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KPIs for SEO: Common Pitfalls & Misconceptions
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KPIs for SEO: Common Pitfalls & Misconceptions


Published on

8 minute presentation from SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church

8 minute presentation from SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • Search Church SEO, analytics GA TC
  • Not a lot of time
  • Standard KPIs. Progress up & right. After developing & benchmarking KPIs across 100s of sites Theme around most common pitfalls & misconceptions. Share w/ all of you… GA now serves 95% of sites
  • Focus on the actions that really matter. Tons of goals = overwhelming. Affects our reports in GA. Higher combined conversion rate – site, indiv kws, landing pages … Is bad
  • .. Is also bad! Avinash .. Microconversions for a site. Signing up for newsletters, downloading PDFs, and reading reviews may not generate immediate revenue, but could lead to a later sale.
  • Can add values to each goal in GA. Easy, pulls through to many reports to show worth of traffic - $ index & per visit goal value Needing to get this dollar value from clients
  • Shocked at the #... So much info - product sold, revenue generated, etc. Can take it a step further – use ecomm code on non-ecomm site to get additional insight into on-site conversions
  • Skim. Ex1 – confirm page doesn’t mean we can track a conversion. URL doesn’t change in conv funnel. Need advanced trackign Ex2 – site built so URL never changes. Person interacting, GA sees 1 pageview. JS magic. Need dev.
  • Last easy ex – ToS. Push back on ToS as KPI Doesn’t include time spent on the last page of any visit
  • Bounced visit – def, comes into GA. Ways around w/ event tracking – by time, by scroll People are still viewing info on your site, you just can’t see info about their visit behavior.
  • ToS doesn’t take tabbed browsing into consideration. Time running on each of these tabs. & Yes, my comp looks like this If all clear that GA code may need some custom configuration to track some of your KPIs, can move on to last pitfall.
  • Make sure you're auditing the GA code on any site you're working on. Issues w/ code prevent good, accurate data. Need good data to make biz dec
  • Jill issue - Why a site would report internal links as referral visits Nearly 12 responses, varied causes, some more right than others (Issue caused … Urchin)
  • Code audit should help eliminate these issues. Look @ tracking code on entire site If site spans multiple domains or has a subdomain, use proper cross domain tracking… Look for pages … These can all cause tracking issues.
  • (not set) in the keywords or landing pages? checked a referral report and seen your own site referring traffic keyword or landing page with either a 0% or a 100% bounce or exit rate All indicators something's wrong with your GA code.
  • 2 quick & easy tips for auditing GA code. These 2 b/c self-explanatory 1 st , SF. I <3 SF. Blog post Screaming Frog is a lifesaver.
  • Adore Chrome plugin Analytics Helper. Adds a little green bubble to any page with GA code and tells you basic information about the code. Use this as you're browsing a client's site for a quick check to make sure the GA code is in place.
  • Now that you have these basic KPI pitfalls to avoid, and a couple fun tools, we’re all set!
  • Transcript

    • 1. KPIs for SEO:Common Pitfalls & Misconceptions @rachaelgerson
    • 2. Links
    • 3. Standard SEO KPIs Improved rankings Improved traffic Increased conversions* *Conversion: Action that leads to increased revenue
    • 4. $$$?Pitfall 1Measuring too many actionsthat don’t matter
    • 5. Pitfall 2Not measuring the actionsthat really matter
    • 6. Pitfall 3Not assigning $ values tonon-eCommerce conversions
    • 7. Pitfall 4Not using eCommerce GAcode on an eCommerce site
    • 8. Pitfall 5KPIs that can’t be measuredwithout customized code
    • 9. Time on Site can be a critically flawedmetric to report on
    • 10. Time on Site for a bounced visit is0:00
    • 11. Pitfall 6Not auditingGA code
    • 12. Code Audit Ensure proper tracking code is on the entire site. Address: Cross-domain Missing code Different code
    • 13. Code Audit Indicators of Bad Data (not set) Self-referrals 0% or 100% bounce/exit rates
    • 14. 2 quick tips – Screaming Frog
    • 15. 2 quick tips – Analytics Helper
    • 16. Go forth andanalyze
    • 17. GA Forum