Teaching as Inquiry


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Christina's Hot Seat presentation 2011.

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Teaching as Inquiry

  1. 1. Teaching as inquiry“Teachers are at the heart of school improvement, and with all the change in the world and new understandings about learning it is essential that they too keep learning. “ (Stoll, Fink & Earl, 2003)
  2. 2. Teaching as inquiryIn this session:• the teaching as inquiryprocess and its place inthe NZC• characteristics ofschools and classroomswhere teaching as inquiryis evident• examples from schools,and key resources
  3. 3. Teaching as inquiryhttp://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-documents/The-New-Zealand-Curriculum/Effective-pedagogy
  4. 4. Teaching as inquiryEncourage teachers to:• inquire into their ownteaching methods• assess its effectiveness• learn new or alter practiceswhere necessary.Teachers are regarded as“ongoing learners in the areaof improving their teaching.”Curriculum ImplementationExploratory Studies 2
  5. 5. What forms does inquiry take?Action researchCritical dialogueClassroom observationsJournalsCritical data analysisAppreciative inquiryPort foliosWriting (including story telling)Text analysisProgramme evaluationhttp://instep.net.nz/inquiry_and_evidence_based_practice/inquiry_based_practice/what_forms_does_inquiry_take
  6. 6. EDTalk - Helen TimperleyHelen Timperley, Professor ofEducation at The University ofAuckland, talks about waysteachers can gain knowledgethrough cycles of inquiry intotheir practice. Start clip at 2.13.http://www.edtalks.org/video/professional-learning-makes-difference-studentsMore reading:http://www.mp.gov.rs/resursi/dokumenti/dok195-eng-IBE_teacher_professional_learning_and_development.pdf
  7. 7. Teaching as inquiry - leadersSupport teachers with:• systems and processes forintroducing teaching as inquiry.• promote culture of trust, openmindedness• allow for fallibility• encourage persistence.Help teachers:• meet in groups to understand process and put it into practice• investigate data• reflect on problems of practice• consider approaches that will help students. NZ Curriculum Update 12
  8. 8. Teaching as inquiry - teachers• meet often to focus on learningand teaching activities• base discussions on good dataand information• commit to group decisions• record information aboutstudents’ learning and noteactions to improve learning• write end-of-term classroom and syndicate programmeevaluations• observe and give feedback on one another’s practice, notingissues, ideas to follow up•invite students to participate in process. NZ Curriculum Update 12
  9. 9. Teaching as inquiry - schools• learn together• draw on external expertise to buildteachers’ understandings• systems integrate teaching as inquiryinto classrooms, across the school• link PD programmes and teaching asinquiry• teaching as inquiry expected and monitored.Discussions about:• shared problems of practice• analysing data to discover successful teaching strategies andwhere improvements are necessary• deciding on appropriate teaching strategies and approaches. NZ Curriculum Update 12
  10. 10. What’s in your inquiry toolbox?
  11. 11. School examples - primaryVideo: Newmarket Primary School – developing school-wide inquiry. Includes a resourceoutlining advice for leading inquiry. Duration: 4:07http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leadership-development/Leadership-programmes/Ako-in-action/Wendy-Kofoed-school-wide-inquiryVideo: Newmarket Primary School - modelling inquiry with teachers. Duration: 4:23http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leadership-development/Leadership-programmes/Ako-in-action/Wendy-Kofoed-accelerating-Maori-and-PasifikaPaper: Ilam School - teaching as Inquiry (Download paper top RH of screen.)http://digitalcommons.nl.edu/ie/vol2/iss1/5/Video: Ilam School approach to effective pedagogy Duration: 6:58http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-stories/Media-gallery/Effective-pedagogy/Ilam-pedagogyVideo: West End School deprivatising practice – plus discussion resource Duration:2:23http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leadership-development/Leadership-programmes/Ako-in-action/Gary-Punler-deprivatising-practice#block-1-button
  12. 12. School examples - secondaryKelston Girls’ Carol Jarrett describes introducing teaching as inquiry in her departmenthttp://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Ministry-curriculum-guides/Secondary-middle-leaders/Supporting-effective-teaching/Supporting-teaching-as-inquiryDuration: 4:49Epsom Girls’ Claire Amos talks through the process of introducing teaching as inquiry todevelop school-wide e-learning action planshttp://www.edtalks.org/video/using-teaching-inquiry-guide-elearning-action-planDuration: 6:42Flaxmere College principal Louise Anaru describes a school-wide approachhttp://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leadership-development/Leadership-programmes/Ako-in-action/Louise-Anaru-leading-pedagogical-changeDuration: 3:04Papatoetoe HS principal Peter Gall describes a teacher’s inquiry on student engagementhttp://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leadership-development/Leadership-programmes/Ako-in-action/Peter-Gall-supporting-inquiry-approachesDuration: 1:14
  13. 13. Teaching as inquiry - resource collectionNew Zealand Curriculum – effective pedagogy sectionhttp://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-documents/The-New-Zealand-Curriculum/Effective-pedagogyCurriculum Update 12 – Understanding teaching as inquiryhttp://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Ministry-curriculum-guides/Curriculum-updates/NZC-UpdatesINSTEP – Inquiry and evidence based practicehttp://instep.net.nz/inquiry_and_evidence_based_practiceAssessment - using evidence for learninghttp://assessment.tki.org.nz/Using-evidence-for-learningA suggested teaching as inquiry process for teachers of te reo Maorihttp://tereomaori.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-guidelines/Teaching-and-learning-te-reo-Maori/A-suggested-teaching-as-inquiry-cycleTeaching as inquiry - elements of teaching effectiveness (Professor Graeme Aitken)http://assessment.tki.org.nz/Assessment-in-the-classroom/Teaching-as-inquiry
  14. 14. ResearchDirections for learning: The New Zealand Curriculum Principles, and teaching as inquiryMay 2011 (published 22/7/11)In early 2010, the Ministry of Education asked the Education Review Office (ERO) toconduct an initial evaluation, and a follow up evaluation one year later, to investigatehow schools were using the eight principles and the teaching as inquiry process asoutlined in The New Zealand Curriculum.Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies 2 (published 5/11)This study reports on ways in which innovative schools and teachers have beenworking to implement The New Zealand Curriculum across all three years of theproject.Monitoring and Evaluating Curriculum Implementation: Final Evaluation Report on theImplementation of The New Zealand Curriculum 2008–2009 (published 1/4/11)This report presents findings from a national evaluation of the implementation of TheNew Zealand Curriculum. The project sought to establish a national picture ofimplementation progress in English-medium schools in the first two years followingthe curriculums launch in November 2007.