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How to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. (But for real, though.)

How to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. (But for real, though.)

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  • 1. { Make Your LinkedIn Profile Rock } It’s Facebook with ties.
  • 2. advertising | social media | brand intel | shenanigans
  • 3. Who Is This Chick? Rachael G. King Social Media Account Executive at iostudio President of Social Media Club – DC (@SMCDC) Gen Y Blogger ( LinkedIn: /in/rachaelgking Twitter: @rachaelgk
  • 4. Live Tweeting FTW My Twitter Handle: @rachaelgk Hashtag: #CrushIQ
  • 5. Say it with me: Your LinkedIn profileshould NOT be a copy of your resume.
  • 6. Think of it more like a coverletter, or an elevator pitch…
  • 7. It’s the story of yourprofessional journey…
  • 8. with plenty of personality
  • 9. …and a healthy dose of BRAGGING.
  • 10. This is still a social site,albeit a professional one!
  • 11. Is LinkedIn Worth It?Why? • Great niche alternative to Facebook and Twitter • More professional, less noise • People expect to be contacted cold • Showcase cool campaigns/projects • Separate professional/personal networks • Organize professional contacts
  • 12. Building It • HEADLINES ARE EVERYTHING, YO. • Professional picture (yes, of YOU) • Flesh it out • Consistent branding/copy with other profiles • Get input from different people • Get personal • Vanity URL • PROOFREAD.
  • 13. Getting Serious • Upgrade account to send InMail, especially while job hunting • Personalize all outreach • GROUPS. • Connections!  Be transparent, but not desperate  Offer value in return  ABC: Always-Be-Coffeeing • Meaningful recommendations (quality vs. quantity)
  • 14. Optimize ItKeywords are our friends! …But how? 1. Google AdWord’s Keyword Tool 2. US Dept. of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook 3. Search similar professionals and “borrow” 4. Copy from appropriate websites and job postings 5. Use your brain 6. Narrow down to your top 10
  • 15. Grow ItIf you build it… they won’t just come. 1. Grab your vanity URL for easy referral 2. Embed a button on your websites and link on your other profiles 3. Add to business cards and email signatures 4. Direct potential business contacts to your LinkedIn 5. Cross-promote
  • 16. On the Job Hunt? • Use your headline • Tell the world • Upgrade • Contact settings • LinkedIn’s Resume Builder • Team up with other hunters • Have a call to action • Identify ideal companies and stalk get coffee with an employee
  • 17. Getting FancyWhat will set you apart from the rest? 1. Creative, attention-grabbing copy 2. Post consistent (and quality) content 1. Integrate your tweets (#li) 1. Downloadable PDF of resume 2. LinkedIn Answers 3. Use apps (Slideshare, Wordpress, TripIt) 4. Inject personality and humor
  • 18. My 3 Ultimate Rules for #Winning at LinkedIn1. Be interesting Don’t be another dry, boring resume. Put some paint on your profile’s proverbial walls – have some fun with it and show the world what makes you YOU.2. Use in tandem with Twitter Connect via LinkedIn with a personalized note, and then continue the ongoing conversation on Twitter to build the relationship. Somewhat sneaky, yet effective.3. Help others Karma is without a doubt the most powerful tool you have when it comes to creating job, client, and other opportunities. Go out of your way to help other people, and it WILL come back to you tenfold.
  • 19. LinkedIn is the gateway network to building a relationship with thepeople and companies you want to know.
  • 20. Questions? Rachael G. King Email: Twitter: @rachaelgk LinkedIn: /in/rachaelgking Company site: Personal site: