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  • This project is all about these words, risk, reaction, revolution, reflex, response and rebellion and how they are presented in art, I did workshops for each word and i came to understand what each word meant and how they were used in art. Has I went along into the project the workshops and these words helped me to realise what topic i wanted to pick and gave me a few ideas for my final piece. I researched all the artist’s who have incorporated these words into their works, artists who included these elements in their works, Erwin Wurn, Fishchli and Weiss, Andy Goldsworthy, Alexander Calder, Mark Pearson, Fluxux artists, John Cage, Yoko Ono, George Brecht, George Maciunas, Ben Vautier and Robert Watts. After i had done all these i was ready to choose my topic, i wanted to choose a topic that would sent a powerful message to the whole world. I have been researching about the different types of war and artists who have painted about the war, I have also been researching some of the photographs which have been taken by a soldier himself, which was called life has a shooter the photographs were shocking and disturbing. The reason i choose to do war is that because war isn’t really a personal subject matter to me, its just a big subject matter that is all around us, war is everywhere and some people don’t even realise it or even think of it, until the news comes on and reality hits them.
  • I have been researching about the different types of war and artists who have painted about the war, I have also been researching some of the terrorist attacks that have happened over the years for example the twin towers attack on the 11th September, 19 terrorists hijacked four planes where nearly 3,000 people were killed, i have wrote many idea’s in my journal to do with terrorism and bombing and weaponry that they use.
  • Michael Fay a comat artist, this works are illustrated and creative, they really capture the subject of war, John Keane a official war artist, his subject is mainly Military, political or society. His works are free and you can see the brushstrokes in his paintings where Michael Fay’s work is illustrated and more like cartoon drawings. They both explore the subject war, Fay’s works are more to do with the battle of war, in combat, where Keane’s works are more of the typical stand still art, more posed than anything, although the other piece where a bomb is going off is more interesting and creating happening, like if the scene is happening in front of his eyes, the piece is colourful and vibrant. Ideas I got when I looked at these artist works, when looking at the explosion piece by John Keane i had the idea of doing my own version of it, getting people to pose for me has if they were falling backwards, if there was a bomb going off, I would use vibrant colour red for blood or maybe I could do a black and white painting of a explosion. With the Michael Fay’s works I didn’t really come up with an idea I just did my own version of one of his paintings, I experimented with pen, gold pencil and oil paint on canvas.
  • This is another idea that I came up with, soldiers parachuting out of the aircraft, with the grass blowing in the opposite direction because of the wind is blowing on way and the aircraft is producing force which blows the grass the other way.
  • There are some of the students that I have asked to model for me, I got them to pose for me has if they were holding guns, which helped me develop more idea’s for my final piece and for my works. I got the ideas of putting these images onto Photoshop and turning the figures within the image into silhouettes and then getting a photograph of a shotgun and also turning them into silhouettes and then attaching both together so that they all would look like slodiers or terrorists holding guns.
  • These are photographs of the progress of one my ideas I had, a burned small child in the foreground, a soldier pointing a silhouette gun behind the child I also did a drawing of a army van at the side of the girl, reason for this is because I wanted to experiment with different mediums, I started off using oil paint I found it really hard to capture the detail within all images that I wanted to paint, I felt this was because the oil paint dried to quick found it hard to blend in the different tones of paint. I felt that the subject of a burned girl would bring people to realise what goes on in the war children get harmed during the battle or during the terrorism attack, it sends out a powerful message.
  • Here are some more photographs of the experimental piece and develop, I started using charcoal to capture the dark burned areas of the child’s face and i also added some silver crayon to add a different tone.
  • Photograph of the wall in my space, creating the ‘happening’ I mixed up a tone of red oil paint mixed with some turps, which was a risk because I let other people do my work, I included the fluxus theme into my work because I thought it was a good activity and it was also a fun event, Matthew ,Robin and me decided to do the wall of death, the idea was of the local MP who made a request of a charge of 45p to travel one mile to the cenotaph in Merthyr Tydfil during the remembrance Sunday service , which to me is saying that he is completely disrespecting the former soldiers who gave their lives for our country, so i will be gluing 45p to one of the printed hands on the wall to show that out local MP has blood on his hand.
  • These are my own photographs of a gun and used bullets.
  • War weaponry images turned into silhouettes and painted on the wall, and I called it war paper (wallpaper). Progress towards my final piece.
  • Painting of happy things in life on small A4 canvases, I used oil on canvas, I feel that painting is one of my strongest points, but I worked in different ways, ways that I wouldn’t normally work in, painting on the walls, with acrylic, I don’t really like acrylic paint it’s not as good as oil paint when it comes to painting in detail. I didn’t really put much detail into the happy objects, they are all more a symbolic than anything, they suppose to help me create that strong message, which is that war is a everyday thing and soon they will be printed it on wallpaper and it will be among the happy things in life.
  • Photographs of my finished piece, my final piece sends out a strong message, the message is that war is all around us and soon war will be on our walls, displayed among the happy objects and things in our daily life’. I used bright colours for my small A4 canvases, and I used solid black and grey for the war weaponry silhouettes. I feel that I have done well with the final piece but I do think I could improve and put a lot more detail on the happy things like the rabbit etc.
  • Presentation1 tumb lr!!!

    1. 1. Michael Fay War artist, well known for a USMC comatartits, he is an artists who is an artist-correspondent embedded with US troops in Afghanistan. The artist was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, he’s apart of the United States Marine Corps.John Keaneborn in Hertfordshire, England.He was commissioned as an official war artistin the Gulf War. His subjects are mainlyMilitary, political and society
    2. 2. IdeaMedium oil on wall
    3. 3. Photographs of the small canvases I did for my final piece
    4. 4. Final piece