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Social Media Breakfast - Tech Valley

Social Media Breakfast - Tech Valley






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  • SEO, PPC & analyticsLocated in 1870’s NoLibs church~45 employees & growingGA TC
  • Don’t need to do all 21, but here are 21 actions you can take today
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/28/12 06:51) -----example - on-site, on social
  • Tons of goals = overwhelming. Affects our reports in GA.Higher combined conversion rate – site, indivkws, landing pages… Is bad
  • .. Is also bad!Signing up for newsletters, downloading PDFs, and reading reviews may not generate immediate revenue, but could lead to a later sale.
  • Can add values to each goal in GA. Easy, pulls through to many reports to show worth of traffic - $ index & per visit goal value
  • Create goals in GA using the Thank You page of your actions
  • Adore Chrome plugin Analytics Helper. Adds a little green bubble to any page with GA code and tells you basic information about the code. Use this as you're browsing your site for a quick check to make sure the GA code is in place.
  • Want to tag all of the URLs used in our marketing efforts to get this data to come into GA.
  • Quick overview of what tagging could look like. Google made us an easy tool to do this
  • What twitter looks like in GA if not tagged. Tag your stuff, give the right marketing efforts credit.
  • Social plugins – on-site interactions with socialLiked it, +1'd it, shared it
  • ShareThis – easy. AddThis – needs one extra line of code.Simple to set up with AddThis or ShareThisGoogle +1 tracks automatically
  • How many visitscame to the site? Look at this hourly/daily/weekly/monthly
  • Did people take the actions we expected & wanted them to take?
  • Look at everything already mentioned by individual traffic sources – visits, conversions, bounce rate
  • Different traffic sources; different social mediaPlot rowsHow does x compare to y?Previously, needed to create advanced segments to answer
  • Plot rows
  • Plot rows – how does x compare to y?
  • Plot rows
  • Set it & forget it
  • Set them to email you / othersShare Cutroni dashboard
  • For each group / purpose, based on needs
  • Justin Cutroni dashboard
  • Set your dashboards to email the right people at the right times
  • Social triggersUse to test your campaign taggingSee how social or other marketing efforts are pushing traffic = know when to re-engage users w/ content
  • Adobe info
  • Adobe info
  • Adobe info
  • 30 day window
  • Social plugins (or proper tagging) will get you these reports
  • Use to visualize & quickly find insights about how visitors flow through siteCompare to other types of traffic
  • Depending on tagging, may need to use different settings.Set this up, then schedule it to email you!
  • Reporting on raw # of tweets? Break it down by their influence.Use Topsy to find & reach out to influential people sharing your link

Social Media Breakfast - Tech Valley Social Media Breakfast - Tech Valley Presentation Transcript

  • 21 Actions to Analyze or Inform Social Media @rachaelgerson
  • @rachaelgersonSEER Interactive The Search ChurchGA Top ContributorTech geekData junkie
  • @rachaelgerson, not @rachelgerson
  • Resource with links will be on last slide
  • 21 actions to analyze or inform your social media efforts
  • Setup &Decisions
  • Action 1Establish on-site KPIs(Key Performance Indicators)
  • Establish KPIs Get buy-in - Which actions indicate success?
  • Establish KPIs Don’t measure too many $$$? actions that don’t matter
  • Establish KPIs Make sure you’re measuring the actions that really matter
  • Establish KPIs Assign $ values to non-eCommerce conversions
  • Action 2Set up goals based on KPIs
  • Set up goals based on KPIs
  • Set up goals based on KPIs If you run an ecommerce site, sales goals can be easy
  • Set up goals based on KPIs GA ecommerce tracking
  • Action 3GA Code on Every page
  • GA Code on Every PageMissing GA code =incomplete data
  • Use Analytics Helper to check for code http://bit.ly/analyticshelper
  • WordPress Note
  • Action 4Tag your marketing efforts
  • Tag your links Campaign Medium Ex. Email, Paid Search http://www.yoursite.com/?utm_source=new&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=q1 Campaign Name Campaign Source Name of promotion Ex. Search engine, Newsletter name or campaign
  • Tag your linkshttp://www.seerinteractive.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=june
  • Tag your linkshttp://www.seerinteractive.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=june http://bit.ly/june-news
  • Tag your links t.co twitter.com api.twitter.com mobile.twitter.com hootsuite.com tweetchat.com tweetdeck.com tweetgrid.com twittergadget.com
  • Action 5Set up social plugins
  • Set up social plugins
  • Evaluation
  • Action 6Evaluate reports - Visits
  • Action 7Evaluate reports - Conversions
  • Action 7Evaluate reports - Conversions
  • Action 8Evaluate reports – Bounce Rate
  • Action 9Evaluate reports – Traffic Sources
  • Evaluate reports – Traffic Sources
  • Action 10Compare performance
  • Compare Performance – Comparison
  • Compare Performance – Plot Rows
  • Compare Performance – Plot Rows
  • Make yourlife easier
  • Action 11Set reports to email regularly
  • Set reports to email regularly
  • Action 12Create dashboards
  • Create dashboards
  • Create dashboards
  • Create dashboards
  • Action 13Set up alerts
  • Set up alerts Get notifications when site behavior changes
  • Sample alert recipes Bounce Rate – is greater than x% Visits – is less than 1
  • Sample alert recipes Goal Conversions – Increase or Decrease [x% or x] from previous day / week Visits from [Medium, Source, Keyword, etc.] – Increase or Decrease [x% or x] from previous day / week
  • Go deeper
  • Action 14Utilize real-time reports
  • Utilize real-time reports
  • Utilize real-time reports Know when to re-engage users with content
  • Utilize real-time reports Test campaign tagging http://www.demo.com/?utm_source=twitter &utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=test
  • Action 15Use the Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  • Attribution First click attribution vs Last click attribution
  • Adobe whitepaper “First click attribution more accurately captures the impact of social media - increasing its value by up to 94%.”
  • Multi-channel funnel reports Referral Organic Search Direct
  • Action 16Check the social media reports
  • Google’s goal with social media reports Bridge the gap between social media & the business metrics you care about
  • Value of traffic from social media sites;how visits lead to direct conversions or assist in future conversions
  • Social Reports – Social value
  • Social Reports – Network driving traffic
  • Social Reports – Shared URL
  • Social Reports – Activity streams
  • Social Reports – Conversions from social
  • Social Reports – Social Plugins
  • Social Reports – Social Plugins
  • Action 17Evaluate social media paths
  • Action 18Annotate activities
  • Annotate activities
  • Annotate activities • Also can find & create under Assets
  • Action 19Watch your social 404 pages
  • Watch your social 404 pages
  • Action 20Use tools other than GA
  • Hootsuite Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics
  • facebook Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics
  • YouTube Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics
  • Tip: Add a + to any bitly URL to get the stats Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics
  • Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics Tweets are not all equal
  • Don’t Limit Your “Analytics” to Google Analytics Point – Lots of other FREE tools available!
  • Pat yourselfon the back
  • Action 21Breathe & relax
  • Bonus: Action 22Wish @lisabarone ahappy birthday!
  • @rachaelgersonbit.ly/smb-analytics