Brand Storytelling through Influencer Content: Webinar with Ford & Glidden Paint
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Brand Storytelling through Influencer Content: Webinar with Ford & Glidden Paint



On Nov. 1, 2013, Racepoint Group and the Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC) hosted a webinar discussing the use of influencers in marketing efforts and telling a brand story. Speakers included ...

On Nov. 1, 2013, Racepoint Group and the Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC) hosted a webinar discussing the use of influencers in marketing efforts and telling a brand story. Speakers included Scott Monty of Ford, Renee Entinghe of Glidden Paint and Racepoint SVP Kevin Green (moderator).



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  • Could use this slide to set up current state of social at Akzo when beginning the program <br />
  • Set up background on the target; lay the groundwork for why trusted, accessible influencer voices will play an integral role in the program <br /> 1) The Challenge: Set up the HMFMS target <br /> -Afraid of picking the “wrong” color and winding up living with something she doesn’t like – sometimes she doesn’t start painting at all <br /> 2) The Insight: she needs guidance, reassurance, validation <br /> - She tears out magazine pages of rooms she likes, but isn’t sure she can recreate those looks on her own. It’d be awesome if a friend who knows their way around a roller could help her out. <br /> 3) Paint brands haven’t even entered her mind <br /> - If she can’t decide which colors she wants, she probably hasn’t chosen a paint brand either. We need to make her want to go with Glidden Paint. <br />
  • Can consider reading verbatim – this describe what the My Colortopia program aims to do (it answers everything you will have set up on the previous page) <br /> - Program is in alignment with overall webinar focus – clear brand story, responds to consumer needs, provides value <br />
  • Note: Ecosystem labels are included for easy reference – feel free to remove if you’d like <br /> Influencers as publishing partners <br /> The Colortopia Team - trusted voices for the target who also bring captive, established audiences <br /> Long-term relationships with the brand; contracted <br /> Provide all content for the MCT site and publish within their own sites <br /> Owned property, <br /> Program hub; all elements created to be distributable <br /> Distributed Content & Experiences / Owned Social Channels <br /> Tools and content are distributed by blogger and media partners to drive scale <br /> …and are implemented on social channels <br /> Integration with Traditional Media <br /> - Colortopia Team has participated in several House Beautiful spreads with print/digital components <br />
  • Colortopia Team provides all content for the site <br /> Diverse group (backgrounds, styles) to resonate across target <br /> Accessible, real people – not “design experts” <br />
  • Colortopia team is a prominent, human element right when landing on the site <br /> Note: Remaining slides mainly focus on influencer aspects, so this would be a good place to give general orientation to the types of tools available as well <br />
  • Colortopia Team members answer advice column questions – what’s better than getting personalized advice from bloggers you trust! <br /> AND importantly for the brand, bloggers have been finding natural ways to integrate Glidden into content – here Melissa is recommending a specific Glidden color, Wood Smoke <br />
  • - Examples of content posts and tools within bloggers’ sites <br />
  • - Examples of content posts and tools within bloggers’ sites <br />
  • The Colortopia team played a role in traditional media with digital extensions <br /> Opportunistic way to leverage blogger relationships; inject a human face for the brand <br />
  • Note: These are 6 month highlight numbers (launch-through May 2012) to show quick impact of program <br />
  • Ipsos global study, September 2013 <br />
  • •Focus had become a cultural punchline by 2011 <br /> oPeople hadn’t just stopped shopping it <br /> oSocial groups actually organized around the dislike for it <br /> •On the eve of the launch of the all-new 2012 model, we knew we had to change the nature of our conversation with our prospective customers <br /> oBold action needed to regain their attention and engage them in a fresh appraisal of the Focus <br /> oFrom where we sat… it looked like a job… for a sock puppet <br /> •Take a look: <br />
  • •Talk about changing the conversation! <br /> •The Focus Doug webisodes told the Focus’s story in far edgier terms that would have been available to us in traditional broadcast advertising <br /> •The same “mockumentary” feel that people love about The Office <br /> •They speak the customer’s language, while letting the viewer in on the joke <br /> •They acknowledge that we’re selling you… but we’re also going to entertain you <br /> •Extemp discussion of how this first ad showcased Doug’s personality <br /> •Subsequent executions worked product features in to the message: <br />
  • It’s not a new concept, but it’s one that we as marketers and communicators may have forgotten. <br />
  • First uttered by Cicero, some 2,000 years ago, it’s still as relevant today. <br />
  • •We gave 100 consumers a car for six months <br /> oWe asked them to… <br /> oComplete a different mission each month <br /> oDocument their progress on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter <br /> •By capturing their unique experiences, we created a tremendous opportunity to convey exactly what the Fiesta stood for and why we were so proud of it <br />
  • •By putting every bit of user-generated content on our web site we showed that we were confident enough in the merits of our product that we were willing to let our customers tell its story <br />
  • Our #AndIsBetter campaign is designed to highlight the benefits of vehicles in our supersegment – Escape, Edge, Focus, Fusion and Explorer, primarily. <br /> It’s designed to show that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other – great design AND fuel economy, hands-free technology AND fuel economy, seven-passenger seating AND great fuel economy, etc. <br />
  • Working with Devin Supertramp, a YouTube influencer who does extreme activities, Ford gave him an Explorer and a Focus and challenged him to do anything he wanted with the vehicles on a single tank of gas – to demonstrate the possibilities of “AND.” <br /> The program was designed to demonstrate our vehicles’ fuel economy AND that they’re fun to drive. Devin was able to show that more effectively than we could ourselves. <br /> His considerable audience helped with reach as well as with authenticity. <br />
  • Devin Supertramp videos: <br /> Longboarding Adventure – Insane Speeds!! <br /> Extreme Highlining – Insane Heights!!! <br />
  • •A great example of that has been the evolution of “Ford Social.” <br />
  • •By 2009, we invited our fans to become part of the innovation process – input on what they want to see in upcoming generations of Fords <br />
  • •Given all of the fan-based content, the old name really didn’t make much sense anymore <br /> •Since last year, the site has been re-branded from “Ford Story” to “Ford Social” <br />
  • •The very latest refinement has been the addition of these little badges – shown on the the back of your program <br /> •By collecting and sharing them, users give us a way to create content customized to their interests. <br />
  • • We’re inviting several of them to come to Detroit in the second week of January to take part in the Media Days at the Auto Show – one full week before the general public will get to see it <br />
  • Connecting with non-super influencers on a regular basis and keeping a relationship going with them. <br />
  • It starts at Connect Ford ( where you can register to see what’s going on. <br /> We not only feature our own content there, but we also feature the content of our registered influencers, to give them a sense as to what they’re writing about and to give their content a boost. <br />
  • Similar to a press site, it’s custom-designed with digital influencers in mind – visual, short content, lifestyle-oriented (rather than automotive). <br />
  • Similar to a press site, it’s custom-designed with digital influencers in mind – visual, short content, lifestyle-oriented (rather than automotive). <br />

