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A Level Media Studies Evaluation: Combination of products
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A Level Media Studies Evaluation: Combination of products

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A Level Media Studies: A2 Media Advanced Production …

A Level Media Studies: A2 Media Advanced Production
'How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?'
An element of my evaluation for my A2 Media Studies coursework.
The full project, including evaluation, can be found at www.rachelashby14.blogspot.com

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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
  • 2. I used the Hatton Park logo on all three of my products. We designed the Hatton Park logo so itrepresented that of a stereotypical school and one that would be believable to match up with the schoolenvironment. Using the Hatton Park logo on the end titles of the trailer, a small logo on the magazinecover and having the logo the main focus of the poster meant that I was able to create a brand identityand used it as an element that would link all three pieces together for when the audience saw them.
  • 3. On the soap trailer and the soap poster I included the slogan ‘Meet the new year’ which is a strong elementto combine the two products as well as referring to the programme and introducing the cast of the newsoap. In these two products I also ensured that I used the same font and colour combinations for all text. Iused ‘impact’ font and bright red and blue- school like colours- to help further create a brand identity asthe slogan would be instantly recognisable to the audience if they saw it on more than one product.Keeping the same white background on the products helped to reinforce the fresh, bright and welcomingfeel of the products and therefore the soap itself. It was all about ensuring that they audience could link thepromotional items together and feel familiar with the soap before they had even watched it.
  • 4. Another way in which I created a strong brand identity for Hatton Park was through the charactersconsistently wearing the same costume in each photoshoot and filming session. This meant that eachcharacter would be the same in every product I produced, connoting their characters and personalitiesthe same in each product. It meant that they would be instantly recognisable to the audience and theaudience would feel they are already familiar with each character from their costume.
  • 5. I used the listings magazine cover and the poster to create interest in the same ways, because they are ableto grab the audience’s interest through images and text. Main image of EastEnders Teasers for: Main image for -Spooks Hatton Park -Churchill documentary 5 teasers for other -Coronation Street soaps -Emmerdale -The BillAfter my research I found that soap listings magazines reach a large range of audience, because they areread by people who are mostly interested in more than one soap. It was an older audience range who readlistings magazines. Therefore I also ensured by adding teasers I would make the magazine successful to theexisting audience, as they may not necessarily be interested in my soap. The teasers on the cover meantthat fans of those soaps would pick up the magazine and see the article about Hatton Park and find outmore about it. I wanted the listings magazine cover and the poster to prompt people to watch the trailerand pay attention to it if they see it on tv, having just seen it on a poster or in the magazine. By using theancillary products together it created a combined interest across a wide platform of media, this was veryeffective as it meant it would reach a wider range of audience than just the soap trailer.
  • 6. The trailer would be the main thing that would be seen by the specific target audience. It would bebroadcast in the advertisement breaks during television programmes that the target audience areinterested in. From my research I found that the target audience are interested in shows that are showninstitutions such as BBC3 and E4. Programmes include The Inbetweeners, Waterloo Road and Misfits. Thiswould be the best time to capture the audience interest as they would be watching the television at thistime.
  • 7. The poster would be used as a billboard type advertisement. It would be used like this because it wouldcapture a wide range of audience, not just necessarily the intended target audience. Billboards are placedin the busiest areas of streets and roads. The large text on the poster would be linked to the trailer is theaudience had already seen it and they would be able to see when are where it is broadcast from thedetails on the poster.To reach the intended target audience theposter could also be used as an online advertand be placed on websites that are of thesame interests to the target market. Asmentioned, The Inbetweeners or WaterlooRoad are existing programs that aresuccessful with the target market. Using theposter on these websites could capture theinterest of this audience and make them wantto watch the soap.