The Impact of Smart Phone Technology on Adult Learning
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The Impact of Smart Phone Technology on Adult Learning






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The Impact of Smart Phone Technology on Adult Learning The Impact of Smart Phone Technology on Adult Learning Presentation Transcript

  • The Impact of SmartphoneTechnology on Adult Learning Presenters Christina Conroy OBE, Principal and Chief Executive Manoj Nanda, Learning Director Alan Benson, Head of Information & Learning Technology
  • This Seminar 
  • The Seminar Objectives1 Why are we thinking about Smartphones as alearning solution in an adult learning context?(Christina Conroy)2 Social trends in the use of Smartphones –(Manoj Nanda)3 How are Smartphones an educational solution?(Alan Benson)
  • TURN ON MOBILE PHONES(but keep it on silent!)
  • Follow on your Smartphone
  • Taste of what’s possible Smartphone use in PE & Geography, Djangogly City Academy, Nottingham
  • Why are we thinking aboutSmartphones in adultlearning? Christina Conroy OBE Principal and Chief Executive
  • UK Economy
  • Adult Funding and Learner Activity 2006-2012 120 100 80 60 Funding Students 40 20 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  • Profile of Population under 75 in England and London Aged 72 years Aged 68 years Aged 64 years Aged 60 years Aged 56 years Aged 52 years Aged 48 years Aged 44 years Aged 40 years Aged 36 years Aged 32 years Aged 28 years Aged 24 years Aged 20 years Aged 16 years Aged 12 years Aged 8 years Aged 4 yearsAged under 1 year
  • THE FUTURE IS ADULT But who pays?
  • Enterprising Richmond
  • Small Businesses Dominate
  • Enterprise CurriculumProvision that enables:• individuals to start new businesses• small Richmond businesses to grow and developWhat has been the Impact?2005 23% felt enabled to be self-employed or start a business2010 31% felt enabled to be self-employed or start a business2011 36% felt enabled to be self-employed or start a business
  • Unfunded Enterprise Curriculum atRACC Customer Business E-commerce Services, IT and Startup Administration PR, Marketing, Online Sales Human Advertising and Marketing Resources Graphic Design Web Design Management and Print
  • AOC Innovation Project:Adult Enterprise• To map particular adult entrepreneurial learning journeys and units of learning• To develop a national qualification framework for adult entrepreneurship• To provide curriculum materials and a learning platform to share our approach with the sector• To develop innovative strategies for delivery that recognises the learning needs of adults and the opportunity of new technologies
  • The Partners• Richmond Adult Community • HOLEX College/Richmond Business • Social Enterprise London School • Community Links• Tower Hamlets College • Ebay/Paypal• Morley College • Open College London Region• City of Bath College • WCL
  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation
  • Innovative Strategies forDelivery to Adults
  • Innovative Strategies for Delivery andAdult Enterprise• Pedagogy- What is learnt, and how, is both determined and directed by the teacher• Andragogy-It is determined by the teacher and directed by the learner• Heutagogy- Both determination and direction shift to the learnerKenyon and Hase 2010
  • Innovative Strategies forDelivery to Adults Pedagogy Androgogy HeutagogyGive a hungry man a fish and Teach a hungry man to fish...... Smartphone feed him for a day fishing App
  • Web andSmartphoneTechnologies• Connectivity with others• Discovery and sharing of information• Personal collections and adaptation of information Mcloughlin and Lee 2007
  • Why it is important?• Improves critical thinking and reflection• Increases Learner engagement and motivation• Gives learners control over learning (learner centred)• Improves ability of Learners to investigate and question ideas and apply knowledge in practical situations• Supports development of independent ideas and self confidence• Makes learners more capable and able to adapt to new environments
  • Social trends inSmartphone usage Manoj Nanda Learning Director, RACC
  • The global picture Source: Last Access 8/11/11
  • What do we mean by the termSmartphone?It is a mobile phone that is able to perform many ofthe functions of a computer(Oxford Dictionary)
  • What are they saying about 2014? Smartphones Desktop In 2014 mobile access takes over from the desktop for Internet access Source : Last Access 8/11/11
  • Why?• There are significantly reduced costs of entry to mobile internet access – monthly payment or pay as you go• A Primary driver in developing countries. – Infrastructure for mobile is cheaper • India, Africa & China• Hardware is improving• Cheaper, smaller, faster, smarter.
