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Developing a cross channel fundraising campaign
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Developing a cross channel fundraising campaign


Presented at #nfpsm on 13 June

Presented at #nfpsm on 13 June

Published in Business , Technology
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  • Using social media to enable visitors to share itMake the experience much more engagingMake buying a gift easierTimely email comms and good user experience
  • Shormeh
  • 2009 campaignbanners were tested against new creatives and most successful rolled out over campaign period
  • Free media space, so ads were small and had to be very simple
  • Directed traffic to Facebook donation application – which mirrored the user experience of the site and used same data capture and fulfilment process
  • Seasonal/trending hashtags and our own campaign hashtag, which allowed us to aggregate tweets and feed them into the widget on the campaign microsite
  • Coverage includedTime Out London, Money Saving Expert, AOL, Londonist and Coutts Magazine, The Best of Ealing, Stockwell News and Iconic Gifts‘Centrepoint Week’ on SomeoneOnceToldMe.comPopular photo blog17,000 unique visitors per month Featured 7 photos linked to the Centrepoint Gifts site
  • You needto consider what’s really importantYou can measure pretty much anything visitors can do on your site, but if you decide to measure everything, you will have a huge amount of data to analyse – so you need to be sure you will analyse it, to make it worth setting up the tracking!
  • Referring sites e.g. Facebook or TwitterSearch engines e.g. influenced by how well people can find your site through search engines, so SEO is important, as is strong campaign branding and online mentions
  • We monitor and measure these to understand the relationship to conversion to donation – and improve them,where possible.The figures we get from our web analytics package (we used Google Analytics) must be analysed and understood to be useful. It’s not enough to collect and report them, you have to work out what they mean in relation to your campaign. E.g. High number of pages viewed per visitor might be good, if it means they are engaging well with your content, and that leads to conversions. Or it could mean that you have spread the information they need over too many pages.
  • Donors – 553 (+41 DD donors) Number of Virtual Gifts purchased – 830 (+41 DD donations) Virtual Gifts drove the highest volume of donations (and incremental DD sign-ups) of all Centrepoint’s Christmas donor acquisition campaigns but generated aweaker return on investment, as a result of lower average cash gift. It proved, never-the-less, to be an extremely effective donor acquisition offer.


  • 1. Developing a cross- channel campaign
    Third Sector Digital Communication & Social Media Convention, 13 June 2011
    Rachel Beer
    Founding Partner
    Direct Marketing Manager
  • 2. The background
    To illustrate how a small to medium-sized charity, with a limited budget, can deliver an integrated campaign to:
    Grow its supporter base
    Reach new audiences
    Develop a new income stream
    And still innovate!
  • 3. Centrepoint:Virtual Gifts
  • 4. Campaign planning
    What to include?
    What to consider?
    How much should it cost?
    What partners or resource do we need?
    Fulfilment and data
    Social media
  • 5. A good brief is a good start
  • 6. Centrepoint’s objectives
    Warm donors
    Create additional ask during the lead up to Christmas
    Generate income and keep donor base actively giving, increasing lifetime value
    Donor recruitment
    Recruit new cash donors with younger profile (35-55)
    Ultimately, convert buyers & recipients to Direct Debit
    Build on previous year’s pilot campaign
    Addressing known issues
    Improving results
  • 7. Targets
    Warm donors
    Sell 2,300 gifts to warm donors from 1,150 orders
    Raise £57,500
    Donor recruitment
    Generate 714 orders from new donors
    Raise £25,000
    1,864 orders
    Raise £82,500
  • 8. Known issues from previous year
    Not possible to evaluate return on specific cold media
    Usabilty or technical issues
    Estimated 7-8% of potential income through sales of virtual gifts lost
    Issues with efficiency of data capture and speed of fulfilment
    Cross-pollination from other appeals
    Difficult to separate response generated purely to virtual gifts
  • 9. Room Sponsor
    Home For Christmas
    Virtual Gifts
    Christmas campaigns
  • 10. However…
    The pilot in 2009 was very successful overall:
    Strong response from warm donors
    Who had already received a Christmas cash appeal
    Healthy return on investment from cold Compared favourably with other donor acquisition activity and sector benchmarks
  • 11. Budgeting
    Budgets never as big as charities would like
    • Year two of campaign, so investment still fairly low while establishing potential
    A campaign budget is an investment in generating more income
    Minimise spend, but not at the expense of achieving objectives
    No hard and fast rules
    It’s smart to use KPIs from other fundraising activity as benchmarks for setting budget
  • 12. Budgets
    Campaign creative for microsite, warm insert, emails, on and offline fulfilment materials and display advertisements
    Web development
    £25,000: Cold media
    £10,000: Social media and/or PR
    N.B. Exclinsert and fulfilmentprint, production & postage
  • 13. The product
  • 14. Where to start?
