Monumental architecture -Rabiya Khan


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this ppt is made by Rabiya Tashfeen Khan, A student of class 7th Podar International School Sangli.

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Monumental architecture -Rabiya Khan

  1. 1. Monumental architecture. Click to edit Master subtitle style Made by:- Rabiya Khan.
  2. 2. Why Architecture???• Have you ever wondered why the medieval period is soo rich in architecture ?• There are many reasons …• Kings build monuments to impress others with their power, position & wealth.• Kings celebrated their victories in war by building monuments.• Kings wanted to demonstrate their devotion to God – devotion temples & mosques .• They build so to enable their future generations to generations remember their builders.•
  3. 3. Early medieval period.• North india:-• Nagara style of temple architecture was popular.• Temples are of white marbles.• Decorated with beautifully carved sculptures and have designs such as flowers & plants.
  4. 4. Early medieval period.• South India :-• The Pallavas, Cholas and the Pandyas were great builders.•
  5. 5. The Cholas.• Build large numbers of temples.• They were build in Dravidian style.• We have already studied the different parts of temples.• Gopuram• Garbhagriha• Mandapa• Shikhara.•
  6. 6. The sultanate period.• The Turks & the afghans introduced new styles & techniques of architecture.• When fused with the existing Indian styles, they gave birth to the Indo-Islamic style of architecture.•
  7. 7. Features.• Arch• Dome• Minarets• Build in red sandstone.• Decorated with floral and geometric designs.• Verses of holy Quran were also engraved.• Motifs were also used in some structures.
  8. 8. Monuments of Sultanate period.
  9. 9. Shish Mahal.
  10. 10. The regional kingdoms.
  11. 11. Hazara Rama Temple
  12. 12. Char Minar.
  13. 13. Ibrahim Rauza.
  14. 14. Gol Gumbaz or Tomb ofMuhammad Adil Shah.
  15. 15. ThE MuGhAl PeRiOd.• With the coming of the Mughals, Indian architecture was greatly influenced by Persian styles.• The Mughals constructed excellent mausoleums, mosques, forts, gardens and cities.• The Mughal buildings show a uniform pattern both in structure and character.•
  16. 16. Mughal Emperors. Babur Jahangir Akbar Shah Jahan Aurangzeb
  17. 17. BaBuR- tHe FiRsT oF tHe MuGhAlS.
  18. 18. HuMaYuN- The LucklessLeader.
  19. 19. ThE SuRs .
  20. 20. AkBar - The Great.
  21. 21. Jahangir -The Paragon ofStability
  22. 22. Shah Jahan:-The Master Builder
  23. 23. Taj Mahal.
  24. 24. Lets take a journey inside the Taj Mahal.Here we go…………. Click here.
  25. 25. Interior of Taj Mahal.
  26. 26. Architecture of Taj Mahal.
  27. 27. Grave of Shah Jahan &Mumtaz Mahal.
  28. 28. Pearl Mosque.
  29. 29. Red fort.
  30. 30. Mahtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden)
  31. 31. Aurangzeb.
  32. 32. The Taj of Deccan.
  33. 33. Inside view.
  34. 34. The eighteenth century.
  35. 35. Some more architectures.