1 Million Liters design Plant


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This is a One Millionth mark for our firm. We have successfully developed this plant where we can recycle 1 million litres of water per day. Relish this accomplishment with us

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1 Million Liters design Plant

  1. 1. Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 EMS 14001:2004 OSHAS 18001:2007 certified Company) Company) A Techno – Commercial proposal For _________________Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 1
  2. 2. Index Section No. Topic Page No. 1.0 Location and Requirement 3 1.1 Location of Site 1.2 Mapped Location 1.3 Client Requirement 1.4 Technology Selected 2.0 Advantages & Applications 4 Advantages Application & Physical Process 3.0 Process Diagram for Rahcon Environtech Plant 5 4.0 Design of Components 6 4.1 Technical Parameters 4.2 Design Specifications 4.3 Visual Results Expected with Process 5.0 Technical Specifications 7 5.1 Septic Tank / Equalizing Tank 5.2 Sewage Pump 5.3 Pressure Sand Filter 5.4 Carbon Filter 5.5 Bar Screen 5.6 Ozone Mixing Tank 6.0 Specifications for Ozone Generator 8 7.0 Commercial Proposal 9 7.1 Inclusions in the Offer 7.2 Cost Considerations 8.0 Terms and Conditions 10Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 2
  3. 3. 1.0 Location and Requirement1.1 Location of Site :1.2 Mapped Location :1.3 Client Requirement : Treatment of Septic tank and possible re use of water.1.4 Technology Selected : Multiple levels of treatment dependent on input parameters.Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 3
  4. 4. 2.0 Advantages & Applications2.1 Advantages No sludge production No smell small footprint Does not depend on input flow Immediate result upon start up Large systems can be easily designed with very less space Suitable for highrise towers and societies Very suitable for eco-parks NO FURTHER TREATMENT IS NECESSARY FOR THE WATER, CAN BE REUSED CONSIDERING JUST 2 – 5% LOSSES.2.2 Applications and physical process Sewage water is fed to the septic tank where the solids are anaerobically digested. Septic tanks are under ground and do not utilize space or electricity No sludge formation. The water collected from septic tank is filtered. Then the water is oxidized using ozone to destroy cod, bod, and odour colour and to disinfect the water. Resultant is clear water having no odour and cod, bod within limit for recycling.Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 4
  5. 5. 3.0 Process Diagram for Rachcon Environtech Plant Rachcon Environtech Plant*Note : This a representation only, but close to actual design. All design depends on actual clinical water parameters.Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 5
  6. 6. 4.0 Design of Components4.1 Technical Parameters : INLET Parameters OUTLET Paramenters after treatment COD 400 - 600 COD LESS THEN 30 BOD 250 - 350 BOD LESS THAN 10 TSS 100 – 150 TSS LESS THAN 104.2 Design specifications: Application Sewage Treatment Plant by Ozonation. Flow 1MLD/day Ozone Required 6 – 7 kg/hr Model Selected S10 S class Feed Gas Oxygen Concentrator, high capacity4.3 Visual Results Expected with the Process After BeforeRachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 6
  7. 7. 5.0 Technical Specifications5.1 Septic tank / equalizing tank (Client Scope) Minimum retention time 24 hrs Aproximate size With 4 compartments Moc Sintex PVC tank below ground5.2 Sewage pump 1 MLD/ day sewage pump : to give __ meter head (depends on design)5.3 Pressure sand filter (primary, depends on water parameters) Moc FRP Diameter 18 inches Height 65 inches Media Pebbles and sand Mode Down flow Down flow Multiport valve5.4 Carbon filter (depends on water parameters) Moc FRP Diameter 18 inches Height 65 inches Media Pebbles and sand Mode Down flow Down flow Multiport valve5.5 Bar screen: to remove particle above 0.5mm size (extra surprise element with this) Moc Stainless steel Removable mesh filter For easy cleaning5.6 Ozone mixing tank: __ m3 Capacities Sintex PVC TankRachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 7
  8. 8. 6.0 Specifications for 500gms/hr Ozone Generator Cabinet MS Power Coated Inverter High frequency IG BT Based Resonate Mode Inverter With Out Put Power control. EHT Ferrite based oil immersed Transformer housed in Aluminum Tank for low heating and No EMI Electrode 8 Electrode in Single water cooled housing made in . SS 316 L Electroplated with accurate gap. Dielectric Precision Quarts Dielectric with Silver Coating for long life and accurate Ozone Production Discharge Carona Discharge on Dielectric not to exceed 0.3w/sq cm for long life of electrode Ozone Concentration 100 – 150gm/Nm3 at oxygen 5 Nm3/hr Cooling water Flow 15 LPM @ 15oC Cooling water Pressure 0.8 Kg-cm2 Feed Gas Flow 1m3/hr Feed Gas Pressure 0.5 Kg-cm2 Interlock and Safety Oxygen Flow Switch To Cut off Ozone if no Oxygen flow To cut Ozone if low oxygen Low pressure pressure. To cut ozone if no Water flow cooling water. Spark To cut ozone if HV Spark High Humidity Protection Electronic are coated with special water Proof lacquer to prevent corrosion due to moister.Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 8
  9. 9. 7.0 Commerical Proposal7.1 Inclusions in the Offer Sr. No. Description No. of Units 1. Bar Screen One 2. Sewage Pumps Two 3. Pressure Sand Filter One 4. Activated Carbon Filter with a surprise element One 5. Ozone Mixing Tank with Ozone Pump & One Venturi System of matching capacity. Latest Rachcon Environtech Ozone Generator Model S10 S class to give 6 - 7 kg/hr of Ozone with Oxygen 6. Concentrator for Sewage Treatment Plant. As per req 7. Plumbing At Actuals7.2 Cost ConsiderationsRachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 9
  10. 10. 8.0 Terms and Conditions Payment 50 % Advance with Purchase Order 40 % against Proforma Invoice or Inspection at our works. 10 % against Installation. Delivery Period 4 Weeks from date of placement Order. Warranty 18 months from the date of delivery or 12 months From the date of installation. Taxes ** Excise Duty: 5.15% As Applicable CST @2% against “C” Form VAT : 12.5 % Packaging Depends on Site Conditions Freight Extra as Applicable Validity 30 Days from the date of this Quotation** May be extra depending on location, for international locations, depends on local governing laws.Plumbing Cost at actual, not included in quoteRachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. Page 10