    We reviewed last year’s site and marketing materials
    And ordered gifts to experience this from the supporter’s point of view
    We purchased virtual gifts from other charities
  • 15. But we were underwhelmed,so…
  • 16. We decided to start afresh
  • 17. What’s wrong with virtual gifts?
    Too transactional for the buyer (AKA donor)
    Too much like e-commerce
    Buyer’s satisfaction not considered sufficiently
    Clunky donation processes
    Unfulfilling for the recipient
    Neither party sufficiently engaged with the charity and its work
    Making conversion into longer-term support less likely
  • 18. The solution?
  • 19. Put fundraising into virtual giftsMake the experience more engaging and fulfillingMake it as easy as possible to buy, donate and share
  • 20. The gifts (the asks)
    Simple, clear and tangible
    And transparent
    Range of price points and items
    Something affordable for everyone
    Illustrating the scope of Centrepoint’s work
  • 21. Create engagement
    Bring each gift ‘to life’
    Engaging copy
    Show the difference buying a gift (making a donation) makes to a young person
    Photographs of young people
    Quotes from young people
    Allow social sharing
  • 22. Affordable for most…
  • 23. Able to give a little more… ?
  • 24. Feeling generous… ?
  • 25. Did you spot the voucher… ?
  • 26.
  • 27. Campaign strategy
  • 28. Strategy
    Make the small(ish) budget work hard
    Create a microsite that will ‘sell itself’
    Maximise on site conversions
    Maximise repeat purchases
    Focus targeting on achieving maximum penetration of most receptive audiences
    Make the most of free and cheap media
    Focus on online for donor recruitment
  • 29. Audiences and media
  • 30. Audiences: warm
    Existing supporters
    Cash donors
    Regular givers
    Regular givers with cash
    Warm prospects
    Anyone on charity database with an email address – e.g. events fundraisers
  • 31. Audiences: cold
    Prospective supporters
    Previous year:
    The Guardian online
    Facebook advertising
  • 32. Back to our objectives
    To recruit new donors
    Younger profile (35-55)
    Likely to be sympathetic to Centrepoint’s mission, beyond the seasonal peak of interest
    Who will continue to support Centrepoint’s fundraising appeals in the longer term; aim to convert to Direct Debit
    We asked ourselves…
    Where does Centrepoint usually reach out to attract new supporters?
  • 33. Other considerations
    Couldn’t afford a wide variety of media
    We had to be creative!
    Focus on fewer and greater share of voice
    Where and when would people be in the right mindset to buy a virtual gift?
    Secure free/low cost media where possible
    Other fundraising propositions and creative messages running simultaneously
    Existing media agency relationship
    Buy all Centrepoint’s media for best value
  • 34. Media plan
    In relevant gift guide sections where available
    Shopping sites
    Large reaching publishers
    Charity Gifts
  • 35. Investment per channel
    Media spend
    **Press secured free of charge, as part of wider media buy
  • 39. Display advertising
  • 40. Display advertising: online
  • 41. Display advertising: offline
    The Guardian
    The Times
    The Evening Standard
    The Big Issue
  • 42. Other channels
    Insert to existing donors
    Email to warm contacts and responders
    Radio advertising
    Facebook: Custom tab and donation app
    Twitter: outreach and engagement
    Twibbon: with donation integration
  • 43. Radio
  • 44. Radio activity
    Centrepoint created a radio feature and were permitted air time to discuss ‘More than a gift’ on 13 different radio stations
    A young person and frontline worker were interviewed
    Coverage on stations including Sky News, BBC Kent and BBC Southern Counties
    Overall reach of 32,241,000
    On air for a total of 01:19:14
  • 45. Email
  • 46. To existing supporters
    Integrated seamlessly with site
    Easy social sharing
    to spread campaign through social graphs
    Creates engagement
    helping to create conversions
    shows who else has shared
  • 47. Facebook, Twitter & Twibbon
  • 48. Facebook advertising
  • 49. Facebook application
  • 50. Twitter: conversations
  • 51. Twitter: blogger outreach
  • 52. Twitter: sharing gift purchases
  • 53. Twitter: retweeting
  • 54. Twitter: hashtags
  • 55. Twitter: trending topics
  • 56. Twitter: positive feedback!
