Personal Painting Example Presentation


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Personal Painting Example Presentation

  1. 1. Personal Painting Rachel C. Hayes
  2. 2. I would like to further investigate my interest in women’s work, patterns and visual storytelling in a painting that utilizes a specific color scheme and direct painting approach. My painting will synthesize various patterns and colors as I create layers to tell a story about anxiety and lack of control.
  3. 3. Traditional women’s work of sewing & quilting I am interested in the communal activity of quilting, as well as the use and description of particular patterns and motifs.
  4. 4. Pattern Designs & Motifs
  5. 5. Quilts of Gee’s Bend Patterns gone awry… • Predictability to unpredictability • Order to chaos • Calm to anxiety
  6. 6. Jacob Hashimoto I am inspired by his bold use of pattern and color, as well as his use of non-traditional surfaces and formats.
  7. 7. Jacob Hashimoto
  8. 8. Beatriz Milhazes Article about Beatriz Milhazes found here referencing the Pattern & Decoration Movement, as well as her creative process.
  9. 9. Beatriz Milhazes Interview found here
  10. 10. Barry McGee
  11. 11. “McGee’s paintings and drawings incorporate elegantly draughted elements of figurative linework and repetitive tessellations of geometric, abstract patterns which synthesise found and invented source material. In both formal and informal contexts, bold combinations of colour, shape and knowledgably crafted graphic elements sit against and beside one another, alive with energy and empathy. His pictorial sense touches on the global reach of unsanctioned art that takes place within the fabric of urban architecture, but equally on Hispanic and Latin-American decorative arts, and functional graphics sourced from the post-consumer world. Hundreds of uniquely painted panels and objects can be fitted together, butted against one another in an immersive, site-responsive hang that results from McGee’s openly intuitive working method.” Excerpt from Press Release from here
  12. 12. Media-inspired research: Pinterest
  13. 13. Media-inspired research: Flickr
  14. 14. Artwork (unfinished)… yours would obviously be finished.
  15. 15. Final Artist’s Statement to fit on 1 or 2 slides that synthesizes your: - Original proposal - Research: Thumbnails & written brainstorming - Inspirational artists & why you are inspired by them - Scholarly articles & links to their online sources To describe your artistic voice and art piece
  16. 16. Requirements for Research PowerPoint: • Black Background • White text (Century Gothic) • No slide transitions or PowerPoint effects • Title Slide (1) • Project Proposal (2) • Thumbnail Sketches (3+) • Images of artists/art periods/images that inform your painting (Artist names & Titles as well) • Linked Readings pertaining to your inspired artists/periods. These can be interviews, articles, essays about the artists. They can also be about philosophy or other pertinent topics. • You may also excerpt readings, but they should be cited if they are not web-based. • Final image of your Completed Painting • Artist Statement (1-2 slides)