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Gauge March 2012
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Gauge March 2012



146 slides covering the awesome new features in GA as of March 2012, as well as some fun GA hacks in old and new versions.

146 slides covering the awesome new features in GA as of March 2012, as well as some fun GA hacks in old and new versions.



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  • Familiar. Note: “Profile Settings” is through a plugin. Overview page with metrics across accounts – Missing in new version
  • Faster search access, but no overview of all accounts
  • Faster search access, but no overview of all accounts

Gauge March 2012 Gauge March 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Loving the New Version of GA
  • Rachael Gerson (@rachaelgerson) - Head of Analytics at SEER Interactive - Google Analytics Top Contributor - GA Certified - Data Junkie - Lover/owner of cute puppy named Cooper
  • Every link mentioned today is onhttp://bit.ly/loving-ga
  • March 17, 2011Google shared a look at the new GA with GAUGE attendees April 20, 2011 New Google Analytics available to everyone February 29, 2012 Google Analytics design update & additional features
  • PollShow of hands – Who here: 1. Only uses New GA 2. Rarely uses New GA 3. Never uses New GA 4. Hates New GA
  • Let’s Get This Out of the Way Missing Features PDF Export & Email Report – Temporary All Account Overview Percent ChangeOld version won’t turn off until new version is fully functional
  • Plan• Updates from old version• New features & reports• GA Hacks• Q&A
  • Plan• Running through the most common questions I get about the new GA• For each section: – How to access – Brief overview
  • New GA is easyto use and learn
  • Its not all new.Improvements
  • Date Selection• Can still select month• Cant select week• New version lets users type numbers easily
  • Navigation
  • First Screen – Old Version Best Thing: Overview
  • First Screen – New Version
  • First Screen – New Version Search & select from all accounts Search for Accounts or Profiles Quick access to settings+ expands to show other profiles Missing: Overview
  • Top Navigation• Old Version Multiple clicks to access profiles
  • Top Navigation• Old Version Multiple clicks to access profiles• New Version
  • Top Navigation• Old Version Multiple clicks to access profiles• New VersionNot a link Home Most reports Custom Reports
  • Side Navigation – Old VersionReports populate as users click through navigation
  • Side Navigation – New Version Expand & collapse side navReports dont populate until deeper navigation link clicked
  • Side Navigation – New Version• Search: – For reports – For profiles
  • How Do I Look Quickly at the Data That Matters Most to Me?
  • Dashboards – Old Version• Reports added only from individual reports• Cant be shared
  • Creating Dashboards – New Version • Accessing dashboards in navigation:Kayden discussing custom reports & dashboards at 3pm today
  • Creating Dashboards – New Version• Accessing dashboards in navigation:
  • Creating Dashboards – New Version• From Scratch
  • Creating Dashboards – New Version• From Scratch
  • Creating Dashboards – New Version • From ReportsSame as old version
  • Dashboards – New VersionCreate dashboards for each group or purpose, based on needs
  • Dashboards – New VersionJustin Cutroni’s mobile ecommerce dashboard
  • Dashboards – New VersionCan share dashboards!
  • How Do I Filter Data in Reports?
  • In-Report Filtering – Old Version • Accept RegEx by default – ^se+r ?interactive$|^think ?se+r$|wil+ reynol[dt]s • Filters either include or excludeRegEx knowledge hugely helpful in old version
  • In-Report Filtering – Old Version• Filters below reports
  • In-Report Filtering – New Version• Filters above reports
  • In-Report Filtering – New Version• Filter default isnt RegEx
  • Where Do PeopleClick on My Site?
  • What was the biggest problem with In-Page Analytics?
  • In-Page Analytics Updates • Number of times link appears on page • Color coding for bubbles • Fading site to focus on metricsDont forget Advanced Segments can be applied to In-Page Analytics
  • Segment EVERYTHING This is Avinash @avinash <3“Never report a metric without segmenting it to give deep insights into what that metric is really hiding behind it.”
