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    Judaism Judaism Presentation Transcript

    • Judaism.....
      By Anna Macek and Sara Hockett
    • Stories of orgin and important people
      The Jewish religion started with a man named Abraham and his wife, Sarah. They had one child, a son named Isaac (laughter). Isaac then married a women named Rebecca. One of Isaac’s descendents is a man called Jacob, also known as Israel. Jacob had twelve sons. They were called the twelve sons of Israel.
      Moses was also a descendant of Abraham. One of his major accomplishments is rescuing Jewish slaves from Egypt. He received the ten commandments from God for his efforts.
      This is a photo of Moses carrying the Ten Commandments that God presented to him.
      This is a picture of a musical based on the 12 tribes of Israel.
      This is the family tree of Abraham.
    • Core beliefs
    • Holy writings
      The Torah scroll is the most holy writing for the Jewish people. It contains the Five Books of Moses. These are called the old testament and the Hebrew testament. The Torah is dressed like a queen and “lives” in the Holy Ark. The Holy scroll is hand written do it takes about a year to make on kosher parchment. During their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the 13 year-old reads from the Torah. They do not touch it though. No human hand touches the Torah in fear of getting it dirty from all the oil on your hands. If a Torah is dropped, everyone in the building must take part in a forty day fast.
      This is a
      It is used to trace while you read a Torah Scroll.
      This is a Jewish boy turning into a Bar Mitzvah. He is reading from the Torah.
      This is an ancient Torah Scroll, the holiest book for the Jewish people
    • Symbols and Objects
    • Holy places and places of worship
    • Rituals/rites of passage
      A rite of passage means stepping
      forward. Reaching a milestone in
      life, moving on. Examples of these
      For the Jewish is: becoming a
      Bar/Bat Mitzvah, getting married, dying and
      having a funeral are just a few.
      This is a Jewish boy turning into a Bar Mitzvah. He is reading from the Torah.
      This a coffin. When the Jewish died, their heads are pointed toward the western wall in Israel.
      This is a Jewish wedding ceremony. The witnesses are signing the wedding document.
    • Celebrations and holidays