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Facebook Analysis By Rachel Carlin
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Facebook Analysis By Rachel Carlin


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. My 1st UserMy first user is myself. I am 19 yearsold and attend Magee College.I like to go out and weekend andspend alot of time with myboyfriend and friends.I mostly use facebook for seeingwhat friends and family are up to,playing games and updatingPhotos from weekends out andfamily parties.
  • 2. My 2nd UserMy second chosen userIs my little brother Jason.Jason is 13 years old andattends St Peter’s HighSchool, were his favouritesubject is maths. He is a bigMan Utd fan and also likes Little bro !to play football himself. Helikes to play his xbox andhis favourite things to watch are two and a half men,eminem and family guy.He mostly goes on facebook to noisey and chat withfriends.
  • 3. 41 Ideas. 10 Interaction 20 Motivation11 Interface/Visual
  • 4. Good IdeasInteraction Interface and visual •More colourful layout more options•Favourite game tab – add •Games screen could take over theyour games for faster accessInteraction whole screen instead of small sections•Reduce functions to the•Favourite game tab – add your •Facebook app on iphone could benecessarygames for faster access easier to use•Reduce functions to the •Skins for facebook pagesnecessary •Faster upload speedMotivation•Games tournaments play as a team•Easier upload•A facebook game with high level of graphics•Facebook own games making and submitting for more games•Plays games, have a section for new games to be advertised that wouldinterest her•Does facebook ‘optimise’ its feature set depending on your age? Maybe itshould•You should be able to select specific people to be at the top of yournewsfeed.•Easier online storage without having to share it•Personalized photo albums
  • 5. Filter I like it How many friends like it (out of 5) Is it mobile Would it make money Is it high techFavourite game tab – add your games forfaster access √ 2 x x xReduce functions to the necessary / 3 √ x xGames tournaments play as a team √ 2 √ x xEasier upload √ 5 √ x xA facebook game with high level ofgraphics / 1 x / xFacebook own games making andsubmitting for more games / 2 x √ /Plays games, have a section for newgames to be advertised that would / 3 x / xinterest herDoes facebook ‘optimise’ its feature set √ 3 / x xdepending on your age? Maybe it shouldYou should be able to select specificpeople to be at the top of your √ 5 √ x xnewsfeed.Easier online storage without having toshare it √ 3 √ √ /Personalized photo albums / 2 x x xMore colourful layout more options / 2 √ √ xGames screen could take over the whole / 3 √ x xscreen instead of small sectionsFacebook app on iphone could be easierto use √ 4 √ x xSkins for facebook pages / 3 / √ xFaster upload speed √ 5 √ x x
  • 6. The top three were:• Easier upload• You should be able to select specific people to be at the top of your newsfeed• Faster upload speedFacebook already has group which you can put specific people into groups and see there newsfeeds there, so the second point wouldn’t be much different to what facebook already has.However easier and faster upload would save people alot of time. So this is the one I am going to choose. Easier and faster upload speed.