  • So… How Do I Segment?
  • What was the biggest problem with Advanced Segments?3 Segments + All Visits = Skewed Graphs
  • Advanced Segments – New Version
  • Sharing Advanced Segments – New Version
  • Sharing Advanced Segments – New Version
  • If Traffic Drops on My Site, How Can I Find Out?
  • Analytics Intelligence• Get notifications when site behavior changes
  • Analytics Intelligence Sample Alert Ideas: – Bounce Rate – is greater than x% – Visits – is less than 1 – Goal Conversions – Increase or Decrease [x% or x] from previous day / week – Visits from [Medium, Source, Keyword, etc.] – Increase or Decrease [x% or x] from previous day / weekSee seoMoz post linked
  • Analytics Intelligence – New VersionJustin reviewing Alerts at 1pm
  • Analytics Intelligence – New VersionCan search, sort, and drill into details
  • Analytics Intelligence – New VersionCan explore event, add annotation, or go directly to the report.
  • Analytics Intelligence – New Version
  • What otherimprovements are there?
  • Custom Report Updates
  • Custom Report Updates• To analyze segment like Referral Traffic: – Old version – Had to use advanced segments with custom report – New version – Can add and save filters in reports
  • Custom Report Updates• 45 additional metrics & dimensions – Mobile, social, goals, site search, e-commerce, advertising• Metrics and dimensions are now organized
  • Map OverlayImprovements
  • Map Overlay Improvements• How to Access
  • Map Overlay Improvements
  • Map Overlay Improvements• Can magnify reports
  • Mobile Reporting Improvements
  • Mobile Reporting Improvements• How to access
  • Mobile Reporting Improvements• Overview
  • Mobile Reporting Improvements• Devices Reports
  • Mobile Reporting Improvements• Use reports to figure out: – How site performs on different mobile products or brands – Mobile platforms to develop
  • Mobile Ad Performance• Non-Mobile, High-End Mobile, Tablet
  • Filter Updates (Mobile)
  • Filter FormatOld Version New Version
  • New Filters – New Version • Campaign or AdGroup category: – Campaign AdGroup – Campaign Referral Path • Audience category: – Visitor Mobile (!!!!) • Location category: – Continent • Event category: – Event Category – Event Action – Event LabelCan finally use a single filter to include or exclude mobile traffic
  • Revamped Admin Section
  • Admin section• Revamped admin section
  • Annotations
  • Annotations – Old Version• How to create & access
  • Annotations – New Version• How to access & create
  • Annotations• How to access & create
  • Annotations• How to access & create
  • Annotations• Also can find & create under Assets
  • New Features
  • Visual Indicator of Report ProgressPretty universal signal, right?
  • Control Report Calculation• Why should you care? Faster OR more precise experience
  • Report Loading• Sampling now starts at 250K, rather than 500K• Why should you care? Faster experience
  • Report Freshness• Reports are run, then cached• Can be refreshed• “Report generated” shows up below reports• Why should you care? Faster experience
  • Plot Rows• How does x compare to y?• Previously, needed to create advanced segments to answer
  • Plot Rows• How does x compare to y?
  • Plot RowsOverall traffic for the profile will set the top line
  • How Can I Track File Downloads,Interaction with Videos or Dynamic Sites?
  • Event Tracking<a href="#" onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, ’PDF, ’Download, ’Corporate Brief]);">Download</a>
  • Event Tracking• To get goals for these actions previously, needed to use virtual pageviews_gaq.push([_trackPageview, /downloads/pdfs/corporateBrief.pdf]);• Now…
  • Event Goals!
  • Event Tracking – Setting Up as GoalsGAUGE session on goals – 2:30 tomorrow
  • Event Tracking• How to Access
  • Event Tracking• Event reports updated• Can view top pages with events
  • Let’s Talk Site Speed
  • Stats on Site Speed:40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Stats on Site Speed:A 1 second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  • “If you thought users would leave your site in a blink of an eye, you would be wrong. Theyll leave even faster than that!” – Avinash
  • How Quickly Does My Site Load?
