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  • Family in Crisis ¥ Spouse and child abuse ¥ Infidelity ¥ Divorce
  • Throughout history...education has had two great goals: To help young people to become smart and...become good.Ó Source: Dr. Thomas Lickona, ÔEducating for Character

06 fle TIMD-IEF Philosophy 6 06 fle TIMD-IEF Philosophy 6 Presentation Transcript

  • Family Life Education: Which Road to Take? © 2002 International Educational Foundation IEF is responsible for the content of this presentation only if it has not been altered from the original. © IEF 1
  • Social Response —Family Life Education © IEF 2
  • Two Models ofFamily Life Education Character- Contraceptive- based based © IEF 3
  • Sexual Norm forAdolescents Character– Contraceptive– Based Based No sexual Sexual relations relations until by mutual marriage consent  Use protection © IEF 4
  • Appeal Character– Contraceptive– Based Based Character– Expedient building  Tolerates Supports diverse values parents’ values © IEF 5
  • Educators and Guidance Character– Contraceptive– Based Based Morally Non–directive directive  Teenage  Youth sexual activity receptive inevitable to abstinence © IEF 6
  • Contraceptives Character– Contraceptive– Based Based Not promoted Promoted  Undermines  Effective abstinence protection © IEF 7
  • Meaning of SexualAbstinence Character– Contraceptive– Based Based No genital Sexual relations activity short of intercourse © IEF 8
  • Educators’ Role TowardsParents Character– Contraceptive– Based Based Supports Support youth parental privacy authority © IEF 9
  • Contraceptive–BasedEducation— DubiousEffectiveness  Minimal improvements based on small samples  50% of studies show no impact S o u r c e : A. Gr u e n h e i t, Impact of HIV and Sexual Health Education, UNAIDS, 1997 © IEF 10
  • High Condom Failure RateAgainst Pregnancy 13-27% failure rate for adolescent S ourc e : J one s & F o r e s t, Family Planning Perspectives, Jan/ Feb 1992 © IEF 11
  • Risk of Pregnancy vs.Risk of Venereal Disease Pregnancy Disease Risk Risk  Both woman Woman only and man  365 days a 60 days per year year  Death Unwanted possible birth © IEF 12
  • Condom Ineffective inPreventing HIV 23% spouses of A patients IDS becam e infected  Despite consistent condom use S o u r c e : M. D. C. Gu i m a r a e s , e t a l . , American Journal of Epidemiology, v. © IEF 13 142, 1995
  • Do Sex EducatorsThemselves TrustCondoms?“I asked [800 sex educator if they s] knewthata per car ied the [HIV] son r vir woul they have sex, depending us, d on a condom forpr otection? No one raised theirhand.” S o u r c e : Dr . Th e r e s a Cr e n s h a w, pa s t pr e s i d e n t o f th e Am e r i c a n S o c i e ty o f S e x Ed u c a to r s a n d Th e r a pi s ts , a n d m e m b e r o f th e P r e s i d e n ti a l AIDS Co m m i s s i o n © IEF 14
  • Condom Promotion GivesFalse Sense of Security Removes youth natural reservations about premarital sex Fear of Fear of Worry aboutAIDS and Pregnancy Parents’ STDs Disapproval Sour Louis Har is, A erican Teens Speak, 1 986 ce: r m © IEF 15
  • Prevention AddressesRisky Behavior Cause Teenage Teenage Teenage Premarital Premarital Premarital Sex Sex Sex Teenage Teenage Pregnancy Sexual Diseases Effect © IEF 16
  • Contraceptive–Based EducationLinked to Increased SexualActivity  50% increase among 14- year-olds S ource : De b o r a h An n Da ws o n , ‘ Effects of Sex Education on Adolescent Behavior, ” Family Planning Perspectives, Jul/ Aug 1986  Greater probability among girls aged 15-17 © IEF 17
  • Character–BasedEducation Focuses onReducing the Cause Teenage Teenage Teenage Premarital Premarital Premarital Sex Sex Sex Teenage Teenage Pregnancy Sexual Diseases © IEF 18
  • Public Health Benefits ofCharacter–Based SexEducation Abstinence Education Reduction in Sexual Activity Reduction in Teenage Pregnancies & Sexual Diseases © IEF 19
  • Help ParentsProtect Their Children Regulate exposure to media Discipline effectively Encourage schoolwork © IEF 20
  • Contraceptive–BasedEducation Lacks Guidance  Attempts to be value-neutral  Allows students to set their own standards © IEF 21
  • Abstinence DemandsKnowledge and Skills Character-based education provides support needed to achieve the healthy norm © IEF 22
  • Character–BasedEducation Supports theMajority of Youth  Majority of American teenagers are virgins  Many non–virgins want support to postpone sexual activity © IEF 23
  • Contraceptive Instructionand Pro-AbstinenceMessage Do Not Mix No “ Safer” Premarital Premarital Sex Sex Abstinence Standard Lost © IEF 24
  • Balanced Condom Policy  Promote marriage as the only safe context for sex  Publicize limitations of condoms  Target high–risk adults for condom promotion © IEF 25
  • Factors Linked toPreventing Sexual Activity  Self-motivation  Academic ambition  Parental supervision  Abstinent friends  No substance abuse S o u r c e : La wr e n c e E. Ka y, MD, “ Adolescent Sexual Intercourse, ” Postgraduate Medicine, June, 1995 © IEF 26