Musical instrument of thailand
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Musical instrument of thailand






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Musical instrument of thailand Musical instrument of thailand Presentation Transcript

  • Thailand
  • Classification of Thais Musical Instruments
    • A. Idiophones
    • 1 . Ranat Thum – a box shaped metallophone that is placed on the floor & played while sitting, has two and a half octaves that is struck by a padded mallet
    • 2. Khawng Wong Lek – a set of gong circles with low pitches that are an octave lower than tha Khawng wong yai composed of 18 knobbed bronze pot –gongs placed in a circular wooden frame.
    • 3. Khawng wong yai – also a circle of gongs and is the largest sets of gongs composed of 16 knobbed bronze pot –gongs placed in a circular wooden frame.
    • 4. Ching chap - set of percussion instruments like a pair of cymbals made out of a thick metal shaped like a tea cup.
  • B. Membranophones
    • 1. Taphon – a drum placed on a stand. It is played with both hands using the palm and the fingers.
    • 2. Ramana – a shallow drum that looks like a tambourine without the metallic discs the diameter of its head is bigger than its body.
    • 3. Thon – a bowl shaped ceramic drum that is used in the mahori ensemble.
  • C. Chordophones
    • 1. Jakhae or jakhe – is shaped like a crocodile, body is big and hollow in order to resonate the sound of the instrument better. Thailand’s most important stringed instrument with the most beautiful sound.
    • 3. Saw sam sai – a triangular shape with a spiked leg. Its body is made of coconut shells and calf skin, has 3 strings and no frets. The pitch depends on the size of the coconut shell.
  • D. Aerophones
    • 1. Pi – a wind instrument, the sound it produces and the blowing technique is unique to Thailand.
    • 2. Khaen – most important folk instrument in North Thailand. Made up of 14 long thin bamboo tubes that are 4 ft long, covers 2 octaves of seven pitches.