  • Global View Slide Market Penetration (%) of Smartphones
  • The first Smartphone?IBM Simon 1992.1 Megabyte of memoryB/W touch screen with aresolution of 160 x 293 pixels.Works as phone, pager, calculator,address book, fax machine, andemail device. It weights 500 gramsand cost 900 USD. Source: Last Access 8/11/11
  • More likely to be in your pocket…
  • The adoption and usage trends ofSmartphones is convincing..But what do we say to ourlearners?
  • How many are using Smart- phones?Source:
  • Don’t leavehomewithout itSource:
  • What do we use them for?Source: Accessed 8/11/11
  • Do they help?Source:
  • When do we use them?
  • What about Commerce? Data Source: (Various Yahoo, Motorola, Foresee) Momads mobile agency
  • What we need to think about in FE• There are some convincing reasons why weneed to think mobile and they are not going to goaway• The Future is mobile• How can we make the most out of the technologyour learners bring to the classroom?
  • How are Smartphones aneducational solution? Alan Benson Head of ILT, RACC
  • What if Government promised..• A new source of capital funds for technology• Worth £300 per learner• Refreshed every 18-24 months …at no cost to you!• That’s what smartphones amount to.
  • Smartphones
  • …and in a Smartphone? iPhone 4s HTC Desire S Bb Torch Nokia Lumia Laptop PCCPU 1GHz 1GHz 1.2GHz 1.4GHz 2x 1.3GHzStorage 32-64gb 1-32GB 8-32GB 16GB 320GBCamera 8MP 5MP 5MP 8MP 1.3MPVideo 1080p 720p 720p 720P -Audio 320KBps 320KBps 320KBps 320KBps 320KBpsLocation GPS/Wifi/3G GPS/Wifi/3G GPS/Wifi/3G GPS/Wifi/3G WifiNetwork 3.5G/Wifi 3.5G/Wifi 3.5G/Wifi 3.5G/Wifi Wifi/100MBCost ~£800 ~£310 ~£380 ~£440 ~£400
  • 1000 Smartphones have…• More computing power than was used in making ANY Star Wars movie• Storage for 3 US Libraries of Congress – That’s 1.6m trees• Capacity for 4 years of high quality music• Communications of 300 NASA Space Shuttles
  • Distraction of no use…• Russell Hobby, general secretary of the NAHT the kind of learning that could take place on smartphones is "not all that exciting".• Trinity Church of England School in Belvedere – bans Smartphones
  • …or maybe not?Ray Barker,Director of the British Educational Suppliers Association,“the technology many pupils carry around withthem is often more powerful than the equipmentowned by their schools.”He urged schools to lift their ban on Smartphones.
  • But what can it do?
  • Examples Evolution or Revolution?
  • Classdroid• Records Coursework• Mark• Link to student• Upload & feedback (individual or class portfolio)• Ideas aren’t new – Flip Cameras• Integration makes the process much faster
  • Central Elementary School,Escondido, California• Teaching English as a second language• Previously reading aloud to tutor• Students now record their reading - Rapid feedback through playback - Students are invested in and feel more engaged and motivated• Improvements made at 6x the previous rate• Also use of word games and puzzles
  • Djanogly City Academy,Nottingham• PE for enhancing performance- Flip cameras & Smartphones to film activities- Project wirelessly or view on screen- Analyse areas for improvement• PE & Geography- Uses Mapping App, Compass and GPS- Orienteering
  • University of Aberdeen,Disaster Management Simulation• A scenario e.g. Earthquake, flood• 7 day exercise• Students sent text day or night, - status updates online with more information• Students have 30mins to evaluate and decide - Responses by text or web• Responses (may) affect the next events
  • Richmond Adult Community College• Theatre & Drama – Film Rehearsals & Workshops – Upload to facebook for peer appraisal – Rapid feedback and discussions of plays – Separation of personal & professional pages• Sign Language – Upload of tutorial video to youtube
  • Innovation-diffusion curve Smartphone Users  Commerce Adult & Further Education  
  • …and finally• Practice what we’ve been preaching• Vote – Text code (std charge) – Input code via web – Tweet code to @poll• Anonymous, no details recorded• No Spam