  • 57. Twibbon
    139 people added a Twibbon on Facebook and Twitter. We
    followed all those who added and thanked them.
  • 58. PR
  • 59. PR activity
  • 60. The site and fulfilment
  • 61.
  • 62.
  • 63.
  • 64.
  • 65.
  • 66.
  • 67.
  • 68. Measurement & KPIs
  • 69. Fundraising KPIs
    Number of donors/donations/responses
    Response rate
    for online, replace with CTR & conversion
    Average gift
    Net income
    Return on investment
  • 70. Online measurement
    Web traffic/visitors to your site:
    Traffic sources
    Page views/unique page views
    Time on site
    Goal completion/conversion
    Facebook: Likes, comments, active users
    Twitter: followers, re-tweets, mentions, reach
    And similar on YouTube, Flickr etc.
  • 71. Web analytics
  • 72. Web analytics
  • 73. Other important metrics
  • 74. Results
  • 75. Response
  • 76. Top 10 traffic sources
    Top referring sites
    Google Adwords
    Facebook app
    PR referral link
    Display advertising
    Facebook referral
    Display advertising
    Charity’s own site
    Google organic
    No.1: Facebook app
    No.5: Facebook referrals
    No.10: Twitter
  • 77. Visitors to site
    Significant uplift seen across:
    • Unique visitors
    • 78. 6.2% increase from 2009
    • 79. Page views
    • 80. 49% increase from 2009
    • 81. Bounce rate
    • 82. Reduced by 19.1% from 2009
    • 83. Average time on site
    • 84. 145% increase from 2009
    *As of Tuesday 3 January 2011
  • 85. Conversion rate
    Increased by 5.4%
    Almost 4 times better than 2009
  • 86. Income
  • 87. Income
    23% above target
    Approximately 58% above income generated in 2009
  • 88. Income and ROI
    • Online
    • 89. Affiliates: 45% of income
    • 90. Display ads: 33% of income
    • 91. Facebook ads: 22% of income
    • 92. Press Ads
    • 93. Press activity not tracked – would have resulted in direct traffic – so results are unclear
    • 94. PR, radio and social media outreach
    • 95. Difficult to evaluate– likely to result in direct traffic to website, which can’t be tracked to source
  • Facebook
    Rise in fans from 948 to 3,766
    • Opportunity to engage with Facebook fans in 2011 and ongoing – and to convert to donors
    ‘More than a gift’ promoted as last minute gift opportunity, directing visitors to the application
    Top Facebook tab views in Centrepoint page
    143 new donors
  • 96. Twitter
    Followers: 129
    Following: 56
    Tweets: 82
    Rank: 1,481,366
    Twitter Grader score: 81
    Following: 874
    Tweets: 420
    Rank: 538,425
    Twitter Grader score: 94
  • 97. Insights & learnings
  • 98. Insights and learnings
    Main income drivers: more traditional, digital channels
    These have been extensively tried and tested over several years
    Social media may increase engagement and contribute to increased dwell time and conversions on site
    Social media buzz likely to have contributed to the high number of direct referrals
    But important to note that it was part of a sophisticated mix
    Facebook donation app showed promise – but conversions were lower than other channels
    1stdonation app for a UK charity, so ahead of the curve?
  • 99. And this year?
    Centrepoint will definitely run More than a Gift again
    2011 will be the campaign’s third year
    About to start the planning process
    We’ll be rolling out most of the activity we tested in 2010
    And we benefit from using the assets we created again, which will improve ROI
    We’ll be investing more in the most successful channels
    We’ll be beginning PR activity earlier
    We’ll be improving tracking further
    We’ll be finessing the offer, based on in-depth analysis of response and results
  • 100. Thank you.Any questions?
    Twitter: @rachelbeer