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  • 1. Judaism By: William Ebben & John Nilles March 9, 2010 Copyright 2010
  • 2. Stories of Origin Moses and the Burning Bush Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all connected by Abraham Abraham All humans come from Abraham Moses QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Burning Bush
  • 3. Holy Writings & Core Beliefs  The Torah (otherwise known as the Jewish Bible or The Old Testament)  The Jewish people believe that Jesus was real but there is still a Messiah coming  They also believe that you should rest on Sabbath  Jewish people should follow the 613 mitzvahs Torah
  • 4. Jewish Symbols Kippah- Divides Star of David- Shofa- You blown it People from God A new symbol To wake Jewish people that symbolizes Up to remind them of Tallit- It Their responsibilities on Judaism. Made represents Yom Kippur and Rosh of 2 triangles God on Hashanah. one pointing to Your God and one The Shoulder. pointing down Fringes are the 613 to Earth. Mitzvahs.
  • 5. Places of Worship • Synagogue (otherwise known as a Temple) • Is a place of worship for Jewish people • Holy ark- a tabernacle that holds the Torah, or the Jewish bible • Bema- a raised platform for spectators to see • Eternal Light- A light that represents that God is there • Menorah- the 9 candle holder placed in the back of the bema
  • 6. Picture of Synagogue
  • 7. Ceremonies  Bar/bah mitzvah- is when a girl or boy becomes a man or woman and gain more responsibilities and privileges (rite of passage)  Circumcision- is when they cut a part of the boys private part  Weddings- They have Jewish people who are getting married sign a contract
  • 8. Holidays and Celebrations ► Chanukah- eight days when Jewish people receive gifts (December) ► Yom Kippur- day of atonement, Jewish people fast all day (10th day of Tishri) ► Shabbat- every week from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday there is a day of rest where Jews don’t do anything
  • 9. History & Current Events  Jewish boy praying on plane, people thought he was a terrorist  Jewish people always pray towards the Western Wall in Israel