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Impotance of The Quran

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Read The Quran

  1. 1. Read the Quran Broaden your knowledge
  2. 2. Muslims rightly believe that Quran is the book of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw), and that it will continue, till the end of the world, to admonish and guide the entire humanity, irrespective of nation, country, time and space. It is not only a source of remembrance and guidance for the believers but also a healing and mercy.
  3. 3. This belief demands that Muslims should have developed a relationship with it, understood it, pondered over its verses, derived the light from it, followed it sincerely and should have fulfilled the responsibilities placed on them by the book.
  4. 4. Everyone wants to go to heaven, provided they do not have to believe, think, say or do anything the Quran says!
  5. 5. Rise with the message of Quran and awaken the people out of slumber.
  6. 7. Is the Quran easy ? Allah says in the Quran “ And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?” [Al-Quran, 54:17, 22, 32, 40]
  7. 8. It isn't enough only to read the Quran. One must understand it, and it isn't enough to understand it. One must implement it.
  8. 9. Should we ponder over the Quran ? Allah says in the Quran “ (This is) a Scripture that We have revealed unto thee, full of blessing, that they may ponder its revelations, and that men of understanding may reflect” [Al-Quran, 38:29] The purpose of revelation is that “they ponder over its verses”. A simple and clear statement by Allah (swt)!
  9. 10. Quran should be read to learn but we learn to read !
  10. 13. How Muslims treat the Quran? 1. Don’t read the Quran 2. Read the Quran only in Ramadan without understanding 3. Read the Quran the whole year without understanding 4. Read the Quran with understanding 5. Read the Quran with understanding and implement that Quran 6. Read it, understand it, implement it and teach others Different Category of People
  11. 14. Doctors Prescription What would you say if somebody got a doctor’s prescription and hung it round his neck after wrapping it in a piece of cloth or washed it in water and drank it? Would you not laugh at him and call him a fool? Yet this is the very treatment being given before your eyes to the matchless prescription written by a greatest of all doctors to provide a cure for all your ailments and nobody laughs! No one even reflects that a prescription it not meant to be hung round the neck nor are its words to be washed in water and drunk.
  12. 15. Guidance without Doubt
  13. 16. Medical Book What would you think if someone who was ill picked up a book on medicine and began to read it, believing, thinking that this could cure him? Would you not say that he was deranged? Yet this is how we treat the Book which the supreme healer has sent for a cure of our diseases will disappear without our following the directions given in them or abstaining from the things which they pronounce harmful. Are we not in the same situation as the man who considers that reading a book on medicine will cure his illness?
  14. 17. The Quran has the answer
  15. 18. Business Letter If you receive a business letter in a language you do not know, you go to a man who knows the language to find out what it says. You remain anxious and restless until you have found out what the letter says, even though it will bring only some paltry worldly profit. But the letter sent to you by the Lord of the worlds which can bring you all the benefits of this world and the Eternal Life is carelessly set aside. You do not show any uneasiness at not understanding its contents. Is this not astonishing?
  16. 19. Read the Quran
  17. 20. In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful Guess my name……… Rich in cover & nicely bound, in the hearts of the believers I am rarely found, High on a shelf I am kept, forgotten there I am left, With respect I do get lots of kiss, my main point is what they always miss, They neglect the message that is inside me, but in their graves they will always need me, At times I am used for a phony swear, my true use is very very rare, A miracle I am that can challenge the world, all they have to do is understand my word, I have wisdom - I have treasure, So much so that there is no measure, I am your savior – I am your guide, But who's there to take my ride, right from wrong is my frame, HOLY QURAN IS MY NAME
  18. 21. Before talking about solutions to a specific problem, do we ever refer to Quran or sit down and study it a couple of hours?
  19. 23. Do we really treat the Quran as the book of our lives?
  20. 25. 7 tips for improving your relationship with the Qur'an Are you one of those people who rarely touch the Qur'an? Or do you read daily, but don't find it is having the impact on you that it should? Whatever the case may be, these are some simple tips that can help you connect with the Qur'an. 1. Before you touch it, check your heart. 2. Do your Wudu (ablution). 3. Read only 5 minutes everyday. 4. Make sure you understand what you've read. 5. Remember, the Qur'an is more interactive than a CD. 6. Don't just read, listen too. 7. Make Dua (supplication). Ask Allah to guide you when you read the Qur'an. Qur’an is a book of divine Guidance and Direction for Mankind
  21. 26. It’s strange how curious we are about our regular unread mails and letters from fellow beings, but we are just not curious or bothered to find out what the creator of the heavens and the earth wants us to know, that we maybe rightly guided.
  22. 27. Believe in it Understand it Act upon it Read it Ponder over its verses Spread it
  23. 28. Is it is a ‘burden’ on us, especially when we are asked to spend sometime daily to understand it?
  24. 29. We are already late. How long are we going to neglect the Quran?
  25. 30. Students Islamic Organisation of India Bangalore City Student Media