  • Site Speed Analytics Report• Measure Site Usage & Technical data related to page load time
  • Site Speed Analytics Report• Evaluate Performance for different time buckets & regions
  • Site Speed Analytics Report• How to set up – At launch, needed: _gaq.push([_trackPageLoadTime]);• Now automatic
  • Site Speed Analytics Report• Uses for Site Speed Reports – Which landing pages are slowest? – Which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall? – How does page load time vary across geographies? – Does your site load faster/slow for different browsers?
  • Who Here UsesWebmaster Tools?
  • Webmaster Tools Integration • Data from Webmaster Tools: – Queries – Landing Pages – Countries driving traffic – Google PropertyNeed to connect GA with Webmaster Tools first
  • Webmaster Tools Integration • Data from Webmaster Tools: – Impressions – Clicks – Average Position – CTR • Sound familiar??Not 100% accurate. Use for trends.
  • Webmaster Tools IntegrationView Property from Traffic Sources > SEO > Geo Summary > Google Property
  • Webmaster Tools Integration• SEO reports are not organic traffic!
  • How can I know how visitors engage with social media on my site?
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Action
  • Pages Driving Social Actions
  • Social Engagement • Simple to set up with AddThis or ShareThis • Google +1 tracks automaticallyOnly one line of code needed for AddThis. ShareThis doesnt need any changes.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Multi-Channel Funnels Referral Organic Search DirectSession on MCF Friday 2:30
  • How can I know whats happening on my site right now?Up until September 2011, not with Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Real-Time
  • Google Analytics Real-Time• Use Real-Time to View: – Top referrals – Traffic sources – Active pages – current and last 30 minutes – Keywords – Locations driving traffic
  • Google Analytics Real-Time• Reports are under Home tab
  • Google Analytics Real-Time • Real-Time reports can be filteredFilters show at the top of the page
  • Google Analytics Real-Time• Keep in mind: – Real-Time reports ignore filters on profiles – The rest of GA still isnt real time – Top Pages show campaign tracking as separate pages
  • Google Analytics Real-Time • Use Real-Time to: – Test campaign tagging http://www.demo.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=test – Know when to re-engage users with contentGAUGE session on tagging tomorrow at 4
  • Keyword Clouds
  • Keyword Clouds Visualize top organic keywords by Visits:Traffic Sources > Search > Organic > Term Cloud Button
  • Keyword CloudsCan also visualize by Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Individual Goal Completions, etc.
  • Flow Visualization
  • Flow Visualization• Use to visualize & quickly find insights about how visitors flow through site
  • Flow Visualization• See where are visitors dropping out of funnel• Drill deeper with segments
  • Flow Visualization• Main difference between Visitors Flow & Goal Flow – Goal Flow report only uses steps configured in conversion funnel• Flow Reports: Visitors Flow & Goal Flow… currently
  • Customize Standard Reports
  • Customize Standard Reports• Use to get create slight variations of standard GA reports
  • Customize Standard ReportsWas turned off with latest GA update
  • Favorite GA Hacks
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – Old Version• Ever notice Goals & eCommerce for Landing Pages wasnt an option in old GA? :(
  • Solution – Map Overlay! 1
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – Old Version 2
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – Old Version :)• Good news – New version includes goals & ecommerce for landing pages
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – Old Version • Export 500+ rows • Add &limit=5000 (or any # up to 20K) to the end of GA report URL • Hit enter • Export CSVGA won’t change
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version• View & Export 500+ Rows – Set “Show rows” from 10 to any higher number
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version• Resulting URL now ends with:• Replace “25” with any number up to 20K• Hit enter – Wait while GA loads all rows• Export
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version• Tag Clouds are fantastic• Only exist in Organic report
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version• How can we get a tag cloud for Browser?
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version
  • Favorite GA “Hacks” – New Version
  • Time to take allthese new tools and go analyze your site!
  • @rachaelgerson OR GA Forum