German 2 august 30 lesson plan


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This is the plan of action for German 2 on August 30th, during my absence

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German 2 august 30 lesson plan

  1. 1. DA ICH NICHT HIER BIN, MACHT IHR FOLGENDES:Review Procedures: What do we do? turning in homework in case of interruption answering questions emergency (fire, tornado, lockdown)Collect homework (signed syllabus, exercise D p. 233 in complete sentences). Today is the last day to turn it in! Put it in the German 2 bin in back of room.
  2. 2. SLIDE 2: SENTENCE CORRECTIONWith a partner (or group of 3), look over these sentences. First, translate what you think each one means. Each sentence has at least one error. Rewrite the sentences in correct form.1. Der Madchen machst die Hausaufgaben.2. Ich wohnt in Clinton Township.3. Heinz und Fritz hat die Auto.4. Die Kinder geht in das Schule.5. Der lerer hat einen Computer.6. Der Blistift ist auf dem Shriebtish.7. Meiner Mutter vohnt in Illinois.8. Herr Reincke is zehr gross.9. Du habst gute Noten.10. Die kinder gehen in die stadt.When all groups are done, please move to the next slide.
  3. 3. SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT?1. To give you a chance to find and correct errors in someone else’s work2. To show you that even with errors, you can understand what the person is trying to say. When you are writing and speaking, grammar is a small part of it. Even when you make grammatical errors, people may still be able to
  4. 4. BY THE WAY, HERE ARE THE CORRECTIONS:1. Das Mädchen macht die Hausaufgaben.2. Ich wohne in Clinton Township.3. Heinz und Fritz haben das Auto.4. Die Kinder gehen in die Schule.5. Der Lehrer hat einen Computer.6. Der Bleistift ist auf dem Schriebtisch.7. Meine Mutter wohnt in Illinois.8. Herr Reincke ist sehr gross.9. Du habt gute Noten.10. Die Kinder gehen in die Stadt.
  5. 5. WHEN FINISHED WITH SENTENCES:You may work with a partner/group of three on your vocabulary packet.If you finish the vocabulary packet, you may work on either (or both, time permitting) of the following activities: - create a list of questions about German (culture, language, history, other German-speaking nations, etc.) for us to address at a later time -get your news stories out of the homework bin and discuss your news story with your group/partnerHausaufgaben für das Wochenende: keine!