Blogging 101: Class Blogs

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Presentation 1 of 2 on Blogging (from the basics) with students.

Presentation 1 of 2 on Blogging (from the basics) with students.

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  • 1. As easy as falling off a BLOG! Rachel Boyd Nelson Central School Auckland Pt Workshops June 2008
  • 2. quot;Innovative teachers are encouraging students to maintain class and personal school blogs. Enthusiasm grows as students take ownership of the content. They write, edit, review, and publish content. They also critique each other and present different viewpoints. Blogs maintained by individual students enable teachers to assess their students’ thinking patterns and depth of understanding. In the future, students may learn by assembling personal digital portfolios.quot; Jay Cross, CEO of eLearning Forum, 2002
  • 3. Blog???? So what is a blog and why are they so popular?
  • 4. Learn from 6 & 7 year olds...
  • 5. Features of Blogs Blogs are websites that are quick and easy to create.
  • 6. Features of Blogs... They are organised with dated entries (chronologically backwards so the newest post shows first)
  • 7. Features of Blogs... They are organised by posts about topics/activities etc
  • 8. Features of Blogs... Posts are usually shortish and frequently updated
  • 9. Features of Blogs... Blogs have an interactive feature in that allow people to “comment” on and respond or react to a post.
  • 10. Features of Blogs... Blogs let you publish instantly to the web. You do not need any specialist knowledge.
  • 11. Features of Blogs... Generally blogs are usually maintained by one person but others can be added as “contributors”
  • 12. Features of Blogs... A blog through or is totally free!
  • 13. Blogs in Education
  • 14. Why blogs are cool • Effectively a web-site that anyone can create • They are free to use :) • They’re web-based - no software to download and you can update your blog from any internet-capable computer • Cross platform - works on PC and Mac • They are ridiculously easy to use! • Pre-set templates given and options to get started • They aren’t solitary - bloggers usually form communities with people of similar interests.
  • 15. A classroom Blog... A blog can effectively be your own class website. You do not need great computer skills, blogs are easy to use… Millions of people all over the world use blogs to record and share events in their lives.
  • 16. A classroom Blog... A blog will allow parents/caregivers and relatives (even those overseas) to become part of their child’s education.
  • 17. Why have a class blog? BENEFITS I HAVE SEEN:  creates a learning community feel in a place that is away from the traditional classroom. This learning community is open 24/7  Displays and shares learning with parents/caregivers and wider community  Provides an authentic audience for student writing: an audience of peers, parents/caregivers and potentially world wide.  Allows others to provide feedback/feedforward and meaningful comments to students  Builds technology skills  Increase in computer usage at home by students, linking to other sites and resources
  • 18. Not convinced?
  • 19. Create your own.. • We will use to create our very own blog • You will need your Blogger notes to assist you.
  • 20. Thanks! Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance. I’d love to see how you’re getting on! Rachel Boyd, Nelson Central School (2008) (2007)