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Learning At School 2008 Educational Games
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Learning At School 2008 Educational Games


Published on

They're FREE and on the Internet: …

They're FREE and on the Internet:
Harnessing the power of educational games using Web2.0 social bookmarking

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. learning@school Shaping teaching and learning in the 21st century Ko te whenu hou te tau [email_address] Rotorua, New Zealand, February 2008
    • 2. They’re FREE and on the Internet!
      • Harnessing the power of
      • educational games
      • using web 2.0 social bookmarking
      • Rachel Boyd,
      • Learning@School 2008
      • [email_address]
    • 3. Why take advantage of educational games in your classroom?
    • 4.
      • excitin g
      find games…
    • 5. find games…
      • engaging
    • 6.
      • enjoyable
      find games…
    • 7.
      • fun!
      find games…
    • 8.
      • Games cater for a wide range of learning styles…
      • visual ,
      • auditory
      • and kinesthetic
    • 9. Educational games allow students to enhance, reinforce and extend concepts taught as part of the learning programme.
    • 10.
      • Games create a positive association with learning and “allow for the repetition and deeper processing that strengthens neural pathways.”
      • (Millis, 2003)
    • 11. What if you could harness all that in your classroom on a daily basis ?
    • 12. What if it was free and easy to implement?
    • 13. Even if you only have one computer in your classroom!
    • 14. Enter…
      • Social
      • Bookmarking!
    • 15.
      • Using a social bookmarking tool called
      • you can easily and simply ‘bookmark’ sites and free educational games on the Internet for your class to view and play.
    • 16.
      • Your bookmarked games and activities will be available for students to use:
      • at school
      • at home
      • from any Internet capable computer !
    • 17.
      • With the click of a button you can
      • add ,
      • modify
      • or delete
      • sites you have bookmarked and have your site automatically updated .
    • 18.
      • You can also
      • tag
      • your games with keywords
      • that will enable students to access and easily locate and play the games.
      • You choose the tags so you can even tag games with individual student names or names of reading or maths groups.
    • 19. Social Bookmarking in Plain English (and without using ANY technology!)
    • 20. A peek into my class’ world
      • Used for:
      • reinforcement games @ reading/literacy time - individual, pair and group
      • knowledge building games @ maths/numeracy time - pair and group
      • concept building games for inquiry topics
      • special needs students
      • wet day/just for fun games
      • reward & incentive
      Linked to our class blog
    • 21. Simply!
      • Time now to find and play some cool games to add to the mix
      • … and
      • to create your own account for your students or class!
    • 22. Conclusion
      • How will you implement and use this in the classroom?
      • What changes/adaptions will you need to make to your teaching to ensure this will be successful?
      Now that you have made a start with your class’ educational games portal….
    • 23. Thanks!
      • Rachel Boyd,
      • Nelson Central School
      • [email_address]
      Feel free to contact me if I an be of any assistance. I’d love to see how you’re getting on!