Touch – Social Media Our digital channels to interact with students, staff and alumni: • We engage with alumni on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • Our LinkedIn group now has over 7,000 members. Alumni can use the group to network, promote events and prompt discussions with other members.
    17. 17. ARs Challenges & How you can help • What alumni want from us? • How do we identify their needs? Challenges & Solutions Global reach Budgets Foster lifelong relationships Remote access to resources Negotiating prices with suppliers Library staff become ARs Ambassadors
    18. 18. Contact Alumni Relations Email us Visit our website
    19. 19. Cass Alumni Library Services
    20. 20. This presentation will cover • Library services for alumni • Current library services and access • Liaison and partnership opportunities • Portfolio development • Careers services for alumni
    21. 21. Current Library Services for Alumni Library Membership Books • Free use of reference items • £30 per annum, to borrow up to 5 items • No e-books Alumni Membership (Free) •Library Space •Selected Databases
    22. 22. Walk in Access – free to Alumni • Bloomberg • Eikon • JSTOR • Marketline
    23. 23. Online Access to Library Databases • Every alumni who registers is provided with a username and password to access the alumni website • Login
    24. 24. Online Databases - no charge to Alumni Current offerings •Business Source Alumni Edition •Emerald Management Previously offered • Factiva • Perfect Filings Investigating • e-books • Market research • Company Information • Other non business alumni products
    25. 25. Liaison and Partnership Opportunities • Quarterly meetings with the alumni team to discuss activities, budgets and developments • Sharing and developing cross website content • Promoting library services for alumni through alumni newsletters, social media and events. Cross promoting the alumni service in the library. • Corporate Development and Careers – meetings to share ideas and initiatives
    26. 26. Portfolio Development Checklist for conversations with suppliers • What alumni products are available? • If none, ask if they can explore providing full content, modified content, walk in access or print • Explain potential benefits i.e. continued exposure, revenue stream Capture student and alumni comments Plans • Increase the resource portfolio and usage • Enhance alumni research skills
    27. 27. Careers Services for Alumni (Mary Goodge) • Continued access to Cass Careers Online (CCO) • Access to 1:1 appointments for 3 years after graduation • Access to our own in-house produced resources and two subscription resources who currently allow us alumni access (Going global and Workmaze) • Access to the online jobs board on CCO • Register as employers and post jobs to current students and other alumni registered on CCO
    28. 28. Questions?