Dealing with Google's (not provided)


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After getting audience questions, spent 15 minutes throwing together an impromptu GaugeCon presentation on how to deal with (not provided) in Google Analytics

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  • BIG disclaimer - %s may not be the same. Using this just so we get some measure info
  • Google initially said single digit %s
  • Pros – Quick, easy Cons – Needs to be done each time
  • Pros – Quick, easy Cons – Needs to be done each time
  • Pros – Quick, easy Cons – Needs to be done each time
  • Can navigate to Landing Page report Pros – Saves, can be applied to most traffic
  • Pros – No Fast-Access Mode issues, data is kept completely separate Cons – Cannot be done if user doesn’t have admin access, creates another profile to monitor
  • Need to be an admin
  • Need to be an admin Can now look at all reports with this, goals etc
  • Dealing with Google's (not provided)

    1. 1. Dealing with (not provided)
    2. 2. Rachael Gerson (@rachaelgerson) - Head of Analytics at SEER Interactive - Google Analytics Top Contributor - GA Certified - Data Junkie - Lover/owner of cute puppy named Cooper
    3. 3. October 18 Announcement “As part of our commitment to provide a more secureonline experience, today we announced that SSL Search on will become the default experience for signed in users on”
    4. 4. October 18 Announcement“For organic search results on SSL search, a web site will only know that the user came from”
    5. 5. Keywords – Prior to Change
    6. 6. Keywords – After Change
    7. 7. • How can they do this?• What can we do about the change?• Will Google reverse the decision?• Do you believe the privacy claims?• Do users who pay for Google Analytics Premium service get this data?• Can I still see the data in Omniture/Webtrends/Coremetrics/etc.?• What should I do next?
    8. 8. DON’T PANIC
    9. 9. Dilemma We Ran Into• SEO profiles intentionally exclude branded terms• (not provided) traffic could be branded or non-branded• Branded terms have different engagement metrics
    10. 10. Calculate How Much Traffic is (not provided) Metrics Needed:• Google Organic Traffic• Google (not provided) Traffic• Google Organic Branded Traffic – RegEx <3
    11. 11. Fun Spreadsheet@rachaelgerson – Just tweeted link
    12. 12. More Fun Toys
    13. 13. Webmaster Tools
    14. 14. 5 Options toPair Data
    15. 15. Option 1 – Filter Pairing Keyword + Landing Page
    16. 16. Option 2 – Advanced Segment for (not provided)
    17. 17. Option 3 – New Profile Containing Only (not provided)
    18. 18. Option 4 – Custom Report
    19. 19. Option 5 – Kind of FantasticCreate a brand new profile, matching same settings as your main profile Add a new filter
    20. 20. transformersoptimus-prime
    21. 21. What Have You Been Doing?
    22. 22. @rachaelgerson OR GA Forum