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    Judaism Judaism Presentation Transcript

    • Judaism By: Katie Benzan and Izzy Siedman
    • Holy Places & Places Of Worship  Different Names: Temple, Synagogue, or Shul  Has: Flags, the Internal Light, the Torah, the Menorah, the Bimah, and the Arch  The head of a Synagogue is a rabii  Temple Mount  Western Wall in Jeruselum Temple Mount temple Inside of temple
    • Muzuzah Symbols & Objects  Muzuzah: Inside is a prayer, Purpose is to remember god, It is a sign on a door  Shofar: Blown in temple to wake people up to remind them to live a better life  Tallit: Responsibility on shoulders, 613 commandments on shoulders Tallit Shofar
    • Tefillin Symbols & Objects  Tefillin: 7 times around arm, A prayer is in boxes, Purpose is to serve god with actions and thoughts  Star of David: Connecting god and earth  Kippah: Boys wear it, Sign of respect by creating a barrier separating god and you Star of David Kippah
    • Stories of Origin & Important People  Sarah, Jesus, Moses, and Abraham  Story of Abraham in the Old Testament or Torah  Exodus- Crossing from Egypt to Israel Jews crossing Israel Isaac The Red Sea
    • Holy Writings & Core Beliefs  Torah  Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform  Old Testament- Greek Testament  Following the commandments  5 books of Moses  Keep Kosher  Exodus, Numbers, Genesis, ect.  Celebrate Jewish holidays  613 Commandments  Mitzvot Star of David Western wall Torah
    • Rites of Passage & Rituals  Steps or stages of life  Bar or Bat mitzvah: Becoming adult in Synagogue  Marriage: Get married to someone  Birth: Someone had a baby, Someone was born  Shabbat- Eat challah, sang blessings over candles and wine  Go to temple to pray Marriage Bar Mitzvah Birth
    • Celebrations & Holidays Holiday & what each Celebrates Objects Used at Holiday Yom Kippur- day of forgiveness Yom Kippur- shofar, tzedakah money Sukkah- new life Sukkah- sukkot: shelter, 4 species: different plants Rosh Hashanah- new year, birth of world Rosh Hashanah- shofar, shanah tovahs: cards, machzor: prayer Chanukah- festival of light book, tashlich: toss away bad deeds Shofar Chanukah- menorah, dreidal 4 species Menorah
    • Modern Day & History of Judaism Modern Day History  Middle East Conflict  Christianity, Islam, and  Palastinians vs. Jews Judaism  Plane landed for boy  First Monotheistic with Tefillin on religion  Parting the Red Sea Map of Middle East myth God Flag of Israel Map of Israel
    • The End
    • Thank You for Watching