A letter from hell


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A Letter From Hell (PhotoForSouls)

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A letter from hell

  1. 1. Souls Rate Saved A Letter FromPerishes Hell 0 50 100 Souls Rate
  2. 2. Taken from a sermon writtenby Steve IrreDear Mom,Im writing to you from the most horribleplacethat I have ever seen or heard!More horrible than you could ever imagine.
  3. 3. It is black here!So dark I cannot see all the peopleI am constantly bumping into.I only know theyre people like myselfby the blood curdling screams that I hear.
  4. 4. My voice is gone from my own screaming,as I arrive in pain and suffering.I cannot even cry for help anymore,and its no use anyway.Theres no one here that has any compassionat all for my plight.
  5. 5. The pain and suffering from this place is absolutely unbearable! It so consumes my every thought. I would not know if there was any other sensation to come upon me.The pain is so severe that it never stops, day or night! The turning of days does not appear because of the darkness. What may be nothing more than minutes, or even seconds, seems like many endless years.
  6. 6. The thought of this suffering continuing without end is more than I can bear! My mind is spinning more and more with each passing moment, dear mother. I feel like a madman!I cannot think clearly under this load of confusion. I fear Im losing my mind! Mom, the fear is just as bad as the pain, maybe even worse. I cannot see how my predicament could be any worse than it is, but I have a constant fear that it might be so at any moment.
  7. 7. My mouth is parched. And will only become more so.Its so dry that my tongue clings to the roof of my mouth. Theres no relief, Mom!Not so much as a single drop of water to cool my tongue. To add even more misery to this place of torment, I know that I deserve to be here. Im being punished justly for my deeds. The punishment, pain, and suffering is no worse than I justly deserve, but admitting that now will never ease the anguish that burns eternally from my wretched soul.
  8. 8. I remember the voice of the preacher trying to convince us to turn from our sins, but I wouldnt listen, mama!I was too busy making fun of him... sneering at him. Now look whose sneering, mama! I hate myself for committing the sins, to earn such a horrible fate! I hate the devil that deceived me so that I would end up in this place!As much as I know it an unspeakable wickedness to think such a thing, I hate the very God that sent His own Son to die for me, that I may not come to this place of torment.
  9. 9. I could never blame the Christ of Calvary that suffered, bled, and died for me. I hate Him anyway! I cannot even control my feelings when I know theyre wicked, wretched and vile. I am more wicked and vile now than I ever was in my earthly existence. Oh mother, if only I had listened! Any earthly torment would be better than this! To die a slow agonizing death from cancer,to jump out off the 40th floor of a burning building, like those who died on September 11th, but to choose those over my present fate, I have no power. I do not have that choice.
  10. 10. I now understand that this torment and suffering is what Jesus bore for me. I believe He died to pay for my sins, but His suffering was not eternal.In three days, He arose in victory over the grave. Oh, I so do believe!, but alas it is too late. As the old invitation song states, I remember hearing so many times. "You came, but you came one day too late!" We are all believers in this terrible place, but our faith amounts to nothing. Its too late! The door is shut. The tree has fallen, and here it shall lay in hell forever, lost. No hope, no comfort, no peace, no joy. There will never be any end to my suffering! I remember that old preacheras he would read from the book of Revelations. "And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image..."
  11. 11. There is no peace!No peace saith my God to the wicked."But the wicked are like the troubled sea, whenit cannot rest,whose waters cast mire and dirt.There is no peace, saith my God, to thewicked."
  12. 12. The worst thing about this place mom, are my memories! I remember the church services... the invitations... I thought they were so corny, so stupid and useless! I used to sit in the back and hide my face while I laughed at that old country preacher. I thought he was a fool! I see things different now, mom, now that I had a change of heart. It matters nothing at this point. I have lived like a fool! Dear Soul, Im talking to someone tonight. I dont know who you are, but this boy here says I lived like a fool. I pretended like a fool. I played church like a fool. I died like a fool, God, and now I have to suffer the anguish of a fool forever. All by myself.
  13. 13. Just to stroll through a green meadow, smell the beautiful flowers, stopping to take in the fragrance of their sweet perfume... Theres no flowers in hell, mom!I long to see one of those little innocent babies that just used to aggravate me, now Id love to see their cherub-like faces, but theres no babies in hell.
  14. 14. Mom, theres no Bibles in hell. No Bibles in hell, Mama! The only Scriptures inside these charred walls are those that ring in my ears hour after hour, and moment after miserable moment that I remember being preached as that old preacher hammered the pulpit,and preached under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Oh Mom, these verses offer me no comfort at all! They only serve to remind me of what a fool I have been! Mom, if it wasnt for the futility of them all, you might rejoice to knowthat there is a never ending prayer meeting here in hell.
  15. 15. No matter! Theres no Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf. The prayers are just empty and dead. They amount to nothing more than cries for mercy that we all know will never be answered. Please warn my brothers, mom! I was the oldest. I thought I had to be tough.Please tell them theres no tough guys in hell, mama. Nobody is cool in hell! As terrible as this place is mom, I see its my final destination. Satan laughs at us all here, and his multitudes join us continually in his misery.
  16. 16. We are constantly reminded that one day in the future, well all be summoned up one by one to stand face to face by the Godthat we have offended by our unholiness, by our wickedness,by our thoughts and deeds, and attitude.
  17. 17. And as we stand before Him,well be judged by our own wicked works. By those things written in the books, and then thrown into the lake of fire,saying Amen to our own condemnation.
  18. 18. We will have to look on the face of Him who willingly suffered the torments of hell, that we might be delivered from them. The Lamb of Godthat came to take away the sin of the world.
  19. 19. As we stand there in His Holy presence to hear the pronouncement of our own damnation youll be there mother, to see it all. Please forgive me for hanging my head in shame,as I know that I will not be able to bear to look upon your face. You will already be conformed into the image of the Savior, and I know it will be more than I can stand! Id love to leave this place, enjoying you and so many others I have known on earth. But I know that will never be possible since I know I can never escape the punishment of hell that I rightly deserve.
  20. 20. I say this with tears, with a sorrow and deep despairthat can never be completely described. I never want to see any of you again.Please, dont ever join me here in eternal anguish!" Your son, Condemned and lost forever.