Brand Storytelling through Influencer Content: Webinar with Ford & Glidden Paint Presentation Transcript

  • 1. BRAND STORYTELLING THROUGH INFLUENCER CONTENT 11/01/2013 @KevinMGreen @ScottMonty @Glidden_Paint @SMACorg #SMACWebinar #SMACWebinar
  • 4. 4 4
  • 5. • Target slide 5 5
  • 6. OUR GOAL: Give her support and guidance to get to colorful results she’ll love – create a friendly, non-intimidating environment with trusted voices, encouragement, and helpful tools. Allow her to create her own 6 Glidden brand story. 6
  • 7. Owned Property Influencers as Publishing Partners Distributed Content & Experiences Owned Social Channels Traditional Media Integration 7 Retail Extension 7
  • 8. The Colortopia Team 8 8
  • 9. 9 9
  • 10. 10 10
  • 11. Bloggers as Distribution Partners 11 11
  • 12. Bloggers as Distribution Partners 12 12
  • 13. Integration with Traditional Media 13 13
  • 14. Results Highlights 50 million+ exposures to My Colortopia 1 million+ minutes spent interacting with content 100K+ quiz and tool interactions 3,700 color palettes saved Visitors to are 70%+ more likely to consider purchasing Glidden Paint for a future project 14 14
  • 15. ```` Ford Motor Company: How Content Fuels Social And Builds Trust 15
  • 16. Why do people share content? To share interesting things (61%) To share important things (43%) To share something funny (43%) To let others know what I believe in and who I really am (37%) 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. Focus Doug Speak the customer’s language Self-aware Committed to entertain 18
  • 19. “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words.” 19
  • 20. 20
  • 21. Working with influencers 21
  • 22. Fiesta Movement 100 Participants Unique missions Documented on Social Media 22
  • 23. A Question of Trust 23
  • 24. Working with influencer Devin Supertramp 24
  • 25. An extension of #AndIsBetter Print, TV, digital 25 Social
  • 26. #OneTankAdventure – highlighting MPG 27
  • 27. Now it’s your turn 28
  • 28. 29
  • 29. 30
  • 30. 31
  • 31. 32
  • 32. 33
  • 33. What’s next 34
  • 34. 35
  • 35. 36
  • 36. 37
  • 37. Go Further 38
  • 38. Questions? Send your questions to #SMACWebinar 39 #SMACWebinar
  • 39. Thank you for attending! SMAC members are groundbreakers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This community fosters an environment of innovation and expertise in social media, with an emphasis on new business opportunities, knowledge and creating business relationships for brands, agencies, technology and media partners. For information on becoming a member company, the SMACForward Blog or future events please visit us at www. or @SMACorg.